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Fly America Act. Clare Hansen- shinnerl Sr. associate dean, administration & finance School of Engineering [email protected] Fly America Act: Origins & Key Amendments. Instituted in 1974 to require use of U.S. airlines Federal Acquisition Regulations; Subpart 47.4

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Fly america act
Fly America Act

Clare Hansen-shinnerl

Sr. associate dean, administration & finance

School of Engineering

[email protected]

Fly america act origins key amendments
Fly America Act: Origins & Key Amendments

  • Instituted in 1974 to require use of U.S. airlines

    • Federal Acquisition Regulations; Subpart 47.4

  • Applies to federally-funded international travel

    • Includes Canada and Mexico

    • Contractors, sub contractors, and federal employees

  • Some of the Act’s provisions remain inflexible

    • E.g. lower cost is not an exception

  • Two key amendments have made Act more flexible

    • Code Sharing Amend. (1991)

    • Open Skies Amend.  (2010) … SU not yet ready

Fly america act compliance responsibility
Fly America Act: Compliance Responsibility

  • Travelers and their administrators are responsible for buying tickets in compliance

  • University suggests use of contracted travel agencies to help ensure compliance at point-of-sale (agencies listed on Fingate)

  • ERA needs to know the rules to help travelers / administrators - before tickets are purchased

  • ERA needs to confirm compliance by opening attachment/receipt when reviewing/approving IOUs– after the fact

Code share amendment meaning
Code Share Amendment: Meaning

  • Code sharing occurs when two or more airlines “code” the same flight as if it was their own

  • The designator code and flight number that prints on the ticket will tell you whether it was coded as a foreign carrier (not allowed) or US carrier (allowed)

  • In other words, to be in compliance the international flight can be on a foreign air carrier (Singapore Airlines, China Airlines, etc.) - provided the designator code / flight # printed on the ticket is coded as operated by the U.S. carrier

Code sharing us carrier codes
Code Sharing: US Carrier Codes

  • On the right is a list of the most common US Carriers providing service to major cities in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America

  • If you see one of these codes on an international ticket, it will be in compliance

  • Airtran Airways (FL)

  • Alaska Airlines (AS)

  • American Airlines (AA)

  • Continental Airlines (CO)

  • Delta Airlines (DL)

  • Hawaiian Airlines (HA)

  • JetBlue (B6)

  • United Airlines (UA)

  • US Airways (US)

Open skies amendment meaning
Open Skies Amendment: Meaning

  • Stanford / Fingate has not updated its policies/website to allow/explain this, but the Open Skies Amendment is in effect - per Federal Travel Regulation (FTR), Bulletin 11-02

  • We will need to wait until the SU has a position on this until we use

  • This is a ‘heads up’

Open skies amendment meaning1
Open Skies Amendment: Meaning

  • Open Skies allows use of European Union, Australian, and Swiss carriers

    • To transport federal contractors (still doesn’t apply to federal employees)

    • Given bilateral agreements between these governments and US

  • When using an open skies carrier

    • Designator / flight number does not need to be a US carrier

    • Can be LH - Lufthansa, OS - Austrian, etc.

Fly america exceptions
Fly America: Exceptions

  • There are a limited number of exceptions that allow use of a foreign carrier (beyond code sharing and open skies). Here are some examples:

    • Necessity:

      • No U.S. flag carrier provides service on a particular leg of your trip

      • Medical or safety reasons

      • Required class of service on US carrier is not available

      • US carrier involuntarily reroutes you to a foreign carrier

    • Inconveniences:

      • Use of a U.S. carrier will unreasonably delay your travel time: extends trip by more than 6 hours, extends connection time by 4 or more hours, increases aircraft changes by 2 or more

Fly america exceptions1
Fly America: Exceptions

  • Fingate has a Checklist showing allowable exceptions

  • If an exception is warranted, must submit Certification of Exception (on Fingate) with IOU

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