building a title plant l.
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Building a Title Plant

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Building a Title Plant - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building a Title Plant. Doug Bello D. Bello Associates, Inc. Pasadena, California. 2004 halFILE User Group Austin, Texas. Building a Title Plant. Introduction. There’s no “road map” to follow There’s no “right way” to do this You will only do this once, no second chances!.

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Building a Title Plant

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building a title plant

Building a Title Plant

Doug Bello

D. Bello Associates, Inc.

Pasadena, California

2004 halFILE User Group

Austin, Texas


Building a Title Plant

  • There’s no “road map” to follow
  • There’s no “right way” to do this
  • You will only do this once, no second chances!
what to expect

Building a Title Plant

What to expect
  • This is a big time commitment
  • Don’t think this will be easy
before you begin

Building a Title Plant

Before you begin
  • Talk to other title companies: they are a great resource for do’s and don'ts
  • Talk to someone at hal Systems: they’ve been through a few of these over the years
  • Appoint a project manager, give someone this responsibility.
set up checklist

Building a Title Plant

Set-up Checklist
  • Obtain all source documents
  • Plat edits
  • Establish all keying/posting rules and put them in writing
  • Locating/arbing procedures
establishing keying rules

Building a Title Plant

Establishing Keying Rules
  • Understand necessities vs. luxuries; Everything you key costs $$
  • Understand the purpose of what you are keying: Will you be searching from the title chain or looking at each document?
  • Don’t ‘go crazy’ in the portion of legal or the remarks field
county name indexes

Building a Title Plant

County Name Indexes
  • Can you obtain an outside source of grantor/grantee names?
  • Do you agree with the parties that are picked up from the documents?
  • Is it consistent and reliable?
  • Always have a back-up plan
dealing with locates

Building a Title Plant

Dealing with Locates
  • What is a locate?
  • Count on 10-12% of all recorded documents to be located
  • How do deal with locates in a backplant vs. daily keying
testing quality assurance

Building a Title Plant

Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Always complete a sample keying test
  • Continue testing until you get satisfactory results
  • Quality check work on a regular basis
  • Never assume that a good sample will continue forever – things change
  • What is an acceptable error rate?
ensuring quality

Building a Title Plant

Ensuring Quality
  • Single pass vs. double pass
  • Sight verification vs. key verification
  • How does key verification work
  • Plat edits: verifying lots and blocks as well as valid Sections, Townships and Ranges
outsourcing is it for me
No in-house staff training, no hiring, no firing

No overtime when recordings soar

Lower plant maintenance costs

Start-up is a lot of work

Less ‘control’ over personnel

Continued QA will be your responsibility

Building a Title Plant

Outsourcing: Is it for me?



outsourcing selecting a vendor

Building a Title Plant

Outsourcing: Selecting a Vendor
  • Obtain and contact multiple references
  • Ask specific questions: “How would you..?”
  • If they don’t know what sectional property is, you are probably talking to the wrong vendor
  • Do they understand title?
  • Do they have other capabilities such as to search or arb?
protecting your data

Building a Title Plant

Protecting your Data
  • Back up your plant and images
  • Use at least one off-site source of data storage
  • Be sure to back up plat edits, PIN lists, and any other tables or data
  • Hard copy data should be filmed or scanned directly into halFILE

Building a Title Plant

Success and Failure stories…

famous last words

Building a Title Plant

Famous Last Words
  • “I wish I had talked to someone who had done this before.”
  • “I didn’t know how hard this was going to be.”
  • “I didn’t budget enough time.”
  • “I didn’t understand how the title searching software worked with what I had keyed.”
  • “I wish I had understood this from the start.”

Building a Title Plant

Questions & Discussion