The amendments to the constitution
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The Amendments to the Constitution. Unit 4. Bill of Rights. 4-1. First 10 amendments to the Constitution Guarantees personal rights to life, liberty, and property Added to ensure that all states would ratify the Constitution

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Bill of rights
Bill of Rights


  • First 10 amendments to the Constitution

  • Guarantees personal rights to life, liberty, and property

  • Added to ensure that all states would ratify the Constitution

  • Most of the amendments relate to specific complaints against the British rule

First amendment
First Amendment

  • Freedom of:

    • Religion

      • Establishment Clause – the government cannot make us all one religion

      • The government cannot prohibit expressions of religion

    • Speech

      • When does a person’s freedom intrude on someone else’s rights?

First amendment1
First Amendment

  • Press

    • The Press acts as a watchdog over the government

    • Freedom of press can be limited to prevent lies and protect people’s safety

  • To assemble or protest peacefully

    • Means you have the right to criticize the government, as long as it does not interfere with others

  • Topetition the government

    • You can contact your government with complaints, concerns, or ideas

Second amendment
Second Amendment

  • Grants the right to own a gun for militia purposes

  • Gun ownership can serve as anothercheck and balance on the government

  • Are restrictions on gun ownership constitutional?

Third amendment
Third Amendment

  • The government may not house soldiers in private homes

Fourth amendment
Fourth Amendment

  • Searches and seizures must be reasonable

  • Requires warrants or just cause for searches

Fifth amendment
Fifth Amendment

  • Protects the rights of accused people

  • A Grand Jury must indict a person if there is enough evidence

  • A person may not be tried more than once for the same crime (double jeopardy)

  • People cannot be forced to testify against themselves (“I plead the fifth”)

Sixth amendment
Sixth Amendment

  • The right to a speedy and public trial

  • The right to know all of the accusations against you and the accusers

  • Legal counsel must be provided to defendants

Seventh amendment
Seventh Amendment

  • Says that jury trials are available for civil suits

    • Civil Cases are lawsuits that do NOTresult in criminal punishment

Eighth amendment
Eighth Amendment

  • No excessive fines

  • No cruel and unusual punishment

    • Directly relates to the debate over the death penalty as people disagree over what’s cruel and unusual.

Ninth amendment
Ninth Amendment

  • People’s rights are notlimited to thosementioned in the Constitution

Tenth amendment
Tenth Amendment

  • The state retains all powers not expressed or prohibited in the Constitution

The amendments to the constitution

Changes in Government Functions

#11 Amendment– Federal courts cannot rule in lawsuits against states

#12 Amendment– Changes to the electoral college process

#13 Amendment– Abolished slavery

#14 Amendment– Equal protection of the laws to all races

#15 Amendment– Black males given the right to vote

#16 Amendment– Income tax

Changes in government functions
Changes in Government Functions

#17 Amendment– Direct election of senators

#18 Amendment– Prohibition of alcohol

#19 Amendment– Women’s right to vote

#20 Amendment– Changes dates for inauguration and start of a new session of Congress

#21 Amendment– Repeal of prohibition of alcohol, Amendment # 18

Changes in government functions1
Changes in Government Functions

#22 Amendment– Limits president to two terms

#23 Amendment– Electoral votes for Washington, D.C.

#24 Amendment– Outlawed poll taxes –tax charged for voting

#25 Amendment– Presidential disability and line of succession

Changes in government functions2
Changes in Government Functions

#26 Amendment– 18 yr. old right to vote

#27 Amendment– Limits on Congressional pay raises