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Global Advertising PowerPoint Presentation
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Global Advertising

Global Advertising

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Global Advertising

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  1. Natalie Bamgbose Global Advertising

  2. Definition • Global advertising is the marketing on a worldwide scale, whereby companies take commercial advantage of global operational differences, similarities and opportunities in order to meet a global objective

  3. Successful global adverts

  4. Adidas commercial 2010 • International celebrities • Eg/ David Beckham, Missy Elliot • Sports men • Musicians • Actors • Idols

  5. Gillette champions advert • Men= Sport • Tiger woods= Golf • Derek Jeter= Baseball • Roger Federer= Tennis • Sport is universal appeals to different social economic groups as well as nationalities.

  6. Unsuccessful global adverts

  7. Banned Nike sports chainsaw advert

  8. Why it’s a really bad advert… This advert has obvious and clear reasons to why the ASA had banned the advert. The content within the advert causes an bad effect on children that view the advert as it causes distress to young children viewing the advert. The advert represents that by wearing Nike trainers, you can escape from your fears and problems, which is misleading.The advert also relates to movie scenes as it contains a similar feature to Texas Chainsaw Massacre.The reasons to why I think the ASA have banned this advert is that it was too extreme for the public to view and would cause enormous amounts of distress to young children and the elderly.

  9. Ghd ad ASA ruled it could cause offence GhdA TV ad campaign featuring lingerie-clad women praying for beautiful hair has been banned by the advertising watchdog because it might offend Christians.

  10. The series of three TV ads, created by ad agency TBWA Manchester for beauty firm ghd, had an overall religious theme using the strapline "Ghd. A new religion for hair". • Ghd's ads showed scantily-clad women in various positions, such as lying on a bed, while looking upwards with their hands clasped as if in prayer. Some had objects that looked like votive candles and rosary beads. • Viewers could hear the thoughts of each of the women, in various languages including English, which centred on having great hair. • One woman was thinking "May my new curls make her feel choked with jealousy", while another was saying to herself "May my flirty flicks puncture the heart of every man I see". At the end of each ad an endline ran: "Thy will be done". • The Advertising Standards Authority received a total of 23 complaints, including one from the Archdeacon of Liverpool, objecting that the ads were offensive to the Christian faith. • The complaints particularly highlighted the use of the phrase from the Lord's Prayer and the depiction of the letter "t" as a cross in "thy". • The ASA said that while previous ghd campaigns did not "mock" faith or belief, the new ads went further with the women appearing to be praying while being erotic. • The ad watchdog decided to ban the ad because the eroticised images in conjunction with religious symbols and the phrase "Thy will be done", as well as the letter "t" as the cross of Jesus, were likely to cause serious offence, particularly to Christians. • Martin Penny, the managing director of ghd, said that the ban was perplexing, adding that the company had used the phrase "a new religion for hair" for seven years with little problem. • "We have a loyal following of women and the ads were, in fact, produced by an all-female creative team," he said. "It has nothing to do with religion really, if it was more people would have complained. • "There are far more erotic things in Nuts or on Page 3 if that's what people like. It is a fashion ad which is tasteful and sensitive. The ASA seem to be frightened of their own shadow."

  11. Global development • First launched in 1959 now 50 years of age • One of the most successful toys worldwide (other is LEGO). With sales of more than $ 3.6 billion, Barbie is the best-selling toy of all times • Went through a lot of development due to many complaints of original design of barbie Barbara Millicent Roberts

  12. Production • Ruth Handler created a doll when she realized that there were no grown up dolls in the market only baby dolls. • Inspired by her daughter to make the doll and used her life as a foundation to create Barbie. • Barbie is, almost universally, 11.5 inches tall • Hair on Barbie dolls is generally rooted synthetic fibre.

  13. Issues/ cultural effect • Anorexia nervosa • Race & Nationality • Implication of choice of Barbie dressing

  14. Distribution • Saudi Arabia banned Barbie (didn’t meet with religious requirements) • besides all cultural issues Barbie strived through, sales suddenly dropped!

  15. End of Barbie???

  16. Dolls of every ethnicity • Banging bodies • Collagen lips • Different styles to appeal to every single adolescent and teenage girl • Not so pink • And generally….BETTER