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Clinical Pharmacy in the Belgian Hospitals National Pilot Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Clinical Pharmacy in the Belgian Hospitals National Pilot Project

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Clinical Pharmacy in the Belgian Hospitals National Pilot Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clinical Pharmacy in the Belgian Hospitals National Pilot Project. Raoul Degives - Hugo Robays - Ludo Willems

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Clinical Pharmacy in the Belgian Hospitals

National Pilot Project

Raoul Degives - Hugo Robays - Ludo Willems

Network Medical Pharmaceutical Committees | FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and EnvironmentEurostation II - 1D269 | Place Victor Horta 40 box 10 | B-1060 Brussels | |

Development, Implementation and Evaluation of the Activity of Clinical Pharmacy through the Results of 54 Pilot Projects

Objectives of the Project

Introduction : Pharmaceutical care has been recognised by the Belgian legislator as a core task of the pharmacist since 1 Mai 2006 1Since 2007, a budget to this effect is made available by the federal authorities for the organisation of clinical pharmacy in Belgian hospitals.

Definition : Clinical pharmacy is the commitment of the pharmacist and of the clinical pharmacist to optimise the therapy plan of the patient, in collaboration with other care providers.2

Aim : The pilot project has to demonstrate the impact of clinical pharmacy services on patient care and hospital finances in a group of selected hospitals.

  • Method

Developing, implementing and assessing clinical pharmacy is a process of change, the effects of which being identified through:

    • activity reports, periodical registrations and targeted indicators
    • the exchange of experience and presentation of model projects
    • swot analysis and important conclusions
    • tools provided by the collected case reports and the summarised indicators into five areas: clinical, service, team, process and financial indicators

Processing the Data of the Activity Reports


the risk of treatment induced adverse events

by monitoring the therapy courseand the patients compliance therapy


the clinical effect of medicinesusing the most effective treatmentfor each type of patient


the expenditure for pharmacological treatments

trying to provide the best treatment alternativefor the greatest number of patients

  • Results
  • The pilot projects start a process of change within the hospital organisation with a consciousvision development around a secure, qualitative and cost-controlled pharmaceutical care.
  • The core competencies of the new hospital pharmacist have been named and a few activities of clinical pharmacy have already embedded in the present working process: drug anamneses, release letter...
  • Data on hospital based clinical services that clinical pharmacists provide strongly suggest an increasingly positive effect on health are outcomes


The intervention of the clinical pharmacist shows that clinical pharmacy has become an essential link in every policy aiming at the continuity of health care.


[1] Law of 1 May 2006 modifying the Royal Decree No. 78 of 10 November 1967 relating to the practice of health care professions, published in Belgium's Official Journal on 13 July 2006.

[2] B. CLAUS, A-S FRANKI en H. ROBAYS (eds.), Uw pil onze farmaceutische zorg, 10 jaar klinische farmacie Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent, Gent, Academia Press, 2010, 13.

12 January 2012

graphics : martine dhoore