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Networking. Presented by Delicia Lewis. Career Management Services. Topics Covered. Defining Networking Benefits of Networking Who, What, Where is my Network? How to Network Building a Network Keys to Successful Networking Things to Keep in Mind. Networking Defined.

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Presented by Delicia Lewis

Career Management Services

topics covered
Topics Covered
  • Defining Networking
  • Benefits of Networking
  • Who, What, Where is my Network?
  • How to Network
  • Building a Network
  • Keys to Successful Networking
  • Things to Keep in Mind
networking defined
Networking Defined
  • Merriam-Webster defines networking as …
    • The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups or institutions
    • Specifically the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business
benefits of networking
Benefits of Networking
  • Being Active
  • Openness
  • Information
  • Knowledge
  • New Leads
  • Contacts
  • Skills
  • Reputation
  • Support
  • Self Esteem
who what where is my network
Who, What, Where is My Network?
  • Who?
    • Write down the names of people you know and where they work if you know.
    • Include relatives, past or current coworkers, friends etc.
  • What?
    • What job are you looking for?
    • Consider industry or company.
  • Where?
    • Does someone else in the room have a contact at that particular company?
    • Does someone else know someone who works in that industry?
how to network
How to Network

Know what you want!

  • What industries are you targeting?
  • What positions interest you the most?
  • What are your specific career goals?
  • What skills are you marketing to potential employers?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you effectively

communicate your career direction to your contacts.

how to network1
How to Network
  • Prepare
    • Spend time preparing brief introduction about your background, experience, skills and goals
    • Practice the introduction so you can deliver it with confidence
    • Complete a list of potential contacts
  • Keep in mind that “It’s not WHAT your know, it’s WHO you know.”
making the connection
Making the Connection
  • You can communicate with a networking contact by:
    • Phone
    • Letter
    • E-mail
    • Social Networking Sites
    • In Person
making the connection1
Making the Connection
  • When calling a contact, be clear and concise in your message
  • Prepare a list of questions prior to talking with the contact
  • Know what advice or information you are seeking
  • Gather contact information
  • Ask contact if you can keep in touch periodically
  • Expand your network by asking the contact to refer you
how to build your network
How to Build your Network
  • Join social networks online
  • Get a personal business card
  • Brand yourself
  • Become an information sponge
  • Join virtual communities where your target market is
  • Attend gatherings
  • Meet 5 new people
  • Globalize your network
  • Take control of your virtual presence
  • Take a leadership role in your industry

The best time to build your network is before you need something; and the best time to keep that network strong is always.

keys to successful networking
Keys to Successful Networking
  • Always send a thank-you letter after someone has helped you
  • Organize your efforts by tracking who you’ve contacted, the date of contact and the outcome or action step which resulted
  • Notify your contacts when you have found a position
  • Be helpful to others when they ask to network with you
keys to successful networking1
Keys to Successful Networking
  • Consider everyone you meet a potential networking contact
  • Seek out new networking contacts by a asking for business cards of potential contacts
  • Join a professional organization related to your career interest
  • Be enthusiastic and positive when talking to your networking contacts
things to keep in mind
Things to Keep in mind


Be genuine to gain credibility and long-term relations

Feed the networkto pass on useful information and show you are engaged

Offer to help using humor and tact

Focus on getting something from a new contact immediately

Hide behind technology and avoid face-to-face networking

Forget to read your audience and provide a personal approach


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