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Reloop40innovation. Marketing & Business Operations Consultancy. A new approach to b usiness – consider the benefits. Marketing Consultancy. N ew and better business model.

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Marketing & Business Operations Consultancy

A new approach to business – consider the benefits


Marketing Consultancy

New and better business model

  • Our marketing consultancy offers a unique and powerful service to small and medium sized companies. We take on projects, assume interim operating roles, or provide on-going assistance as retained advisors. We have vertical industry knowledge across a broad list of technology and B2B industries. Our expertise is broad covering every marketing and sales discipline and addresses a range of needs in both traditional and new media.
  • If you need to:
  • Generate profitable demand
  • Accelerate business growth through a channel program
  • Link the customer experience
  • Build loyalty among your most valued customers
  • Develop effective business communications

“With Reloop40innovation you get a more comprehensive and practical business solutions - delivered at a dramatically lower cost”


Demand Generation


  • Driving leads for sales is a top priority for any B2B company. By not having a demand-generation program in place to captures this audience, you’re missing out on sales and possibly even teeing up prospects for your competitors.
  • Many businesses get stuck halfway through the process of graduating from email marketing to demand generation because they don’t understand the big picture, lose focus, and ultimately fall back on a less effective marketing strategy.
  • Our program is simple and we help you to:
  • Take inventory of what you have got
  • Map sales and other processes
  • Fill in the gaps
  • Agree how to qualify leads
  • Automate your lead nuturing
  • Measure your success

“80% to 95% of prospects who first engage are not yet ready to buy, but that more than 40% will be ready within a year. A full 80% to 90% will buy by about the two-year mark.“


Channel Management

Accelerate business growth

The channel is the lifeblood of any business seeking to achieve and sustain growth domestically and internationally. Commanding the attention and loyalty of key channel partners is only getting harder as global forces and increased competition compete for mind share with the channel. Also, as marketing tools become more complex and digitally-oriented, the gap between the marketing capabilities of small-to mid-size channel partners and the desires of the business is widening.

While channel strategy priorities will differ from company to company, we deliver an approach that will ensure that you attract and retain good channel partners of all sizes with go to market activities that are supported and armed for success.

“The competition for channel marketers to attract and retain the attention of key channel partners is getting harder.”


Digital Marketing

Linking the customer experience

Typically companies’ focus strong on early identification of market needs and translating this understanding into programs that help promote their products and services, especially to their target markets.

However they have not typically concerned themselves with the structured understanding, capturing and proactive responding to the decision making processof the individual.

But today’s customer reality, particularly with the take up of social media, is forcing a change in that approach.

“To succeed today, companies must learn to use information and technology to respond immediately, not only to changing circumstances but also to customer demands.“


Brand Management

Building loyalty among your most valued customers

A customer also creates long-term value, because the experience itself makes him more or less likely to do business with the brand in the future.

If customers don’t perceive that they are driving value from the company’s products commensurate with what they’re paying, or if they’re not consistently satisfied with their interactions with a company and its staff and channels, they’ll look to its competitors for a better value proposition.

“Just because the brand is successfully established, it is a mistake to take it for granted. It has to be constantly renewed, nurtured, and nourished.”


Image Development

Effective business communications

  • We provide development assistance for companies interested in improving their public image, trying to stand out from the competition and looking for a positive impression to increase their opportunity for success.
  • Our programs address communication and image development, and how to succeed in difficult situations. We customize each program for your company to provide you with the tools needed to build confidence and set you apart from your competitors.
  • Communicating difficult messages
  • Effective business communications & media relations
  • Improve company awareness
  • Effective business writing

“Successful image requires a consistent corporate concept. It must secure trust and loyalty both from employees and customers.”


Business Operations

Is the cost of doing business

costing you new business?

  • Now, more than ever, smart, frugal business owners are trimming operating expenses and eliminating unnecessary overhead. Our business operations service is here to help replace traditional office solutions with money-saving alternatives. All our shared office solutions are available a la carte, so you pay only for what services you use. We create the ideal opportunity to upgrade your commercial operations while reducing your business overhead.
  • Our business operations includes:
  • Accounting and invoicing service
  • Document preparation and filing service
  • Reporting and statistics service
  • Translation service
  • Postal and electronic mailing service

“Our business operations service will help you to operate professionally within a limited budget.”



Helping clients to be more successful by delivering comprehensive and practical business solutions at a dramatically lower cost.

Paul Frederick Andrews

Marketing Consultancy

Tel: +49 (0)151 5249 0632

Birgit Kathrin Andrews

Business Operations

Tel: +49 (0)151 4230 8893




Römerstr. 3, 69115 Heidelberg, Germany

Office address:

Römerstrasse3, 69115 Heidelberg, Germany