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1. Measured from North .

Bearings. 360/000 o. N. N. N. N. 60 o. 270 o. 090 o. W. W. W. W. E. E. E. E. S. S. S. S. 180 o. 145 o. 315 o. 230 o. 1. Measured from North. 060 o. 2 . In a clockwise direction. 3. Written as 3 figures. 315 o. 230 o. 145 o. 360/000 o. 350 o. 020 o. N. 315 o.

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1. Measured from North .

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  1. Bearings 360/000o N N N N 60o 270o 090o W W W W E E E E S S S S 180o 145o 315o 230o 1.Measured from North. 060o 2.In a clockwise direction. 3.Written as 3 figures. 315o 230o 145o

  2. 360/000o 350o 020o N 315o 045o NW NE 290o 080o 270o 090o W E 250o 110o SW SE 225o 210o 135o 160o S 180o Bearings Use your protractor to measure the bearing of each point from the centre of the circle. (Worksheet 1) A 360o protractor is used to measure bearings. Worksheet 1

  3. N 360/000o 030o 330o 045o 315o 290o 075o 090o E 270o W Air Traffic Controller 110o 250o Control Tower 135o 225o 170o 200o 180o S Estimate the bearing of each aircraft from the centre of the radar screen.

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