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Review for Unit Test on Memoirs

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Review for Unit Test on Memoirs. What is the definition of a memoir?. A memoir is a mode of life narrative. What are the four corners of a life narrative?. Style Setting Coaxer Emplotment. What are the two components of style?. Diction-word choice Syntax-sentence structure.

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what is the definition of a memoir
What is the definition of a memoir?
  • A memoir is a mode of life narrative.
what are the two components of style
What are the two components of style?
  • Diction-word choice
  • Syntax-sentence structure
what is emplotment
What is emplotment?
  • The order in which the memoir is told
what are two types of emplotment
What are two types of emplotment?
  • Chronological
  • Achronological
the friend by sarah stewart
The Friend by Sarah Stewart
  • Style-rhyme, repetition, alliteration
  • Setting-1930’s, a mansion by the sea
  • Coaxer-to honor her friend Bea
  • Emplotment-chronological
the boys of summer by ann hood
The Boys of Summer by Ann Hood
  • Style-informal
  • Setting-1970, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Coaxer-the sight of a VW makes the author remember her brother and all his friends who drove VW Beetles
  • Emplotment-chronological
  • Summary: An adult remembers the summer she was thirteen, when her brother came home from college with new friends and a new appearance, when her ideas about the world changed
boy by roald dahl
Boy by Roald Dahl
  • Style-detailed, descriptive, humorous, slang, British expressions
  • Setting-Llandaff, England, 1923
  • Coaxer-to tell a story with a moral
  • Emplotment-chronological
  • Summary: Roald Dahl and his friends play a trick on the mean old woman who owns the candy store. They place a mouse in a jar of candy to retaliate for her filthiness and the way she treats them. Dahl thought that beastly should be punished.
black boy by richard wright
Black Boy by Richard Wright
  • Style-informal, descriptive, personification
  • Setting-Memphis, Tennessee, 1915-1920
  • Coaxer-to describe his childhood, his poverty, how he dealt with bullies
  • Emplotment-chronological
  • Summary: Richard is living in poverty with his mother and brother because his father has recently abandoned the family. His mother forces him to confront the bullies who have taken his money.
when i lay my burden down by maya angelou
“When I Lay My Burden Down” by Maya Angelou
  • Style-informal, descriptive, figurative language
  • Setting-Stamps, Arkansas, 1930’s
  • Coaxer-to pay tribute to her grandmother
  • Emplotment-chronological
  • Summary: Maya watches her grandmother, who owns a store in Stamps, Arkansas, deal with a group of young bullies.
haven t i made a difference by james herriot
“Haven’t I Made a Difference!” by James Herriot
  • Style-more formal, longer sentences, more advanced vocabulary, British expressions
  • Setting-Darrowby, England, 1950’s
  • Coaxer-to describe a unique character
  • Emplotment-chronological
  • Summary: James Herriot, a country veterinarian, tells the story of Mrs. Donovan, a kind, nosy, old woman who rescues an abused dog with her love and care.
cub pilot on the mississippi by mark twain
“Cub Pilot on the Mississippi” by Mark Twain
  • Style-long sentences, archaic words, advanced vocabulary
  • Setting-a steamboat on the Mississippi River, late 1850’s
  • Coaxer-to tell about his life learning to be a riverboat pilot
  • Emplotment-chronological
  • Summary: Mark Twain begins his dream job learning how to be a pilot on a Mississippi riverboat. His boss, Pilot Brown, is cruel and abusive. Twain finally stands up to him and beats him up. The captain laughs and warns him not to do it again on board the boat.