monetizing your passion self reliance n.
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Monetizing your passion (self-reliance) PowerPoint Presentation
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Monetizing your passion (self-reliance)

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Monetizing your passion (self-reliance) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monetizing your passion (self-reliance). Al Batinga Speak UP Speak OUT ! Preview. The Current Reality A Solution… What Stops Us? What Can You Do? What Needs to Happen (Steps) Getting Help? Action!. Speak UP Speak OUT!. The Current Reality.

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Monetizing your passion (self-reliance)

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monetizing your passion self reliance

Monetizing your passion(self-reliance)

Al Batinga

Speak UP Speak OUT!

  • The Current Reality
  • A Solution…
  • What Stops Us?
  • What Can You Do?
  • What Needs to Happen (Steps)
  • Getting Help?
  • Action!
  • Once an exotic solution
  • Now the law of the land…
most companies
Most Companies
  • Conserving Capital
  • Holding Off Hiring

This is no longer a temporary aberration

This is how it is for the foreseeable future

greatest need


robert nay
Robert Nay

Company: Nay Games

Age: 14


At age 14, Robert Nay's first game, Bubble Ball, was downloaded more than two million times within two weeks of its launch.

Not bad considering that the average mobile game receives a few hundred downloads. In January, the game knocked the monster hit ''Angry Birds'' out of the number 1 most downloaded free game spot in the Apple app store.

http www poop911 com

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Dog poop cleanup service is Poop 911's specialty. POOP 911 can poop scoop your yard and remove toxic and unpleasant dog poop. We offer a large selection of other services to help you enjoy your yard with your family and pets alike. Dog waste facts

kelela rose
Kelela Rose

Full-time Student

ideas small businesses
Ideas – Small Businesses
  • Hobbies
  • Profession
  • Accounting Help
  • eBay, Craig List,
  • Swap Meet
  • Buy and Sell – garaging
  • Cleaning Houses
  • Elder Care
  • Writing an eBook
  • Affiliate Pgms (Amazon, etc…)
  • Tutoring/teaching
    • Kids
    • Adults
  • Catering
  • Creating websites
  • Writing
  • Loading CDs on an iPod
  • Event Planner
  • Franchise/Licensee
  • Multi-Level
  • Assistant/virtual
road blocks
Road Blocks
  • Capital
  • Lack of market connections/client base
  • Courage
  • Time
  • Mindset
  • Resources
  • Plan
what do you need


What do you need?


An idea


step 1
Step 1
  • SWOT Analysis: Druthers
  • If you won the lottery…
  • What would you do for free?
  • What could you start part-time
  • What would be fun? Play…
  • What could you involve others in?
  • What will cost little or no money?
  • What do you and others say you’re excellent at?
  • What does the market need?
step 2 leverage
Step 2 - Leverage

Exploit other’s expertise and strengths

step 5 give it away
Step 5 – GIVE it away!!!

If you can’t give it away… you can’t sell it!!!

step 7 adjust
Step 7 - ADJUST




This room… – Small Business – podcasts





r eview
  • Current Landscape
  • A Daring Solution…
  • What Stops Us?
  • What Can You Do?
  • What Needs to Happen (Steps)
  • How We Can Help?

Take 1 baby step…today