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Strong as a bull moose

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Strong as a bull moose. America Becomes a World Power. Strong as a Bull Moose. Roosevelt chooses not to seek re-election after his second term Roosevelt convinces the Republican party to nominate William Howard Taft

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strong as a bull moose

Strong as a bull moose

America Becomes a World Power

strong as a bull moose1
Strong as a Bull Moose
  • Roosevelt chooses not to seek re-election after his second term
  • Roosevelt convinces the Republican party to nominate William Howard Taft
  • Why did Roosevelt have the option to seek election to a third term as president?
taft s achievements
Taft’s Achievements
  • Taft takes office in 1909
  • He has a difficult time dealing with Congress to get his agenda passed
  • Orders the breakup of Standard Oil
  • Demands restructuring of American Tobacco Company
  • Passes 16th Amendment (progressive income tax)
    • Reformers were not sure whether the average worker should pay or just the wealthy
taft s achievements con t
Taft’s Achievements (con’t.)
  • Department of Labor (1913)
  • Department of Commerce (1913)
  • Communications companies under government control (FCC)
  • Campaign donations had to be made publicly
  • At times, Taft was accused of trying to undue Roosevelts conservation plans
election of 1912
Election of 1912
  • Progressives did not feel that Taft supported reform
  • Roosevelt wants to run against Taft in 1912, but the Republican party nominates Taft
  • Roosevelt organizes a new political party, the Progressive Party (nicknamed Bull Moose because Roosevelt makes the statement: “I feel as strong as a bull moose!”)
election of 1912 con t
Election of 1912 (con’t.)
  • Democratic Party nominates Woodrow Wilson
  • Wilson’s reform plan is called “New Freedom”
    • Rid country of all forms of trust companies
    • Wanted small companies to be able to compete
  • Roosevelts plan is called “New Nationalism”
    • Federal government should regulate big business
    • Government should limit workday hours
    • Government should set a minimim wage
    • Children, women, and injured required special protection by law
    • Expanded conservation
    • Women’s suffrage
election of 1912 con t1
Election of 1912 (con’t.)
  • Taft and Roosevelt split the Progressive vote
  • Republican Widrow Wilson wins easily