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My online code. By Kabeer. What this is about. This project is about what I learned in the two years of digital literacy that I have had in grade seven and eight. This will talk about everything from cyberbullying,online stalking and even distracted driving. . How to be safe online.

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My online code

My online code

By Kabeer

What this is about
What this is about

This project is about what I learned in the two years of digital literacy that I have had in grade seven and eight. This will talk about everything from cyberbullying,online stalking and even distracted driving.

How to be safe online
How to be safe online

  • I learned that it is very important that you are safe online.

  • You should not talk to strangers online because they can be pedophiles and are not who they say they are.

  • Do not give anyone your password for your social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. because they could go on the site and say a bunch of stuff that could get you in trouble.

  • Make a difficult password that no one can guess.

  • Don’t post stuff that can get you in trouble with friends, family or strangers.

  • Don’t send stuff like nudes to people online because they can share them with the world.

Posting stuff online
Posting stuff online

  • I learned that anything you post online stays there forever even f you delete the post or the picture.

  • You should think about what you post before you post it because it can come back to haunt you in the future.

  • You should imagine your parents are going to read every post or see every picture a think if they would find it appropriate.

Chat rooms
Chat rooms

  • Chat rooms can be fun but can also be very dangerous.

  • Some rules you should follow while in a chat room are you should not talk to strangers.

  • If you do talk to strangers don’t tell them personal information like your name, age, gender, where you live, etc.

  • Something that is commonly asked in chat rooms is asl which stands for age sex(gender) location. If someone asks you this you should not respond and probably stop talking to them because they are older than they say they are.


  • Plagiarism is a very serious topic and is when you take something word for word that someone else wrote and use it as your own work.

  • If you do copy something word for word you are supposed to give credit to the person who actually wrote it or you can get in a lot of trouble.

  • Some of the consequences of plagiarizing is getting a zero on the essay, getting suspended or in university getting kicked out.

Cyber bullying
Cyber bullying

  • Cyber bullying is very serious and happens to a lot of people.

  • In most cases cyber bullying can be worse than in person bullying.

  • It can be worse because cyber bullying can be done by a lot more people.

  • It can also be done for the hole day and you cant run away from it.

  • If you are being cyber bullied the first thing you should do is check what you have been saying to the person in the messages and see if you have been saying something mean to them.

  • The second thing is ask them to stop and if they don’t involve an adult. It is very important that you keep the messages and print them out to make sure you have them but don’t look at them because it will make you feel worse.


  • A lot of people including me get free music from sites like YouTube converter and mp3skull.

  • Even though this is illegal I don’t think it is that serious and shouldn’t be treated seriously.

  • Even though we were taught that we shouldn’t use these sites because the artist deserves the money I will probably continue using these kinds of sites because it isn't that serious and the artists already have enough money.

My iphone
My iPhone

  • There is a lot of things you can do to make your phone a lot safer.

  • One major thing is to turn of geo tagging. This will make it so that all your pictures do not have the location with them.

  • You should always have a password on your phone so no one can get into it.

  • Do not allow the apps to have your location.

  • Some apps can be very dangerous like the apps that have secret camera or other stuff like that.


  • Sexting is very serious and can cause a lot of problems.

  • If you send nudes to a person they will not be the only person that see them.

  • Even if you think you are only sending the nudes to one person they can send them to anyone they want.

  • A popular app to send them on is ‘snap chat’

  • Sending one picture can ruin your whole life so you should not send them.

Video games
Video games

  • I learned that video games can be good and really bad for you.

  • I learned that you can actually get addicted to video games.

  • Some pros of playing video games are you can get faster reflexes, you get to talk to people you usually cant talk to.

  • Some cons are that you don’t talk to people in real life, you don’t go outside as much and can get extremely lazy, also you can get addicted and stop doing home work and fail school.

  • So it is not bad to play video games as long as you play in moderation.

The end
The end

  • So this is most of the stuff I learned in my two years of digital literacy.

  • Most of the things I learned will really help me in life like when I make a password I know to make it hard to guess, one of the most important things I learned is that everything you put online is permanent so you have to think about what you post or it can come back in the future and really affect you if you are trying to get into a school or get a job.