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OOPC-12. Paris, 2-5 May, 2007 Bob Keeley. Outline. Work within JCOMM Operations Programme Area Services Programme Area Data Management Programme Area Activities in IODE and IOC Other Activities and Projects Biological Activities. Paris 2-5 May 2007. JCOMM OPA-1.

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Presentation Transcript
Oopc 12

Paris, 2-5 May, 2007

Bob Keeley


  • Work within JCOMM

    • Operations Programme Area

    • Services Programme Area

    • Data Management Programme Area

  • Activities in IODE and IOC

  • Other Activities and Projects

  • Biological Activities


2-5 May 2007

Jcomm opa 1

  • JCOMM OPA = Joint Commission on Oceanography and Marine Meteorology, Operations Programme Area

  • General:

    • Expand contributions to performance metrics

    • Some data management activities of OPA have links to DMPA but need to improve links between OPA and DMPA

    • Emphasize importance of metadata

    • Encourage timely submission of data to archives to ensure data get through to WDCs.


2-5 May 2007

Jcomm opa 2

  • Overall strategy:

    • OPA has performance metrics (http://www.oco.noaa.gov/index.jsp?show_page=page_status_reports.jsp&nav=observing) that show progress towards GCOS targets by variable

    • Strategy deals in observing system by system with weaker reference to variable by variable

    • Needs more equality in these views since it is not obvious why moving support from one system to another harms reaching objectives

    • Does it address all GCOS-92 variables?

  • SOT and ship ID masking:

    • Reported concern about rapid availability of ship locations as reported on GTS

    • SOT has developed a plan to mask call signs

    • A concern is with the complexity of the solution and the potential for loss of ship information in the archive


2-5 May 2007

Jcomm opa 3

  • Argo:

    • Made a plea at IODE for more rapid delivery of CTD observations to CCHDO (not just TESACs)

    • Some IODE members expressed concern that researchers sending data directly to CCHDO may short circuit data reaching national archive centres.

    • Format is stabilizing on netCDF with CF conventions. This is good

    • WOCE, now Argo, have driven broad acceptance of netCDF

  • Meta-T:

    • Project to organize the delivery of metadata relevant to SST observations - leading the way for others.

    • Led by Elanor Gowling of UK

    • Developing plan of how to collect and archive metadata.

    • Links to DMPA and ODAS work in China


2-5 May 2007

Jcomm spa

  • General:

    • Question about how SPA will drive OPA, DMPA for data to deliver services

    • Looking at redundancies in drifter reports


    • Web site (http://www.ghrsst-pp.org/ ) allows for direct comparison of SST from satellite and in-situ

  • ETWS:

    • Collaboration with DMPA ETMC on development of extreme wave database

    • Proposal drafted and presented to IODE

    • Looking at opportunities to install wave sensors on existing platform (moorings, drifters)


2-5 May 2007

Jcomm dmpa 1

  • Overall:

    • Want to develop closer ties to other PAs

    • Encourage convergence to fewer formats, standards for all kinds of issues (i.e. QC, vocabularies, metadata, …)

    • Work with IODE, WDCs to harmonize data handling

    • Lots of areas of cross overs with IODE and WDCs

    • JCOMM budget is small

    • No direct interactions at present with Coastal-GOOS

    • Will be reporting activities to JCOMM-III in context of GCOS-92 actions


2-5 May 2007

Jcomm dmpa 2

  • ODAS activities:

    • Reviewed the ODAS site and made recommendations to improve content

    • Stressed that format should support Meta-T requirements (work with ETMC)

  • CB:

    • Organizing a training course on End-to-end Data Management project (E2E of ETDMP) for 3rd quarter, 2007

    • Identifying material for OceanTeacher

  • WMO QMF:

    • Includes harmonization of terminology and review of technical documents

    • DMCG will be reviewing old IGOSS and JCOMM documentation to bring them up-to-date as required


2-5 May 2007

Jcomm dmpa 3

  • Metadata – ISO profiles:

    • There is an ISO ocean profile created through IODE and an ISO meteorology profile created through a WMO committee

    • Placed ocean author in meteorological committee to reconcile to a single profile

    • See also links to table driven codes, GEOSS

  • Table driven codes:

    • Assist in immediate preparation of templates for present code forms.

    • Bring Master Table 10 into compliance with present BUFR rules

    • Look to standardize content across templates


2-5 May 2007

Jcomm dmpa 4

  • Data management strategy:

    • Developing this is a directive from JCOMM-II

    • Wide circulation. Now being edited based on comments and result will be the first version

    • Working on implementation plan that links recommendations of strategy to work carried out in DMPA and related areas

  • Communications:

    • IOC/JCOMM to provide hosting facilities

    • Will prepare web page templates and we will provide content

  • GOSUD (Global Ocean Surface Underway Data):

    • Held joint meeting with SAMOS (Shipboard Automated Meteorological Observing System) lead by Smith at FSU.

    • GDAC operating at IFREMER (http://www.ifremer.fr/gosud/)

    • New co-chair; Loic Petit de la Villeon (France) replaces Thierry Delcroix

    • OPA is starting a surface salinity project in which GOSUD can be embedded


2-5 May 2007

Etdmp activities
ETDMP Activities

  • ETDMP (Expert Team on Data Management Practices):

    • ET is a joint expert team of JCOMM and IODE

    • Work is focused on linking Russian prototype of E2E system to WIS (WMO Information System)

    • Has had some success in making connection to WIS. More work is needed

    • Prepared a “checklist” of what is required to make data available to WIS

    • Russian prototype will be basis of Ocean Data Portal being considered by IODE (also link to WIS, GEOSS).


2-5 May 2007

Etmc activities
ETMC Activities

  • ETMC (Expert Team on Marine Climatology):

    • Focus is broadening activities to more than just Marine Climatological Summary System

    • Looking at connections to ETSI (Sea Ice) and ETWS (Wind waves and Storm surge)

    • Promoting development of an extreme wave event archive

    • Preparing common issues of QC or surface marine variables (atmosphere and ocean)

    • Organizing CLIMAR-III for May 2008

    • Want to encourage work on climatology intercomparisons


2-5 May 2007

Iode ioc

  • Recent meeting in March, 2007

  • Broad recognition of need for standards (more later)

  • Officers will meet next ~April with GSSC to discuss issues of mutual interest

  • Chair of IODE is member of DMCG. Working to get reciprocal arrangement

  • Cooperation of joint ETDMP for links to WIS – E2EDM checklist for providing data

  • IOC data strategy will be delivered to IOC in June. Developed in close cooperation with JCOMM

  • Representation from WCRP for closer working arrangements with research community

  • SG-MEDI will link to GEOSS (more later)

  • IODE budget is very small

  • Still some unresolved areas of overlap between JCOMM and IODE

  • Pushing for meeting between IODE, JCOMM, WDCs to clarify respective roles in data management.


2-5 May 2007


  • Activity under WOAP (WCRP Observation and Assimilation Panel )

  • N. McFarlane leading group to review status and management of observational data and model output archives

  • Final report due 31 July 2008

  • Held a conference call in early March, 2007

  • Actions resulting:

    • Revised terms of reference with further discussion / revisions to be carried out by email

    • First task: Review of current data management policy and data products within the WCRP by Howard Cattle and Nico Caltabiano

    • The role of GEOSS- Hans-Werner Jacobi will act as the GEO liaison for the Task Group.

  • Keeley is member


2-5 May 2007

Other projects 1
Other Projects-1

  • Lots of other happenings in Europe and elsewhere


    • Developing information and product systems

    • Uses data collected by everyone

    • Provides a catalogue and data viewing services

    • Being developed with links to IOC/WMO programs

  • SeaDataNet:

    • An EU project linking ~55 data centres in 35+ countries

    • Soon to publish project standards

    • These cover QC, vocabularies, data discovery, others.

    • Can be basis for convergence (more later)


2-5 May 2007

Other projects 2
Other Projects-2

  • DMAC (Data Management and Communications):

    • Is a US national project

    • Has not met since May 2006

    • Was making some progress on metadata issues, transport

    • There is now a Director for a NOAA IOOS Office (Zdenka Willis)

    • Expect she will revitalize this.

    • She has to build the NOAA initial operating capacity and is therefore very interested in adopting whatever existing standards will help


2-5 May 2007

Other developments 1
Other Developments-1

  • Standards:

    • Recall recognition of IODE of importance of standards

    • QC, other standards published / promoted by SeaDataNet

    • IODE and DMPA are proposing a “standards forum” later this year

    • Objectives are to:

      • agree on first versions as we can

      • recognize those that with some work can be agreed to

      • identify those that are missing

    • Number of attendees:

      • Small enough to make a decision

      • Large enough to make an international impact

    • NOAA IOOS Office willing to assist in support


2-5 May 2007

Other developments 2
Other Developments-2

  • IPY:

    • Workshop on data management in March 2006

    • Sets out a policy and some guidelines

    • Can expect there to be increased data flowing through JCOMM, and data centres

    • Recognize the need for discovery metadata and shortly may begin to build a catalogue

    • Indirect links between JCOMM, IODE and IPY data systems

    • Data systems are just being defined

  • WIS (WMO Information System):

    • This is the new data distribution system being built by WMO

    • All Technical Commissions (such as JCOMM) must participate

    • E2E project is JCOMM (and IODE) connection

    • Intends to be the connection of meteorological data to GEOSS

    • JCOMM can use its participation to also link oceanographic data


2-5 May 2007

Other developments 3
Other Developments-3

  • GEOSS:

    • Concentrating on using web services as way to support interoperability

    • First order of business is a data discovery service based on ISO standard.

    • Seeking one or more hosts for a catalogue service linked by registries

    • Will invite GEOSS contributors to define and register their services

    • Challenge to keep abreast of GEOSS developments


2-5 May 2007

Novel measurements
Novel measurements

  • Starting to be more T & S profiles from animals

  • Many have measurements from elephant seals, other animals in oceans

  • Not aware of an inter-comparison with CTD or Argo


2-5 May 2007

Ocean tracking network
Ocean Tracking Network

  • Component of Census of Marine Life

  • Acoustic receiver curtains on shelves around the world

  • Listen for acoustic tags implanted or attached to animals as they pass through the receiver “curtains”

  • Each animal has a unique tag (being worked on with manufacturers)

  • Currently record presence, but in future may do more

  • Data management is named as a component of the development


2-5 May 2007

Oopc actions questions
OOPC Actions / Questions

  • What are the highest priority data management activities to pursue?

  • What activities are not taking place that should be?

  • Encourage programs that have ambitions to leave legacy data systems to engage national or international data systems early to help ensure routine transfer of data from producers to users

  • Encourage convergence to standards as soon as appropriate

  • Encourage submission of data to data systems as early as sensible

  • Exploit existing data systems to help expose data to wider audience


2-5 May 2007