nbc2 builds the biomanufacturing infrastructure for the bioeconomy l.
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NBC2 Builds the Biomanufacturing Infrastructure for the Bioeconomy PowerPoint Presentation
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NBC2 Builds the Biomanufacturing Infrastructure for the Bioeconomy

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NBC2 Builds the Biomanufacturing Infrastructure for the Bioeconomy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NBC2 Builds the Biomanufacturing Infrastructure for the Bioeconomy. Sonia Wallman Executive Director NBC2. What is Biomanufacturing ?. “Biomanufacturing… It is about 21 st century advanced technology manufacturing inside living cells” -NSF Proposal 0903208. NBC2 Hub Partners.

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nbc2 builds the biomanufacturing infrastructure for the bioeconomy

NBC2 Builds the Biomanufacturing Infrastructure for the Bioeconomy

Sonia WallmanExecutive DirectorNBC2

what is biomanufacturing
What is Biomanufacturing?

“Biomanufacturing… It is about 21st century advanced technology manufacturing inside living cells”

-NSF Proposal 0903208

nbc2 hub partners
NBC2 Hub Partners
  • Minuteman Regional High School, Lexington, MA
  • Finger Lakes Community College, Canandaigua, NY
  • Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, MD
  • Baltimore County Community College, Catonsville, MD
  • Alamance Community College, Graham, GA
  • Ivy Tech Community College, Bloomington, IN
  • Mira Costa College, Oceanside, CA
community college biomanufacturer partner mount wachusett community college bms
Community College - Biomanufacturer Partner:Mount Wachusett Community College - BMS


  • Sought NBC2 help from the time there was talk that a biopharmaceutical biomanufacturer was thinking of locating at Devens, MA (old military base).
  • Campus engineer and architect of the proposed biotechnology/biomanufacturing laboratories to GBCC to view set-up for biotech research, development and biomanufacturing.
  • Richard Elmer, Manager of Learning and Development at BMS , to GBCC to see biotech/biomanufacturing facility and discuss NBC2 biomanufacturing hands-on curriculum.
  • Mount Wachusett adopted GBCC biotech/biomanufacturing facility set-up and equipment.
  • Once lab built, adopted NBC2 hands-on biomanufacturing curriculum for first biomanufacturing class in Spring 2009.
  • Mount Wachusett is customizing the NBC2 hands-on laboratory curriculum for second biomanufacturing class this Spring 2010.
  • NBC2 will publish the Mount Wachusett version of the NBC2 hands-on laboratory curriculum at www.lulu.com
  • Mount Wachusett is helping NBC2 evaluate the online Virtual Chromatography Laboratory curriculum to support the actual hands-on NBC2 Chromatography SOPs.
importance of industry partners
Importance of Industry Partners
  • Advisory Board member
  • Provides understanding of local/global industry
  • Lectures in class and trouble shoots in lab
  • Provides tours, apprenticeships or internships
  • Donates plastic ware (including filters, test tubes) and expired media, buffers, and reagents
  • Provides help with curriculum development
  • Participates in career fairs
  • Provides finder fee for employing successful student graduate
  • Biomanufacturing Laboratory Manual
  • Introduction to Biomanufacturing textbook
  • Biofuels Production and Analysis textbook
  • Biofuels Laboratory Manual
  • Virtual laboratory and industrial scale biomanufacturing modules
  • Adult certificate course in biomanufacturing
  • Protein is Cash laboratory manual
biomanufacturing laboratory manual
Biomanufacturing Laboratory Manual
  • Generic
  • Custom
  • CHO – tPA
  • Pichia pastoris - HSA
  • Protein is Cash
gbc generic laboratory manual
GBCGeneric Laboratory Manual

Metrology: SOPs for Equipment

Validation Protocols

EH&S Program

Quality Assurance: cGMP, SOPs, Batch Records, Equipment Logs

Quality Control Microbiology SOPs

Upstream Processing SOPs:

E. coli recombinant for GFP, CHO recombinant for tPA Cell Culture,

Pichia pastoris recombinant for HSA Cell Culture

Downstream Processing SOPs: Purification of human tPA from CHO Cell Culture

Purification of human serum albumin from Pichia pastoris Cell Culture

Quality Control Biochemistry SOPs: SDS-PAGE, tPA and HSA ELISAs

nbc 2 biomanufacturing laboratory manual adopters
NBC2BiomanufacturingLaboratory Manual Adopters
  • Mount Wachusett Community College (BMS is biomanufacturer partner)
  • Minuteman Regional High School Adult Evening Program (Shire is biomanufacturer partner)
  • Hudson Valley Community College (Regeneron is biomanufacturer partner)
  • Great Bay Community College (Lonza and Stryker are biomanufacturer partners)
  • Montgomery County Community College (Centocor)
  • Hagerstown Community College (MedImmune)
introduction to biomanufacturing
Introduction to Biomanufacturing
  • Authored by Industry Experts
  • 11 chapters
  • Piloted in Spring 2011
  • Industry interest
  • Scheduled for release, fall 2011
introduction to biomanufacturing11
Introduction to Biomanufacturing


  • Operational Excellence

Marti Mathews, Biogen Idec

  • Facilities

Brian Shingle, Centocor

  • Metrology

Gene Kernan, HGSI

  • Validation

Patrick Sheehy, HGSI

  • EH&S

John Piampiano, Kodak


  • Upstream Processing

Olga Mollin, Lonza

Jane Flanagan, Lonza

  • Downstream Processing

Paul O’Neil, Pall Euroflow

  • Process Development

Ezster Birck Wilson

  • Quality
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cynthia Sarnoski
  • Frank Hallinan, Pfizer
  • Ron Hudcosky, Merck
  • Microbial Control
  • John Hasyn, MCCC
  • QC Biochemistry
  • Mary Harne, HGSI
  • Zhenhong Lee, HGSI
biofuels production and analysis
Biofuels Production and Analysis
  • Introduction
  • Energy
  • Fuels
  • Gases
  • Molecules & Biomass
  • Enzymes
  • Photosynthesis and Algae
  • Biofuels
biofuels laboratory manual
Biofuels Laboratory Manual
  • Introduction to Biofuels Production
  • Using Cellulosic Enzymes to Produce Bioethanol
  • Using Bacteria to Produce Biohydrogen
  • Using Algae to Produce Biodiesel
protein is cash laboratory manual
Protein is Cash Laboratory Manual
  • Metrology
  • Transformation
  • Upstream processing
  • Downstream processing
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Introduction to Cellulosic Biofuels

Can be found at: www.biomanonline.org

biomanufacturing certificate course
Biomanufacturing Certificate Course
  • 12 week course
  • Meeting 5 days a week
  • With a 6 hour lecture and lab each day
  • Mix of Protein is Cash and selected laboratory-scale SOPs from the generic laboratory manual
  • Virtual laboratory and industrial scale biomanufacturing modules - blended learning
  • Online lecture series is next step
promoting biomanufacturing careers biomanufacturing apprenticeships
Promoting Biomanufacturing Careers: Biomanufacturing Apprenticeships

Joe was an apprentice at Lonza in the first year of his Biotechnology Associate’s degree from GBCC in 2008. With 12 credits transferred in from college classes taken in high school (Running Start), he graduated early and worked at Lonza prior to attending UMBC this Fall 2009.



Virtual Chromatography – The Power of Interactive Visualization in Understanding a STEM Field of Study

  • Understanding the physics, chemistry and biology of the chromatographic system and the binding of the protein of interest to the chromatographic matrix or beads (Science)
  • Understanding the design and operation of chromatography components and of the chromatographic process (Technology and Engineering).
  • Understanding the calculations needed to run the chromatographic system (column volume) and the measurements on chromatograms needed to calculate the HETP, number of theoretical plates, retention time, and resolution (Mathematics).
actual biologic system
Actual BioLogic System
  • Complex System
  • Not easy to ‘see’ interaction of components
  • Students use virtual system to prepare to use actual system
  • Use virtual system for BIOMANonline
  • System same as industrial chromatography skid
chromatography skid components engineering and advanced technology
Chromatography Skid – ComponentsEngineering and Advanced Technology

A screenshot of the Virtual Liquid Chromatography Laboratory.

3D images of major system components are delivered as you click on them.

chromatography skid controller engineering and advanced technology
Chromatography Skid – ControllerEngineering and Advanced Technology

The Virtual Liquid Chromatography Laboratory showing the interactive controller which

enables students to operate the system and set process parameters.

chromatography skid chromatogram with mathematics
Chromatography Skid – Chromatogram with Mathematics

The Virtual Chromatography Laboratory teaches students how to make calculations on chromatograms such as the efficiency of column packing (HETP).

chromatography skid chromatography science and technology
Chromatography Skid – Chromatography Science and Technology

The Virtual Chromatography Laboratory showing the operation of the chromatography system during the ‘load’ phase, the chromatogram showing the flow through of proteins that do not attach to the chromatographic matrix, and a nanoscale view inside the column of the affinity bead with the protein of interest in the filtrate (green) attached and proteins not specific for the bead flowing through the column.

chromatography skid chromatography science and technology26
Chromatography Skid –Chromatography Science and Technology

The Virtual Chromatography Laboratory showing the operation of the chromatography system during the ‘elution’ phase, the chromatogram showing the beginning of the peak of the protein of interest, and a nanoscale view inside the column of the affinity bead showing the protein of interest detaching from the bead as the elution buffer (red) moves through the column.

downstream processing equipment similarities
Downstream Processing Equipment Similarities

Lab Scale

Chromatography System

Large Scale

Chromatography System

access to virtual modules
Access to Virtual Modules


professional development for faculty teachers and students
Professional Development for Faculty, Teachers and Students
  • BIOMAN Annual Conference in July – July 2012 at Alamance CC in Graham, North Carolina
  • Community College Program at BIO International Annual Meeting – June 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Protein is Cash Teachers Workshops – now scheduling for Spring and Summer 2012

Photo Bubble Bioreactor


  • BIOMAN is the NBC2’s annual Biomanufacturing Conference. About 45 faculty, teachers, and technician from the US and Puerto Rico (and about 25 industry presenters) attended BIOMAN 2006 and 2007 in Portsmouth, NH; BIOMAN 2008 in Blue Bell, PA; BIOMAN 2009 in Rochester, NY; 2010 in Bloomington, IL; and 2011 in San Diego.
  • BIOMAN features keynote lectures, panels, hands-on workshops, a vendor show and a tour of a biomanufacturing facility.
bioman 2012 in san diego
BIOMAN 2012 in San Diego

Biohydrogen from Bacteria

Making tPA in CHO Cells

protein is cash
Protein is Cash

Five Days/Five Topics

  • Metrology
  • Transformation and Upstream Processing
  • Downstream Processing (Chromatography)
  • Quality Control Biochemistry
  • Cellulosic Biofuels Laboratory

Online support at www.biomanonline.org

protein is cash41
Protein is Cash
  • Raise awareness about biomanufacturing by presentation of Protein is Cash biomanufacturing workshops throughout the alliances
  • Increase and solidify relationships among community colleges and high school teachers
  • Provide biomanufacturing career path information via education and industry presentations and tour
  • Provide theory and hands-on curriculum for use by teachers and an online support site at www.biomanonline.org
protein is cash 2010
Protein is Cash 2010

Total number = 103 teachers

protein is cash 201043
Protein is Cash 2010


Career and Technical HS

QC Biochemistry – SDS PAGE

protein is cash 2011
Protein is Cash 2011

Total number = 71 teachers

protein is cash 201145
Protein is Cash 2011

GFP Column Chromatorgraphy

at Blue Grass CTC

Alltech Tour: The Future Farm

Nutritional Genomics

website for dissemination
Website for Dissemination


helping you
Helping You
  • Visit the website
  • Get in touch: swallman@biomanufacturing.org
  • Get in touch with a hub director in your region (see folders for hubs)
  • Attend BIOMAN, CCP at BIO or Bio-Link
  • Sign up for a Protein is Cash Teachers Workshop