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Carbon Footprint Reduction

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Carbon Footprint Reduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Carbon Footprint Reduction. By Matt Rodd.

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Every year, the United States contributes greatly to the pollution, both air and water plus many more. Vehicles are one of the most contributing factors to CO2 and CO3 emissions. Vehicles, produce 60% of all carbon emissions in the U.S. In cities, its believed to be as high as 95%.

Reason for Reduction


Reduction Solution

As simple as car pooling makes a huge difference. A single car produces around 1.10 lbs of Carbon Dioxide. When you carpool 3 people, you decreasing the amount of carbon from 3 cars down to one and it decreases the amount of carbon to 0.37 lbs.


Effects of Reduction

Reducing the amount of carbon emissions will overall improve environmental health and also human health. All types of pollution including water, air and ground is slowly killing the environment and since it’s a gradual change , we aren’t going to notice it right away. The longer we don’t notice, the more sever the damage is going to be.


Peoples Effort

Although many say there's no way to stop carbon emissions, we can work towards reducing the amounts of carbon being put into our atmosphere. A great way we could reduce emissions is to put stronger filters on smoke stacks from structures like nuclear power plants and especially trucks that openly release unfiltered smoke.


We will not only be increasing health of our planet, but we will be improving the chances for earth to support us for a longer time. The build up of carbon is increasing the thickness of our ozone layer, making it warmer which is slowly killing the earth. As simple as decreasing the amount of vehicles on the road helps. We will decrease the amount of carbon being released by millions of pounds if more people car pooled.

Ozone Layer

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