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Unit 5 Films

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Unit 5 Films. Reading I. 南京市板桥中学 裴伟旭. 1993 年,她与世长辞,享年 63 岁。 “天使回天国去了。” —— 伊丽莎白 · 泰勒. 1999 年 6 月 15 日 她获选 美国电影协会( AFI )“ 百年最伟大女明星 ”。 2002 年 5 月,联合国儿童基金会在其总部为一尊以她名字命名的青铜雕像揭幕,她是获此殊荣的 唯一 一人。 2004 年 获选 有“时装圣经”之称的著名时尚杂志 《VOGUE》 评选的“ 世界时尚名人 ”女性 第 1 名 。 ……. Audrey Hepburn.

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Unit 5 Films

Reading I

南京市板桥中学 裴伟旭

1993 63
  • 1999年6月15日 她获选 美国电影协会(AFI)“百年最伟大女明星”。
  • 2002年5月,联合国儿童基金会在其总部为一尊以她名字命名的青铜雕像揭幕,她是获此殊荣的唯一一人。
  • 2004年 获选 有“时装圣经”之称的著名时尚杂志《VOGUE》评选的“世界时尚名人”女性第1名。


When she died in 1993, the world mourned the loss of a great beauty, a great actress and a great humanitarian.

Match the words with their meanings.

  • to give one’s time,attention,etc to sb./sth.
  • b. to get or to win
  • c. someone that has great interest in charity
  • d. to present award to
  • e. famous
  • g. feel very sad because someone’s death

1. devote

2. honour

3. well-known

4. mourn

5. humanitarian

6. earn


Kitty has found an article on the star in a magazine.

Please turn to page 82, read the article quickly and take some notes about her.


Kitty’s favourite star

Audrey Hepburn

Name: _________________

Date of birth: _________________

Place of birth: _________________

Death date: _________________

Death cause: _________________

4th May 1929


20th January 1993



Kitty wants to make a homepage for Audrey Hepburn. She divides the homepage into several parts.

Early life

Acting career

Hepburn’s last days

General introduction



Kitty’s homepage

Para. 1

General introduction


Para. 2

Early life

Para. 3-6

Acting career

Para. 7


Para. 8

Hepburn’s last days

introduce audrey hepburn para 1
Introduce Audrey Hepburn(Para 1)

not onlyin the USA

  • Hepburn is one of the greatest actresses, she is famous __________________


but also in other parts of the world.

*not only…but also…“不仅……而且……”

  • What does the world think of Hepburn?

A great _______, a great _______,

a great ___________.




hepburn s early life before being a star para 2
Hepburn’searly life before being a star (Para 2)

Help Kitty check the notes. Write a ‘T’ if the sentence is true. Write an ‘F’ if it is false.

taking ballet lessons

( F )

1 She began acting in films at a very young age.

2 She loved singing and her dream was to become a singer.

3 She had put all her effort into ballet training before she entered the film industry.

4 She had been a writer before she became an actress.


( F )

ballet dancer

put one’s effort into “把精力投入到…….”

( T )


( F )


We should ______________________study.

put most of our effort into


Monte Carlo Baby


Hepburn’s films

Roman Holiday


Breakfast at Tiffany’s


My Fair Lady

Funny face


Met__________________________, in ______

famous French writer Colette


marked _________________________________

the beginning of her successful career

mark the beginning of… “标志着…的开始”

won an _____________________

Oscar for Best Actress

What did Hepburn do in Roman Holiday?

*be chosen to do “被选中去做某事”

play the lead role(of)“扮演主角”

won a _________________

Tony Award

Some of her ___________ films. She earned four more __________________________


Oscar nominations

four more = another four “另外四项”

Made her _______________ in ________

final appearance


*make one’s final appearance“最后一次露面”

By ___________________________, she reminded us that ______________________________

*by doing sg. “通过做某事” remind sb. that “提醒某人…”

showing us the beauty of nature

we should protect the environment


A great humanitarian(Para 7)

1 What else did Hepburn do besides acting?

2 Was she honoured with a number of awards because of her effort in charity?

devoted …to … , spent … working closely with UNICEF to help ...

to helping

*be honoured with“被授予….”

Yes. In 1992, …presented her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom …

*present sb. with sth. “颁发….给某人”


Audrey Hepburn’s last days(Para 8)

Hepburn died because of _______


What happened on 20th January 1991?

Hepburnpassedawaypeacefully in her sleepat the age of63.

*pass away“去世”

at the age of…..“在….的年纪”

Steve Jobs在他56岁时去世了。

Steve Jobs _________________________

passed away at the age of 56.


General introduction of Audrey Hepburn

Hepburn’s early life

Hepburn’s achievements in charity

Hepburn’s acting career

Hepburn’slast days

The structure of the text


Para. 1

Para. 2

Main body

Para.3- 6



Para. 8

put these sentences in the right order
Put these sentences in the right order

1. Hepburn won the Tony Awards

2. Hepburn played the lead role in the play Gigi.

3. Hepburn met Colette in France.

4. Hepburn earned an Oscar for Best Actress.

5. Hepburn put most of her effort into ballet training.

6. Hepburn earned four more Oscar nominations

7. The President of the United States presented her

with the Presidential Medal of Freedom

8. Hepburn’s only TV series—Gardens of the World

with Audrey Hepburn.

9. Always-Audrey Hepburn’s last appearance in films.

10. Hepburn died of cancer in 1993.

fill in the blanks with proper words
Fillin the blanks with proper words



Audrey Hepburn is one of the a________ favourite actresses. Before she entered the film industry, she put all her e_____ into ballet training. The famous writer, Colette insisted that Audrey was the perfect girl to play the l_____role in Gigi. It _______ the beginning of Audrey’s successful career. She won an O____ for Best Actress for her role in the film Roman Holiday. Later, she also won the Tony A_____ for the play Ondine. During her life, Audrey earned four more Oscar n__________.








Audrey’s achievement went b_______ the film industry. People remember her not just as a great actress, but also as a great

h______________. She d________ much of her time to charity. Her efforts in this area also earned a number of awards.

On 20th January 1993, Audrey p_______ away at the age of 63.





Task5 Retell the story of Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn’s lifetime

General introduction:

not only … but also…; a great…a great… a great…

Early life:

be born;at a very young age;put most of her effort into…

Acting career:

attract the writer’s attention; play the lead role;

mark the beginning of…; win an Oscar for Best Actress;

Tony Award; four more; make her final appearance


devote…to…; work closely with; be honoured with;

present sb. with…

Audrey Hepburn’s last days:

have cancer; pass away; at the age of…



1 Read the text until you can read it correctly and fluently.

2 Do some extra exercises.