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There are 230,000 Retail Establishments 30,000 Major Chain Stores 487 Power Centres which represents some 162M square f PowerPoint Presentation
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There are 230,000 Retail Establishments 30,000 Major Chain Stores 487 Power Centres which represents some 162M square f

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There are 230,000 Retail Establishments 30,000 Major Chain Stores 487 Power Centres which represents some 162M square f - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are 230,000 Retail Establishments 30,000 Major Chain Stores 487 Power Centres which represents some 162M square f
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  1. There are 230,000 Retail Establishments • 30,000 Major Chain Stores • 487 Power Centres which represents • some 162M square feet of space • 3,180 Shopping Centres • 50 Super Regional Malls, ie • Vaughan Mills, Yorkdale, West Edmonton Mall

  2. Retail is extremely reactive If you really want to know how the economy is doing………. Look to retail that’s where people curb their spending first

  3. 10 Companies in Canada control 75 % of Retail Sales • 3 Companies control 33 % of ……. Retail Sales • 40 % of which • are Foreign Controlled

  4. Walmart Canada Target Canada

  5. In 2012 Walmart Canada spent $750 M on new stores and/or remodeling 73 stores across Canada • This includes 39 former Zellers Stores • More than half are Super Stores

  6. Walmart CEO says they created 14,000 Walmart Super Store Jobs between store employees and trades. • This with Target moving into the Canadian Retail space with 127 stores Walmart presently employs 90,000 Canadians

  7. Wal Mart currently has 379 stores in Canada of those 170 are Discount stores and 209 are Super Centres • 146 in Ontario • 18 in Nova Scotia • As of 2012, Nunavut is the only province/territory in Canada that doesn’t have a Walmart store

  8. Canadian grocery giants have complained about Walmart’s entry into the supermarket space for adding pressure in a super competitive environment. • Walmart dedicates a team to ensure that their prices are 10% lower then the average in Canada • The team monitors flyers and prices at some 60 local competitors including Loblaws, Metro and Sobeys

  9. Target Targè • 127 will be opened in Canada in 2013 • 125 will replace former Zellers stores • Soft opening occurred in March ( 3 stores) • 17 others March 18th, Balance in 5 stages • 3 major distribution centers • Expect to spend 1.5 billion (us) in capital expenditures on expansion into Canada • Starbucks will be in a majority of the stores • Will carry Canadian Line (Roots)

  10. Competition in Canada is expected to be stiff as retailers will jockey for consumer dollars 67 cents of every dollar spent in a locally owned store stays in the community While 47 cents of every dollar spent in a national chain competitor goes out of the country

  11. There are apps to save you money. One of many is “RED LASER” Scan the bar code on an item …. Pop … it looks up the prices at other stores for you to compare

  12. A recent survey by prosper mobile insights found that ……………… consumers are using smart phone technology to their advantage Sometimes right there in the shopping isle

  13. Survey of 360 smart phone & tablet users • 40 – 60 % revealed that they priced products while inside a store and then left to purchase it elsewhere • More ….. 38 % use their IPhones while shopping to read product reviews • Others ….. Use APPS to “check in” • at a store in order to receive a discount.

  14. Like RED LASER, the bar code scanner APP lets you use your IPhone camera to read a UPS code and provide links and prices for items at numerous on line stores ……… allowing price shopping for the best deals

  15. Google shopper, Amazon Price Check and Shopsavvy are a god send for savvy consumers but could prove costly for brick and mortar retailers…. Especially if shoppers can track down a better deal before they get to the check out stand

  16. Showrooming

  17. E-commerce spend & transactions (10%) (17%) Showrooming

  18. According to Statistics Canada , more than 80 per cent of the Canadian population is online • Canada's Internet economy will grow 7.4 per cent annually through 2016 • twenty per cent of entrepreneurs admit that keeping up to date with technology is among their top challenges • merchant online and social media strategies can result in market growth and greater profitability • only 39 per cent of entrepreneurs surveyed say that they use social media to promote their business

  19. In 2012, more than 724 billion display AD impressions were served on internet in Canada. Up 17% from the year before.

  20. Global retail web sales will reach nearly $1 trillion by 2013, climbing at an annual rate of more than 19% (Goldman Sachs).

  21. Smartphone subscribes grew by 17% last year. E-commercial totaled $22..3 billion in Canada (2012) up 10% from prev. year.

  22. According to a recent RBC small business survey, only 46 per cent of Canadian small businesses have a dedicated website Less than half (48 per cent) of those businesses say they sell their products and services through their websites.

  23. The RBC survey also found that four-in-10 (38 per cent) of businesses that sell via their company website generate over 25 per cent of their revenue through their online sales, with two-in-10 (22 per cent) generating more than 50 per cent of their revenue this way.

  24. 56 per cent of the entrepreneurs in the survey rate finding and keeping clients as one of the top business challenges that they will face over the next year

  25. "With the majority of consumers choosing to research and shop for products and services online, businesses without a web presence are missing a significant opportunity,"

  26. Is your merchandising strategy adapting to the continual rapid shift in consumer behavior to online purchasing? • Are you poised to compete with the influx of mature foreign retail brands entering our market? • Do you have the right tools to take your business international? • Are you able to convert more customers, capitalize on social media, increase your customer loyalty and deliver a more personalized experience? • How can you build on your existing customer • relationships and translate your sales and • marketing goals into one actionable strategy?

  27. Helping Main Street

  28. High Streets at the Heart of our Communities Mary Portas, UK 1. Put in place a Town Team: a visionary, strategic and strong operational management team for high streets. 2. Empower successful Business Improvement Districts to take on more responsibilities and powers and become “Super-BIDs”. 3. Legislate to allow landlords to become high street investors by contributing to their Business Improvement District.

  29. 4. Establish a new “National Market Day” where budding shopkeepers can try their hand at operating a low-cost retail business. 5. Make it easier for people to become market traders by removing unnecessary regulations so that anyone can trade on the high street unless there is a valid reason why not.

  30. 6. Government should consider whether business rates can better support small businesses and independent retailers. 7. Local authorities should use their new discretionary powers to give business rate concessions to new local businesses. 8. Make business rates work for business by reviewing the use of the Retail Price Index with a view to changing the calculation to Consumer Price Index.

  31. 9. Local areas should implement free controlled parking schemes that work for their town centres and we should have a new parking league table. 10. Town Teams should focus on making high streets accessible, attractive and safe. 11. Government should include high street deregulation as part of their ongoing work on freeing up red tape.