Warehouse Safety-Solutions by Tensator®
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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the warehousing and storage industry experiences nearly 15,000 injuries and illnesses every year.\n

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Warehouse safety solutions by tensator

Warehouse Safety-Solutions by Tensator®

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the warehousing and storage

industry experiences nearly 15,000 injuries and illnesses every year. With this in

mind, companies need to identify which safety precautions need to be

implemented and how they can alert workers to potential hazards and reduce the

risk of injury.

Warehouse safety solutions by tensator

The majority of accidents at work are caused by slips, trips or falls, with many of

these incidents being entirely avoidable had simple and cost-effective safety

solutions been correctly installed. Here at Tensator, we understand the

importance of workplace safety. We work with businesses and organisations

around the world to eliminate unsafe working conditions, through the

consideration of factors such as clearly defining routes, restricting access to

dangerous areas, and identifying potential hazards before they cause harm.

Tensator® warehouse safety solutions:

Tensabarrier®- Tensator has developed a wide range of highly engineered, robust

Tensabarriers, which are ideal for the warehouse and storage industry. The 886

Heavy Duty Tensabarrier® has a hard-wearing base that can be walked on or

driven over and it will still retain its shape. Tensabarriers can be used to create a

solid physical barrier to protect workers from dangerous areas.

Wall Mount Units –Improve health and safety across your warehouse with

retractable wall mounted Tensabarrier® units. Wall units are highly effective at

cordoning off hazardous areas without taking up any floor space, allowing you to

close off areas during periods of operation, maintenance, cleaning etc. With a

choice of six mounting options, wall mounted units can be installed on any


TC11 Tensacone Topper–Designed to fit over standard traffic cones, the

Tensacone Topper allows you to connect cones together to create a temporary

safety barrier. The Tensacone Topper can be used in car parks to help control

parking and restrict access to areas when vehicles are moving.

Modular Handrail –The safety barrier rail from Tensator is a modular handrail

system, which is ideal for numerous applications including the creation of safe

walkways and ramps, cordoning off storage areas, machinery and inspection pits.

Constructed from exceptionally strong steel with a unique high quality PVC

coasting, the modular handrail offers the all-important ‘warm to touch’

requirement as set down by current building regulations.