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Middle School Magnet Consortium (MSMC) PowerPoint Presentation
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Middle School Magnet Consortium (MSMC)

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Middle School Magnet Consortium (MSMC) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Middle School Magnet Consortium (MSMC)

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  1. Middle School Magnet Consortium(MSMC) An interesting and exciting way to learn!

  2. Students: Use 2 different lockers Wear PE uniforms Change classrooms and teachers for every class Enjoy more food choices for lunch Have 6-8 teachers Attend classes in a building with 2 floors Enjoy increased freedom Participate in more after-school activities and clubs What makes middle school different from elementary school?

  3. Use computers to solve problems Perform in front of audiences Explore outer space Develop a video game or cell phone app Express yourself through movement Solve problems using math and science If you like to :

  4. Where can you explore these and other interests? Your local middle school! You will get to choose some of your classes and there will be many fun clubs and activities, like sports and the school play. OR Explore your interests at the three schools in the Middle School Magnet Consortium, also known as the MSMC!

  5. Parkland Magnet School for Aerospace Technology • Advanced Mathematics and Science • • Engineering • • Every student is in a unique accelerated middle school science program. • Students select advanced aerospace or engineering elective courses. • Course curricula are aligned with state and national standards. Scientific inquiry and problem solving are part of instruction. • Students may participate in competitions in robotics, science, engineering, and mathematics.

  6. NisharPillai– Grade 7 NASA Spinoff Competition 2011 – 2012 – Winglets Have Cost Reduction Effects on Airplanes 2012 – 2013 – Ventilators Save Critically Injured Patients

  7. Luckshika Arudchandran– Grade 6 Milestone Project: “Potential and Kinetic Energy – How does the type of surface affect the height that a ping pong ball will bounce?”

  8. A. Mario Loiederman Magnet School for the Creative and Performing Arts • Advanced Arts • • Advanced Mathematics • • Every student takes a core arts course. • Students select advanced Dance, Music, Theatre, Film or Visual Arts courses. • Course curricula are aligned with state and national standards. • Arts performances, displays, and residencies are on-going. • Students may participate in juried exhibitions and competitions.

  9. Upcoming Performances • Spring Musical & Art Show • Little Shop of Horrors • May 16-18, 7:00PM • Choral Music Concert • May 21, 7:00PM • Loiederman Arts Festival • Featuring Digital Fest and our annual Talent Show • June 1, 11:00-3:00

  10. 6th Grade Student-Ethan Pastel • Perspectives in the Fine Arts, Band 6

  11. Argyle Magnet Middle School for Digital Design and Development • Advanced Computer Science • Digital Design and Gaming • In our Magnet Program, students will: • Create video games, develop mobile apps for phones, program artificial intelligence in robotics, and design websites. • Develop multi-media skills that help create short films, television programming, and digital presentations. • Design a technological solution to a real-world problem in a community. • Extend their imagination beyond a traditional paint brush or sketch book by creating digital artwork.

  12. Argyle Magnet Middle SchoolInvent the Future With Us! Argyle students apply their advanced math, science, and problem-solving skills to develop innovative technological solutions

  13. Interdisciplinary Projects! Modeling a room in 3D and labeling objects in Spanish

  14. Creating Technology Build a robot and program it to perform functions (Beobot) Argyle Middle School Students Created Award Winning Computer Game

  15. What do the three MSMC schools have in common? Students in each MSMC school: • Take 8 classes • Take core classes: English, Math, PE and Health, Science, and Social Studies • Takeelective magnet classes • Use technology • May participate in after-school activities and clubs • Take field trips and hear guest speakers

  16. How can you attend one of these three schools? • Get a Choice form in October from MSMC website (Grade 5 students who live in the Consortium geographic area will receive one by mail) • Complete and Submit the Choice form by Early November.

  17. How does the Choice process work? A computer randomly assigns students to one of the three MSMC schools based on the student’s Choice form and space availability.

  18. What factors are considered in lottery process? • School Capacity • Choice Ranking • Socioeconomic status • Sibling Link • Gender

  19. What factors are NOT considered in lottery process? • Test Results • Report Card Grades • Teacher Recommendations • Race • Expertise and experience in area of magnet focus • Current participation in activities in area of magnet focus

  20. FAQs

  21. Are students who live in the MSMC area guaranteed a seat at one of the three schools? Yes, students who live within the attendance areas of Argyle, Loiederman, and Parkland WILL attend an MSMC school. MSMC In-Consortium Elementary Schools*: • Brookhaven Strathmore • Georgian Forest Viers Mill • Harmony Hills Weller Road • Sargent Shriver Wheaton Woods *one of these must be your home school

  22. Are students guaranteed their first choice school? No, but every effort will be made to assign students to their first choice.

  23. How many seats are available to students who live OUTSIDE the consortia area? Depending on enrollment trends, around 80 seats are available at each of the MSMC schools for Out-of-Consortium students entering 6th grade.

  24. Is bus transportation provided? For students who live outside walking distance of their assigned school, as designated by MCPS, and in the attendance areas of: Argyle, Loiederman, and Parkland Yes - from neighborhood bus stops if they live beyond the MCPS designated walking distance All other areas of Montgomery County No - parents provide transportation

  25. MSMCIn-Consortium Elementary Schools If one of these is your home school*, you will participate in lottery. Brookhaven Strathmore Georgian Forest Viers Mill Harmony Hills Weller Road Sargent Shriver Wheaton Woods *one of these must be your home school

  26. What about English, Social Studies, Math, Science, PE? MSMC schools offer the same academic and educational services as other MCPS middle schools, plus additional courses and after school activities

  27. What are the similarities and differences between MSMC schools and application programs at Clemente, Eastern and Takoma Park?

  28. For more information about specific MSMC program, contact: Kisha_Logan@mcpsmd.org 301-929-2282 Magnet Coordinator – A. Mario Loiederman Donna_M_Blaney@mcpsmd.org 301-438-5700 Magnet Coordinator – Parkland Peter_A_Daddone@mcpsmd.org 301-460-2400 Magnet Coordinator – Argyle Questions about the Choice Process? Division of Consortia Choice and Application Program Services 301-592-2040 Visit: www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/schools/msmagnet

  29. Coming soon: In September, find out about October MSMC Open Houses and information meetings. Visit: www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/schools/msmagnet Information will also be sent in the mail.