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eDiscover DSS

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eDiscover DSS. Designed by Chike Nzegwu, James Wong, and Joseph Hamilton. The problem. Meeting people online is a tough process Most websites are dating services only Hard to tell if the person is real or pretending Interests alone can’t tell if you fit with someone

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ediscover dss

eDiscover DSS

Designed by Chike Nzegwu, James Wong, and Joseph Hamilton

the problem
The problem
  • Meeting people online is a tough process
    • Most websites are dating services only
    • Hard to tell if the person is real or pretending
    • Interests alone can’t tell if you fit with someone
  • Other services attempt to match based on interests or predicted feelings
mbti history
MBTI History
  • MBTI is a personality identification test
    • Created by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Meyer
    • Based on philosophies of Carl Jung
    • Widely used for various purposes, such as:
      • Employee selection
      • Team counseling
      • Placement
how mbti works
How MBTI Works
  • 4 dimensional test
    • Introversion or Extroversion
      • Where do you get your energy from?
    • Sensation or Intuition
      • Do you focus on the actual or the possible ?
    • Thinking or Feeling
      • Do you decide based on logic or value?
    • Perceiving or Judging
      • Do you like structure or creativity?
how mbti works1
Each question measures a specific trait

After all questions are answered, the value of each trait is weighed against it’s opposite

There are 16 personality types:









How MBTI Works
paper vs computer mbti

Longer questionnaire

Calculations must be done by hand

Error checking not present


Questionnaire is short and easy to use

Personality calculations done automatically

Error checking prevents mistakes

Able to be ported for several applications

Paper vs. Computer MBTI
ediscover dss model
eDiscover DSS - Model
  • Suggestion Model
    • User completes a short questionnaire based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire
    • User’s personality type is determined
    • System “suggests” best personality types that match the user’s personality type.
ediscover dss database
eDiscover DSS - Database
  • After the DSS model determines personality types that best match the user, the system searches the database of users for matches of those personality types.
  • Database is populated manually in the current implementation, but will automatically populate in the future.
ediscover dss input
eDiscover DSS - Input
  • The first step in the eDiscover DSS is capturing user information
  • Only allowable ages are 1-99
ediscover questions
eDiscover - Questions
  • 7 questions per page, 21 questions overall
  • Checkboxes stop user from attempting to select both answers
  • User is not given indication of which trait the question measures
ediscover personality type
eDiscover – Personality Type
  • After completing the questions, the results are tallied and each trait category is determined
  • The result also brings up an explanation of the personality type, based on the Jung philosophies.
ediscover personality matches
eDiscover – Personality Matches
  • After the user’s personality type is discerned, the DSS model selects personality types that match.
  • The matches are applied to the database to pick a list of compatible users.
ediscover user match
eDiscover – User Match
  • User information can be displayed in separate window, allowing users to see the age and gender of their matches.
  • User can also see an image of the user.
ediscover potential applications
eDiscover – Potential Applications
  • Stand-alone system
    • Useful for UMBC team building
    • Placement in Shriver Center internships or programs
  • Web application
    • Add-on to facebook.com or myspace.com to help introduce compatible users.
    • Possible component for Student Life system to acquaint new students at UMBC.