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IT Pro Kick Off PowerPoint Presentation
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IT Pro Kick Off

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IT Pro Kick Off - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IT Pro Kick Off
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  1. IT Pro Kick Off 00

  2. Welcome! Macca Technical Evangelist Microsoft Corporation

  3. What to Expect at TechEd Australia 2012 • Keynote • 10 Tracks • 108 Sessions • 150 Speakers • 135 HOURS of Breakout Sessions • 57.5 hours of ILL and Exam Cram • Networking Opportunities • Visit the Microsoft and Partner Showcase • Check out the Community and Speaker Lounge • Wrapping it Up • TechEd Hyped Thursday Night.

  4. Welcome! Jeffrey Woolsey Windows Server & Cloud Microsoft Corporation

  5. Transformational trends new social & app patterns cloud computing compute storage network consumerizationof IT data explosion

  6. Modern platform for the world’s apps transforms the datacentre enables modern apps unlocks insights on any data empowers people-centric IT Cloud OS

  7. What makes the Cloud OS unique flexibledevelopment unifieddev-ops & management common identity & security integratedvirtualisation complete data platform MICROSOFT 1 Cloud OS CONSISTENTPLATFORM ON-PREMISES SERVICE PROVIDER

  8. Windows Azure Windows Server

  9. announcing available today

  10. Customer Video

  11. Modern platform for the world’s apps transforms the datacentre enables modern apps unlocks insights on any data empowers people-centric IT Cloud OS

  12. Cloud OSTransforms the datacentre Scalable & elastic Shared resources Enterprise-class scale and performance Virtualisationacross compute, storage, and networking Always up, always on Continuous availability with management efficiency Automated & self-service

  13. Customer Video

  14. Cloud OSEnables modern apps Cloud scale Windows Server Flexible & easy Flexibility to build on-premises and in the cloud Open web and app development environment Hybrid & extensible Scalable and elastic infrastructure Windows Azure Rapid dynamic lifecycle

  15. Customer Video

  16. Cloud OSUnlocks insights on any data Personalized experience Any device, anywhere Secure & well-managed Any data, any size, anywhere Complete data platform from Excel to SQL to Hadoop Connecting with world‘s data Integrated data reaching beyond your organization Analysis and insights with familiar tools Immersive data experiences

  17. Cloud OSEmpowers people-centric IT Personalized experience Any device, anywhere Secure & well-managed Personalized experience Active Directory at the core Any device, anywhere Dynamic Access Control for information protection Comprehensive VDI solution with simplified deployment Secure & well-managed

  18. Customer Video

  19. Demo

  20. The Industry is Ready hardware vendors service providers logo-certified servers deploying to datacentresglobally system integrators software vendors strong pipeline of apps thousands trained to deploy

  21. Thank You

  22. The Fun • Limited Edition Windows Server T-shirts are available – collect all three! ‘Awesome’, Geek’ & ‘Genius’ Where? Be in the right place, at the right time! Windows Server T-shirts Windows Server photo booth Share the Server buzz back at the Office, by participating in the Windows Server photo booth (T-Shirts may even be on offer) The Showcase Check out The Modern Datacentre area at The Showcase. Explore the demos and of course the only 82’’ Perceptive Pixel interactive whiteboard • Share the Windows Server love #WinServ#auteched Twitter The Surprise • Can’t say much yet! BUT stay in here for the keynote to find out what the Windows Server Team is offering exclusively at TechEd Australia.

  23. IT Pro Kick Off 00