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Visual Studio 2010

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Visual Studio 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Agile Project Planning. 1-click Custom Excel reports. End to End Traceability. Database Edition merged into Development. Stunning New Reports. TFS Administration w/MMC. New Dashboards. Visual Studio 2010. Gated Checkin . Branch Visualization. Test Planning. Scalability ++.

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Presentation Transcript

Agile Project Planning

1-click Custom Excel reports

End to End Traceability

Database Edition merged

into Development

Stunning New Reports

TFS Administration


New Dashboards

Visual Studio 2010

Gated Checkin

  • Branch Visualization

Test Planning

Scalability ++



Build Windows

Workflow Integration

Test Execution

Manual Test Runner

Activity Diagram

Use Case Diagram

Test Impact


Layer Diagram

Modeling Projects

Logical Class Diagram

Coded UI Test



Component Diagram

Sequence Diagram


why visual studio 2010 ultimate can you afford not to renew up

Why Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate...can you afford not to renew-up?

Tim Adams

Developer Solution Specialist

Microsoft Corporation

Randy Pagels

Developer Technical Specialist

Microsoft Corporation

visual studio 2010 goals
Visual Studio 2010 Goals

Align IT withthe Business

Enable qualitywith great tools

Architecture tools for everyone


Visual Studio 2010 has consolidated

Developer Products - 7 products to 3

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN

Visual Studio 2010 Premium with MSDN

Visual Studio 2010 Professional with MSDN

Standalone Products - more products

Team Foundation Server

Load Test Server

Lab Management Server – NEW

Test Professional (for manual testers) - NEW

visual studio 2010 feature overview
Visual Studio 2010 Feature Overview

Visual Studio

2010 Ultimate

Test Case & Lab Management

Layer Diagram

Manual Testing

Database Change Mngmnt.

Performance Profiling

Code Coverage

UI Test Automation

Test Impact Analysis

Test Data Generation

Database Unit Testing

Code Metrics

Database Deployment

Static Code Analysis

UML Modeling

Generate from Usage


Architecture Explorer

Test Record & Playback

Logical Class Designer

Cloud Development

Office Development

Windows Development

New WPF Editor

Customizable IDE

Multi-core Development

Silverlight Tools

Web Development

SharePoint Development

Web Testing

Load Testing

Visual Studio 2010


Visual Studio 2010



Test Manager

Test Case Management

Fast Forward for Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Lab Mgmt Configuration

Team Explorer


Environment from Template

Version Control


Test Case Management

Team Portal

Gated Check-in

Branch Visualization

Agile Planning Tools

Architectural Validation

Build Automation

Virtual Environment Setup/Tear Down

Checkpoint Environment

visual studio 2010 testing
Visual Studio 2010 Testing
  • Coded UI Test
  • Test and Lab Manager Test Planning
  • Manual Test Runner (MTR)
  • Automation for Navigation (AFN)
  • Unit Testing with Code Coverage
  • Load Testing
  • Web Performance Testing
eliminate no repro bugs
Eliminate “No-repro” Bugs

Write Code

Hand-offto Test

Test Code

File Bug

Hand-offto Dev

Verify Bug

Resolve as

“No Repro”

microsoft test manager
Codenamed “Camano”

Standalone testing suite.

Targets non-coding testers.

Create, management, and execute test cases

Compose test cases, plans and suites.

Rich bug work item

Eliminate “no-repro” bugs

Full integration with TFS

Microsoft Test Manager
manual test runner
Standalone tool

Enables execution of test cases

Collects system data and event logs

Captures still images and video

Enables filing a rich bug

Comprehensive stack dump of the system-under-test

Manual Test Runner
coded ui testing
Coded UI Testing
  • Automatically navigate through your application's UI
  • Record actions and generate code
  • Verify the functionality of user interfaces
  • Add assertions on properties of controls.
  • Add validation logic
  • Generate automated tests from a published test case
  • Convert manual tests into code
test lab management
Test Lab Management
  • Virtualized test lab resources
  • Simplifies environment setup
  • Simplifies testing multiple configurations
  • Enables reverting to baseline configuration
  • Enable defect resolution
  • Provides checkpoints
  • Improves test hardware utilization
  • ALM integration across test & build
visual studio team lab management 2010 leveraging virtualization for alm
Visual Studio Team Lab Management 2010 Leveraging virtualization for ALM

TFS 2010

Hyper-V Host 1

Library Share 1

  • Lab Management
  • Build Management
  • Test Case Management
  • Project Management
  • Source Control
  • Work Item Tracking
  • Reporting

Virtual Machine 3

Stored VM 3

Virtual Machine 2

Virtual Machine 1

Stored VM 2

Stored VM 1

Lab Agent

Test Agent

Build Agent

Build Controller

Microsoft Test Manager

Visual Studio 2010

Test Controller

web testing
Declarative looping/branching

Recorder plug-in

Custom correlation extensibility

Edit think times

View recording log in playback

Jump to request from playback

Add extraction rule from playback

Extensibility in playback for adding tabs and menu items

Make web test just work

Web Testing
load testing
Log entire test result on error

Integrated reporting in Excel

Run functional test as performance tests

True network emulation

Remote profiler integration

User Detail View

Extensible data collectors

Fix problems with profiler

Load Testing

Historical Debugging

  • Reduces debug “cycling”
    • Start Debug
    • Encounter defect
    • Drop into debugger
    • Move back through execution history to locate defect
  • Trace enables debugging off-machine test run
  • Code is instrumented dynamically
  • Records program execution flow
    • Method Enter & Exit
  • Records program data
    • Parameters & Return values
  • Low overhead for collection
    • Supports Dev, Test and Staging environments
  • Pay-as-you-go collection model
  • 1st class debugging experience in VS
what is intellitrace
What is IntelliTrace?






Log File


  • Record
  • Playback
  • Rewind





how intellitrace works
How IntelliTrace Works


IntelliTrace Recorder


IntelliTrace File

architectural tools27
Architectural Tools

Class Dependency Matrix

Architecture Explorer

  • Architecture Explorer
    • Explore existing code assets visually
  • Layer Diagram
    • Visualize the intended architecture
    • Validate code against the diagram at build
  • UML support

Use Case Diagram

Sequence Diagram

Logical Class Diagram

Component Diagram

Layer Diagram

  • Forward & reverse engineer code/diagram where possible.

Activity Diagram

architectural exploration product capabilities
Architectural ExplorationProduct capabilities
  • “Understand The Domain”
    • UML 2.x Designers
    • Modeling Project & Explorer
  • “Understand The Code”
    • Architecture Explorer
    • Sequence Diagram Generation
    • DGML Graphs and “Standard” Graphs
  • “Maintain Control”
    • Layer Diagram & Custom MSBuild Tasks
    • Work Item Integration
  • Extensibility
the ultimate offer
The Ultimate Offer

Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite and Team Editionswith MSDN Premium

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

with MSDN

Visual Studio Professional 2008with MSDN Premium

Visual Studio 2010 Premium

with MSDN

Visual Studio Professional 2008with MSDN Professional

Visual Studio 2010 Professionalwith MSDN


Visual Studio Ultimate 2010


MSDN Simplification

Newly added MSDN Benefits


250 hours

7.5 Gb Storage

750k transactions

(2) SQL

Team Foundation Server

Expression Studio Ultimate


20 courses

20 hours / yr.

Expression Studio Premium


100 hours

5 Gb Storage

500K transactions

(1) SQL

Team Foundation Server

Visual Studio Premium 2010



20 courses

20 hours / yr.


50 hours

3 Gb Storage

300K transactions

(1) SQL


10 courses

20 hours / yr.

Visual Studio Professional 2010


Team Foundation Server


Windows Azure Platform Benefits for MSDN Subscribers

NEW: the 8-month introductory MSDN benefits have been extended to 16 months!

the new msdn33
The New MSDN

See the Visual Studio 2010 Feature Matrix for a complete list of features.

the new msdn cont
The New MSDN (cont.)

See the Visual Studio 2010 Feature Matrix for a complete list of features.

the new msdn cont35
The New MSDN (cont.)

See the Visual Studio 2010 Feature Matrix for a complete list of features.


Visual Studio 2010

  • Say No to "No Repro“
  • IntelliTrace™ (Historical Debugger)
  • Choose the Right Tests
  • Test Professional new Role
  • Test Lab Management Integration
  • Web Performance Test Recording
  • Load and Stress Testing
  • Load Agents for Scale
  • Architecture Modeling and Exploration
visit team system caf for
Visit Team System Café for…
  • Freshly brewed news
  • Upcoming events
  • Download links
  • Practical tips to go
  • Download the VSTS 2010 RTM
  • Randy Pagels
  • Email:

choosing the right tests the problem
Choosing the Right TestsThe Problem

Q: Which tests should the developer and tester run to verify this code change?

Automated Tests only

Manual Tests only

All of the above

Don’t know

Trick question??

Code Change


Application Functionality

test impact analysis42
Test Impact Analysis
  • Option to run the Test Impact Data Collector
  • Identifies tests impacted by code changes
  • View code changes from multiple angles
    • Impacted Tests
    • Code Changes
    • Calling Tests
  • List of changes made since last build
  • Significantly reduces test time
  • Deep integration with Test Case Management