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benefits of the connected services sandbox and mashups
Benefits of the Connected Services Sandbox and Mashups

At Tech Mahindra, we have found the Sandbox to be an excellent way to showcase our Mashup ideas at trade shows and to individual clients. Not only does the Sandbox enable us to create the Mashups faster (and at a feasible cost), we can use this same, versatile tool to find new potential partners. 

The Sandbox has also helped us to be more “customer friendly” by providing a wide spectrum of innovative services and by delivering high-demand services for end users.

The Sandbox has helped us reach new markets, develop new revenue opportunities, and more quickly bring new, client-centered ideas to fruition. If you join the Sandbox, be sure to visit us there.

tech mahindra idea factory
Tech Mahindra Idea Factory

Idea Factory, a Source of Ideas for the Sandbox.Idea Factory was instituted at Tech Mahindra to generate Go-To-Market ideas by empanelling experts from its various 'Centres Of Excellence' for NGN, SDP, Mobility, OSS/BSS, UID, and Microsoft technologies.

This showroom demonstrates the prototype implementation of ideas built using Microsoft technologies such as Connected Services Framework, CCF and OCS as well as MS CRM, BizTalk Server, and SQL Server OLAP.

  • Charter
  • Encourage innovation within organization
  • Track industry & technology trends
  • Generate solutions and ideas
  • Enable field
  • Demo in international conferences
  • Utilize Partnership/tools based on Microsoft, Ubiquity, BT SDK
  • Now Showing
  • I need Directions
  • Automatic Call Back
  • Emergency management using CCF and BT SDK
  • Catch the Match
  • SMS Meeting
readiness toolkit
Readiness Toolkit

Tech Mahindra has created a “Readiness Toolkit”, which uniquely offers service providers the ability to take their solution from a feasibility environment (Sandbox) to a production environment.

It provides customers with a set of tools which help them to deploy the services from the Sandbox efficiently, with shorter time-to-market.

The Readiness Toolkit:

  • Provides high level strategy and low level implementation details
  • Allows customers to access the environment
  • Assists in tool development and migration
  • Analyzes what is missing (Gap Analysis)
automatic call back acb
Automatic Call Back (ACB)


  • Sam is trying to call Joe.


  • Joe is busy and Sam does not have insight into Joe’s availability.
  • Joe will have to keep track of his missed calls and then schedule a call back with Sam.
  • One is losing money and the other is losing time!!!!
  • Solution
  • As Joe is busy, Sam receives the IVR, “Joe is busy. Availability will be received shortly.”
  • Microsoft Exchange Server adapter invoked through Microsoft Connected Services Framework checks the availability of Joe and also gets the confirmation from Sam for setting up the meeting.
  • Service logic invoked through Connected Services Framework sends the meeting confirmation to Joe via IVR/SMS/e-mail.
  • A call is automatically created at the agreed time!!!
buddy finder
Buddy Finder


  • Joe is traveling and wishes to meet his buddies. He wants to know if any of them are nearby.


  • Joe may have many friends he wants to meet.
  • Joe will have to call all of them to check if they are nearby. Calling all his friends will be costly and time-consuming.
  • If none of Joe’s friends are nearby, all the effort and money will be wasted.
  • Some of his friends may not be reachable by phone. In such cases, Joe may lose an opportunity to meet with these friends - even if they are in the same area as Joe.


  • Joe will predefine his buddy list and configure details such as contact number,address, and perimeter to mark the boundary.
  • The Buddy Finder service will notify Joe if any of his buddies moves into his perimeter based on his predefined presence information.
  • Joe can view all his buddies within the perimeter.
  • Joe can choose to send a message to a buddy. The Buddy Finder service will send the message based on the presence information of the buddy.
  • Joe can select a buddy within the perimeter and request a call. The Buddy Finder service will arrange an automatic call between Joe and the selected buddy.

Microsoft’s Connected Services Sandbox helps:

  • Generate new sources of revenue and helps to attract & retain subscribers
  • Allow service providers to deploy the ‘VAS’ in a short time
  • Allow building of proofs of concept
  • Combine services with voice, data, and video services

Contactcsmashup@microsoft.comfor more details

  • Extensive experience in telecom
  • MS skills in premium technologies
  • Proven Microsoft Partner; good long-term relationship with Microsoft
  • Access to MS SMEs, trainings, and other support
  • Unique Services Integration and End to EndOwnership (BPM, SI, BPO, Managed services)
  • Leverage TechM Quality Models - CMMi, PCMM, Six Sigma, ISO, BS7799 etc


Flexible Engagement and delivery models


IT & Telco



SLA Based Service delivery



Risk sharing with increased ownership




Innovative Commercial Models