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Greening the Globe

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Greening the Globe
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  1. Greening the Globe Zeox Corporation – Customer Driven Performance Materials December 2007

  2. Key Management • LuVerne E.W. Hogg, Director, President and CEO Zeox Corporation • Dan Eyde, Director, COO Zeox Corporation, President Zeox Mineral Materials Corp • Dr. David J. Chaiko, Chief Technology Officer, Nano Clays, LLC • Dr. Francis Via, VP Technology, Zeox Corporation (Dec 07) Clean Mineral Solutions

  3. Share Structure Listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol ZOX Rolling 52 Week High 3.500 Rolling 52 Week Low 0.150 Total Number of Shares 54,467,044 Shares in Escrow 0 Net Shares Outstanding 54,467,044 Float Quoted Market Value $100,764,031 Management, Director and Insider shares 24,000,000 Clean Mineral Solutions

  4. Corporate Overview Production, Resource and Research Capabilities • November 2007 - Butte Processing Facility • Construction and Drilling Products • Water Purification Products • Nano and Performance Material Products • Tucson Research and Development Laboratories • Energy and Environmental Products • Oil Separation Technologies • Nuclear Cleanup Technologies • Solar Initiative Clean Mineral Solutions

  5. Production, Distribution and Resource Capabilities Processing Facilities • White Cliffs Plant – Mammoth, AZ (US) • Ash Meadows Plant – Amargosa Valley, NV (US) • Palo Plant, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, (CN) • Butte, MT (US) Deposits • Bowie – Chabazite • White Cliffs - Diatomite • Ash Meadows – Clinoptilolite • Palo – Sodium Sulfate • Burro Creek Saponite Clean Mineral Solutions

  6. Rail Distribution CP and US Affiliates

  7. Union Pacific Rail System

  8. White Cliffs Processing Facility and Deposit • Up to 40,000 tpa of fine and granular products. • Diatomite and Zeolite Products • NSF 60 Certified Plant • Cementatious, Water and Sorbent Products • Near Rail

  9. Ash Meadows Plant Cementatious and Drilling Products Zeolite based cements for oil and gas projects: • Light weight, high strength • Significant quantities to ship 2nd Q08 Zeolite based light-weight, high-strength cement and concrete for building materials: • Sales beginning 4th Q07 • Fine grinding capabilities being added in 2008 Clean Mineral Solutions

  10. Palo, Saskatchewan Plant • On Rail as major distribution facility for western Canada • Production Equipment for Specialty Catalyst Products • Sodium Sulfate products for cement

  11. Fine Grinding Facilities • Butte, MT 20 tph Raymond Mill Facility • On rail with pneumatic loading and unloading Clean Mineral Solutions

  12. Burro Creek Saponite Deposit Down Hole Drilling Products • Zeox’s proprietary ion exchanged clays offer improved performance at lower cost. • Hectorite replacement with Burro Creek Saponite Product. Clean Mineral Solutions

  13. Water Treatment Products • Zeox proprietary functionalized mineral based zeolites are fast, reliable, low-cost water treatment alternatives to chemical treatment and activated carbon. • NSF 60 Certified for Potable Water Treatment Systems. • Initial commercial evaluation at the Hillsboro, KS water treatment plant. • Taking water treatment technologies to China with strategic partner. Clean Mineral Solutions

  14. Performance Products • Performance Materials Development Laboratory in Tucson, AZ • Zeolite/Clay dispersion technology for high performance barrier membranes. • Improved efficiency and economics for pigments and dyes. • Large patent portfolio for Nano Materials and cementatious products Clean Mineral Solutions

  15. Enhanced Pigment and Dispersion Products • Zeox’s dispersion technology reduces use of dyes/pigments by 50 to 90%. • Applicable to coatings and plastics. • New fiber and anti-microbial products. • Applications in automotive and transportation markets Clean Mineral Solutions

  16. Energy and Environmental Products • Oil Recovery from Tar Sands • No water use • Lower viscosity product • Greatly reduced concentrations of metals • Nuclear Power • Qualification Testing in Canada • Qualified in the US • Qualification testing underway in Europe • Solar Heating and Cooling Initiative • Based on Bowie Chabazite • Uses a proven technology Clean Mineral Solutions

  17. Zeox 2007 Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb 2007 2008 Acquire Ash Meadows Begin Construction Materials Division and Admixture sales Nano Clays LLC Complete Barrier Testing Begin Commercial Scale up Financing Acquire Palo Build Transportation Infrastructure Clean Mineral Solutions

  18. Zeox 2008 – 2009 Jan Mar May July Sept Nov Jan Mar May July Sept 2008 2009 Butte, MT facility comes online Packaging AMZ Plant Granular DE Products Complete Testing on the Barrier products - Begin scaling up production facilities Water Treatment Products and Technology Exports to Asia Clean Mineral Solutions

  19. Conclusion – Corporate Review Business model – control of supply and process Strategic Partnerships Environmental Benefits Zeolite Cements - Industrial Minerals Barrier Membranes Specialty Clays Drilling Fluids Dispersion Technology Water Purification Oil Sand Technology Environmental and Solar Initiatives Clean Mineral Solutions

  20. Greening the Globe Zeox Corporate Strategies and Advanced Materials Development Programs November 2007