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Virtualization and Uptime Assurance PowerPoint Presentation
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Virtualization and Uptime Assurance

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Virtualization and Uptime Assurance
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Virtualization and Uptime Assurance

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  1. Virtualization and Uptime Assurance Director Product Management & Alliances Dave LeClair April 23, 2012

  2. Stratus Confidential Is Uptime a Major Challenge for Businesses? You bet it is! Last 12 months Down for Days Down for Hours Down 2011 Holiday Shopping Season: 6-13 hours* *

  3. Stratus Confidential Consequences of Downtime Damage to Reputation • 50% of organizations said IT outages can damage company reputations. • 18% said it could be “very damaging” Lost Data • 87% of business indicated that failure to recover data would be damaging to the business • 23% said this would be “disastrous”. $150,000/hour and rising Aberdeen Coleman Parks Research, Ltd. for CA:Survey of 2,000 CIO/IT Directors/IT managers across North America and Europe

  4. Stratus Confidential Real World Availability Concerns

  5. The Bottom Line on Nines 99.99983% *Assumption: 1 hour of downtime cost the average company $100,000. Analysts’ averages: Forrester Research, $150,000; Aberdeen Group, $90,000. The difference between 99.9% availability and 99.999% is huge!

  6. Stratus Confidential Hardware Failure Remains a Leading Cause of Downtime “The largest contributing factor to instances of data loss is IT systems failure. This accounted for 74% of data/application loss incidents across APAC over the last year.” Source: CA report entitled, “Insights: Data Protection and the Cloud – Asia Pacific” July 2011 “The most reported cause of systems downtime during the last year is the same as the primary cause of data loss – hardware failure –as reported by more than half (54%) of organisations”. Source: EMC report entitled, “European Disaster Recovery Survey 2011: Data today gone tomorrow , how well companies are poised for IT recovery”. November 23, 2011 Source: Continuity Software report entitled “2011 Downtime and Data Loss Vulnerability Index Benchmark” . Third parties confirm what we’ve known for years!

  7. Today, Uptime Is… More important than ever: More difficult to achieve: Increased IT complexity Virtualization and cloud computing Overburdened IT staff causing more human errors Constant software updates and hardware incompatibilities * Source: 2010 High Availability & Virtualization Survey

  8. Stratus Confidential Point to Contemplate • Do you know your cost of downtime? • Have you accounted for all costs?

  9. Stratus Confidential A Virtualized World but…Tier 1 apps lag GP apps Source: Jeffries report dated 10/5/11, referencing Gartner report (3/4/11: Virtual Machines Will Slow in the Enterprise, Grow in the Cloud)

  10. Stratus Confidential Increasing VM Density Will Require Higher Levels of Availability Source: Enterprise Strategy Group May 2011 report entitled “Simplify Your Network with Broadcom Converged IO Solutions”

  11. Stratus Confidential Virtualized Environment Virtualization Management and Services APP APP APP APP APP APP APP APP APP APP Virtual Machines OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS Virtualization Layer X86 server X86 servers Stratus Fault-Tolerance VMware ESX Server Physical Servers SAN Service Level Non-Critical >99% High Availability >99.9% Fault Tolerant 99.999% Virtualization Pyramid: Tiering Apps in a Mixed Datacenter

  12. Stratus Confidential Things to consider • Virtualization makes hardware more important, not less • Virtualization creates business critical collections of VMs • Determine level of availability your applications need. Not all apps are equal • Management single points of failure • Consider the level of expertise needed to setup and maintain you HA plan. • Look for solutions to prevent downtime, not just recover from failure

  13. Patented, time-tested technologies for over 30 years Proactive monitoring of hundreds of events Preventative analytics Highest customer retention Uptime-centric culture Minimizes average server downtime to 1 minute/year Stratus Technologies • Delivers the highest uptime assurance in the industry using resilient technologies combined with proactive availability management and monitoring services Stratus Stratus Technologies: Uptime = Peace of Mind

  14. You Rely On Stratus Every Day … • Make a credit purchase • Manage investments • Call 911 for help • Do your banking • Enjoy a drink of water • Trust your medication

  15. Stratus Confidential Uptime Assurance: Our Core Differentiator Best Practices Professional and Managed Services 99.99999% Proactive Monitoring/ Management Average Downtime last year 62 secs. Resilient Technologies