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Taxicab Commission Overview

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Taxicab Commission Overview. City Council Work Session June 19, 2012. Taxicab Commission Overview. Appointed by City Council in 1996 Five (5) Member Board Regulated under Chapter 21 “Vehicles for Hire” Code Section

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Taxicab Commission Overview

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taxicab commission overview

Taxicab CommissionOverview

City Council Work Session

June 19, 2012

taxicab commission overview1
Taxicab CommissionOverview
  • Appointed by City Council in 1996
  • Five (5) Member Board
  • Regulated under Chapter 21 “Vehicles for Hire” Code Section
  • Several amendments created over the years – 1999 – Board increased by 2 (creating 7 Members.
  • 2002 – Board increased by 2 (creating 9 Members.
board representation
Board Representation
  • 2 Taxicab Owners
  • 1 Taxicab Driver
  • 1 Airport Authority
  • 1 Police Department
  • 1 Hotel/Motel
  • 1 Chamber of Commerce
  • 2 At-Large Positions
taxicab commission term of office
Taxicab Commission Term of Office
  • The Term of Office for members shall be 4 years and members shall be eligible to serve 2 consecutive full terms.
  • After service of the initial terms, members may serve two additional full terms upon approval of City Council for each term of office.
taxicab commission purpose
Taxicab CommissionPurpose
  • Section 21-11 - The Commission Shall:
  • Ensure that drivers are properly educated as to serving the public and shall ensure that drivers are courteous to citizens, are familiar with the territory of Columbus, GA. shall ensure that taxicab company owners and drivers maintain cleanliness and safety of all taxicabs and shall ensure that ordinance provisions including regulations governing taxicab fees and charges are followed by all drivers and taxicab owners.
purpose continued
Purpose Continued
  • The Commission will hear appeals based upon written application due to a denial, revocation, nonrenewal or suspension of a permit by the chief of police. Within ten days of hearing the appeal, the commission shall issue written recommendation to the Columbus Council, with a copy to each of the parties, either supporting or objecting to the action of the chief of police.
appeal process
Appeal Process
  • The applicant may then file a written appeal of the chief of police’s decision with the clerk of council, within 20 days of the issuance of the commission’s decision.
  • If the commission takes no action within ten days from the date of the hearing, the applicant may then file a written appeal to Columbus Council with the clerk of council within 30 days from the date of the hearing.
taxicab ordinance
Taxicab Ordinance
  • Code of Ordinances – Section 21 includes:
  • 21-1: Declaration of Policy
  • 21-2: Definitions
  • 21-3: Taxicab Owner’s Business License
  • 21-3.1: Renewals
  • 21-3.2: Persons Prohibited
  • 21-3.3: Insurance
  • 21-3.4: Registration/Inspection of vehicles required
taxicab ordinance1
Taxicab Ordinance
  • 21-3.5: Grounds for revocation
  • 21-3.6: Revocation procedure
  • 21-4: Taxicab Driver Permit
  • 21-4.1: Taxicab Driver Permit Renewals
  • 21-5: Criminal Record of Driver Applicant
  • 21-6: Denials, revocations, non-renewals and suspensions
  • 21-7: Duties of Taxicab Drivers
  • 21-8: Inspection/Registration of Taxicabs
taxicab ordinance2
Taxicab Ordinance
  • 21-8.1: Identification of Taxicabs
  • 21-8.2: Taximeters and Exterior Dome Lights
  • 21-9: Maximum Rates of Fares
  • 21-10: Penalty for Violation of Chapter Provisions
  • 21-11: Columbus Taxicab Commission
maximum rate of fares
Maximum Rate of Fares
  • Maximum rate for one passenger of $2.00 for the 1st one-third mile or fraction thereof.
  • $0.60 for each additional one-third mile or fraction thereof.
  • Flat rate fare must be equal to or less than the shown metered fare upon arrival at passengers destination.
  • Waiting time no more than $0.30 per minute.
  • No more than $1.00 for each additional passenger.
columbus police department regulation of taxicabs
Columbus Police DepartmentRegulation of Taxicabs
  • Business License Application obtained from CPD
  • Registration/Inspection of Vehicles required through CPD in order to obtain annual permit
  • Safety Certification approved and recorded with CPD (cosmetic & meter inspection).
columbus police department regulation of taxicabs1
Columbus Police DepartmentRegulation of Taxicabs
  • Taxicab Driver Permit & Renewals
  • Criminal Record of Driver Applicant
  • Chief of Police has the power to suspend, deny, revoke or refuse to renew any driver’s permit as a result of violations of code after first informing the driver and the owner of taxicab of the reasons.
taxicabs in columbus
Taxicabs in Columbus
  • There are approximately 17 Taxicab Companies operating in our community.
  • Of these 17 companies, there are 160 taxicab cars operating on the streets of Columbus, GA each day.
  • Seven are home based in Phenix City, AL and Smiths Station, AL.
  • Ten are home based in Columbus, GA
next steps
Next Steps
  • Re-engage the Commission once all of the Council Appointments are approved.
  • Will have an organizational meeting of the Commission and outline the purpose as well as the taxicab ordinance.
  • Will begin having monthly meetings in July 2012 to begin dealing with issues that are of concern within the industry and community.
  • Will serve in an administrative capacity and report to Mayor/Council and City Manager.
  • Place pending ordinances on hold until new commission is appointed and have time to review and make recommendations.