odsseyware misd online credit recovery n.
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Odsseyware MISD Online Credit Recovery PowerPoint Presentation
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Odsseyware MISD Online Credit Recovery

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Odsseyware MISD Online Credit Recovery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Odsseyware MISD Online Credit Recovery. 2012-2013. Central Office Administration Sneed/Goree/Snow.

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Odsseyware MISD Online Credit Recovery

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misd hierarchy

Central Office AdministrationSneed/Goree/Snow

District CoordinatorCathy HudginsSet up district parameters, teacher’s rights, facilitates creating custom courses, training, adding teacher accounts, upkeep teacher OCR help website, assist campus leads.

High, Middle, Intermediate SchoolAssociate or Assistant Principal Campus LeadClosely monitor all OCR teachers on campus to make sure they are being supported and that they are following OCR policies. Ability to create enrichment courses (not for credit) and change thresholds for special needs students. Keeps waiting lists for after school programs.

MISD Hierarchy

CounselorsLead Counselor

Filters all OCR forms from other counselors to make sure they are filled out completely and determine if a student qualifies for 6 week recovery over full semester recovery. Completes forms after student finished OCR course and delivers it to registrar for placement on transcript.

OCR TeachersSelected by Principal/APAbility to add students, assign courses, and change their own passwords. They cannot create courses or change passing threshold.

course nomenclature

Courses that count for credit will have a title that ends in “for credit” so that they will not be confused with enrichment or assessment courses.

  • Courses not for credit will state Enrichment or Assessment in the title not to be confused with courses for credit.
Course Nomenclature
counselor responsibilities

Every campus will have a designated OCR counselor that would filter all credit recovery applications going into the academic office to make sure they are completely filled out and to determine whether or not a student qualifies for 6 weeks recovery over full semester recovery.

  • Counselor use triplicate forms for all credit recovery. All schools have agreed to use the form at the end of this document. The counselor meets with the student to fill out the form completely and making sure they are being signed up for the course they need to recovery including the correct semester.
  • For daytime OCR, the counselor keeps a copy of the form and gives two copies to the classroom teacher. The teacher sends a copy back to the lead counselor when the course is complete along with a grade report and keeps a copy for their record.
Counselor Responsibilities
counselor responsibilities cont

For after school OCR, the counselor would keep a copy for their records and give the other two copies to the OCR administrator on campus.

  • For daytime OCR, counselors will remove students within the first 10 days of a semester if the student will not work or refuses to follow classroom procedures. Academic principal must give permission to remove a student from daytime OCR.
  • Counselors can assign a student to daytime OCR if they need at least two semester courses, four 6 weeks recovery courses, or one semester and two six week recovery courses. Students will be assigned to after school OCR if they have lass course to recover.
  • OCR should not be a dumping ground for transfer students.
Counselor Responsibilities, Cont.
lead ap responsibilities

Monitor teachers and students to make sure everyone is following policy.

  • Investigate any student that the teacher as recommended removal for not working or persistent misbehavior. Upon approval, notifying the counselor to remove the student.
  • Support the teacher when students are misbehaving in the OCR course. This includes administering discipline and contacting parents with persistent misbehavior.
  • Keeping the waiting list for after school OCR and keep and distributing forms to after school OCR teachers.
Lead AP Responsibilities
requirements of ocr teachers

ACTIVELY MONITOR students in the lab. Teachers must consistently walk the lab AND monitor Synchroneyes throughout the class period and after school labs.

  • Teachers MUST monitor how long students are taking to do lessons/quizzes/test. The teacher MUST investigate and report any suspicious activity to AP.
  • Teachers must change their Odysseyware password biweekly and EVERY time after they have had a sub.
  • Teachers will hand out, review, and make sure that all OCR students fill out a student contract. There is an example of a student contract in the back of this packet.
  • Teachers will contact parents with parental response when students are not working, misbehaving, or skipping just like a regular class.
Requirements of OCR Teachers
requirements for ocr teachers cont

Teacher MUST require students to take notes and show them to the teacher when requesting the teacher to unlock quizzes and test. The students are allowed to use their notes on lessons, quizzes, and test. Teachers MUST collect notes when a student finishes each unit and keep until the end of the semester.

  • Teachers will let AP’s know of any issues with OCR students.
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a teacher allow a student to take quizzes or tests outside of the computer lab. If a student wants to take a test or quiz towards the end of the class period, the OCR teacher must monitor that the assessment was completed before the student leaves.
  • If teachers want to let students temporarily move past quizzes and test, they have to select completed, NOT skip. This will assign a student a zero on the assessment until they go back and complete them.
Requirements for OCR Teachers, cont.
requirements for ocr teachers cont1

Teachers will let counselors/Academic principal know of any students that are not working within the first 10 days of the semester. Teachers must contact parents and let them know that students are not working.

  • Teachers will actively monitor student progress to keep students on track for completing all assigned courses.
  • Teachers should regularly remind students of when they can get subject tutoring.
  • When a student completes the course, the teacher fills out the rest of the OCR form, prints a grade report, and returns them to the lead counselor. The teacher MUST make the student inactive in the course they have completed and the student inactive when the students finishes the course.
  • Students can either use their IPADs OR a lab computer during the class but NOT both.
Requirements for OCR Teachers, Cont
what is cheating

Students looking up answers for quizzes and test on another website.

  • Students logging in as another student to do other student’s work or to look up answers.
  • Students who have any other website open while in Odysseyware with the exception of the website that has English books.
  • Any student that shares answers or notes with another student during quizzes and test.
  • Any student logged in under a teacher or administrator login.
  • Students who take test or quizzes outside the OCR computer lab.
What is Cheating?
consequences for cheating

OCR During the School Day

  • First offense – Warning by teacher and parent contact. Student receives zero for the assignment.
  • Second offense – Referral to AP and parent contact. AP will assign AC. Student receives zero for the unit.
  • Third offense – removal from the program for the rest of the school year. Student will have to redo the course.
  • OCR After School
  • First offense – Teacher report to AP and contact parent. Student receives zero for the assignment.
  • Second offense – Student has to redo the unit. AP contacts parent and assigns AC.
  • Third offense – Student is removed from the program for the remainder of the school year.
Consequences for Cheating