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Court Service Rules. Mise en place. Literally “putting in place” Loosely “everything in place”. Mise en place. Glassware is spotless and free of odor. Clean smears with steam. Glassware is the correct size and shape for the wine it holds. Wine lists are easy to access and read.

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Mise en place
Mise en place

  • Literally “putting in place”

  • Loosely “everything in place”

Mise en place1
Mise en place

  • Glassware is spotless and free of odor. Clean smears with steam.

  • Glassware is the correct size and shape for the wine it holds.

  • Wine lists are easy to access and read.

  • Cotton Serviettes are used since nylon repels water when handling chilled bottles.

  • The glass stemware is the only item to touch the tablecloth. Use and underliner for all other items placed on the table during beverage service.

  • All beverage service is performed on the right side of the guest.

Standard service
Standard Service

  • Remove glasses that are dirty.

  • Clear dirty ashtrays from table.

  • Serviette to be placed in the customer’s lap.

  • The order is taken from the host’s right.

  • The sommelier repeats the order to the host.

  • Proper stemware precedes the bottle to the table. Stemware placement goes from right to left with the water glass placement going either to the left or right of the stemware. The second glass from the right should be at 12 oclock above the knife. Placement of multiple stemware is a diagonal line, arc or diamond shaped pattern.

Standard service1
Standard Service

  • Present the bottle label side up to the host and present the name and vintage to confirm order.

  • Capsules are cut below the second lip.

  • Place the capsule into the sommelier’s pocket.

  • Bottle lips are wiped twice, once before and once after cork removal.

  • Leaver out the cork, never causing a pop.

  • Remove the cork from the corkscrew and place on an underliner to the right of the host.

Standard service2
Standard Service

  • Hold the bottle in the right hand with the label visible to the gues when pouring.

  • Wipe the bottle lip with the bottle serviette after each pour.

  • Pour the host less than one ounce, and after approval, serve the wine moving clockwise around the table, women first, men second and the host last. If there is a guest of honor, pour that person first, then the usual precession. If there is a party of eight or more, the pouring is done to all guests in a clockwise fashion.

Standard service3
Standard Service

  • Ask the host if you may remove the cork from the table.

  • Second bottle ordered – fresh glass for the host. Ask if they want all guest to have fresh stemware.

Sparkling wine service
Sparkling Wine Service

  • 1st preference – Present the bottle in the air and open in the air.

  • 2nd preference – Present the bottle in the air and open in a bucket and stand.

  • Cut the foil at the bottom of the cage. Utilizing the tab is allowed but not preferred. Remove the foil and place in the sommelier’s pocket.

Sparkling wine service1
Sparkling Wine Service

  • Place a serviette over the cage.

  • Keep the thumb or hand over the cork and point the bottle in a safe direction away from all guests.

  • Untwist the wire cage but do not remove!

  • Twist the bottle, not the cork. This is done in the air or in the bucket, not against the body.

  • Gently release the cork quietly.

  • Remove the cage from the cork and place in the sommelier’s pocket.

  • Place the cork on an underliner to the host’s right.

Sparkling wine service2
Sparkling Wine Service

  • Only tulips or flutes are to be used. Glasses are filled ¾ full.

  • Pours are done in a single stream. A second pouring is allowed if necessary.

  • Hold the bottle as in standard service or hold by the punt. Two fingers under the neck for support is acceptable.

  • Place the bottle after pouring in

    • 1st preference – a wine bucket and stand to the host’s right.

    • 2nd preference – a cooler on an underliner on the table.