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Introduction to Flash. Jeremy Johnson & Frank Witmer Computing and Research Services 8 Jul 2014. Outline. Flash specifications What’s New/Changed How to log on File movement and policies Server etiquette Multi-threaded analysis in Stata & R. Flash Specifications. Processor:

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Introduction to flash

Introduction to Flash

Jeremy Johnson & Frank Witmer

Computing and Research Services

8 Jul 2014


  • Flash specifications

  • What’s New/Changed

  • How to log on

  • File movement and policies

  • Server etiquette

  • Multi-threaded analysis in Stata & R

Flash specifications
Flash Specifications

  • Processor:

    • Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2667 v2 (25M Cache, 3.30 GHz)

      • Max Turbo Frequency 4GHz

      • 1 Physical CPU – 8 Cores – 16 Threads

  • Memory:

    • 96GB RAM

      • 4 x 16GB 1866MHz DDR3 ECCRAM

  • Disks

    • 1.8TB RAID10 Storage

      • 4 x 900GB 2.5” 10K RPM SAS Drive

  • Video Card

    • NVIDIA Quadro K2000

      • CUDA Parallel-Processing Cores 384

      • Frame Buffer Memory 2 GB GDDR5

What s new changed
What’s New/Changed

  • Usernames and passwords

    • Flash will use identikeys

    • External research colleagues now only need one username/password for both VPN and Flash

      • Contact Jeremy and Steve to set up a new Person of Interest (POI)

  • User profile size limits

    • Minimize use of My Documents, Desktop, etc.

      • 2GB HARD limit

    • Work from F:\ instead

      • 10GB initiallimit

      • If you need more space contact Jeremy

        • Flash is not a file/backup server, so please try and keep storage space down to what is needed and remove what you no longer are using as a courtesy to others

  • No more mapped drives

    • Wilbur had a few mapped drives, this is no longer possible

    • Use the departmental “P” and personal “U” drives

      • If you don’t already have access to these, contact Jeremy

What s new changed1
What’s New/Changed

  • Many new options for connecting

    • New Remote Desktop App

      • iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android (tablets, phones), Win 8, Mac 10.7+

    • RemoteApp

      • Allows you to open Flash applications directly as if installed on your local device

        • Network bandwidth minimized since you’re not bringing over full desktop session

    • Website

      • IE works best and opens apps directly

      • Other browsers work, but will download a .RDP file you have to run for every app you open

  • Mac users need to move to new Remote Desktop App if using 10.7 or above

    • Download from App Store

What s new changed2
What’s New/Changed

  • Auto logoff after 14 days on Remote Desktop

    • Timer resets when you log in

  • Auto logoff after 5 days on RemoteApp

    • Timer resets when you open a RemoteApp

  • Auto delete User profile of inactive accounts after 90 Days (Back your stuff up!)

    • Includes F:\Private\username

    • Does not include F:\Shared

    • Does not deny access to Flash, only removes your files

      • Next time you log in, new (empty) folders will be recreated automatically


  • Remote Desktop


  • RemoteApp


  • Website


  • CU IdentiKey

    • contact to activate yours for Flash

File system
File System

  • As with Wilbur, the file system is not backed up

  • No files will be migrated from Wilbur, so you will need to copy any that you need manually

    • If you need to transfer more than 10GB contact Jeremy

  • C:\Users\”identikey”\Documents

    • user read/write permission, but not meant for use

    • space limited

  • F:\Private\”identikey”

    • user read/write permission

  • F:\Shared

    • user read/write permission, user can add permissions for others

  • F:\Shared\Public

    • read/write permission for all

    • anyone can delete, so best to use for short-term sharing of files with other users

Transferring files to from flash
Transferring Files To/From Flash

  • Copy & paste files

    • Windows clipboard is shared

  • Your local computer shows up in the Windows Explorer

    • Must be set up to do so through the Remote Desktop application

  • P: and U: drives

    • Automatically mounted, if you don’t see contact Jeremy


  • You may install Stata and R packages to a personal folder

    • R will ask to use a personal library automatically

    • Stata requires a few extra steps:

    • System wide installs should not be needed

      • (These had to be done by Jeremy and required all users to finish and quit the application)

  • You are not able to install new software

  • Installation requests may be made to

    • New software requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis

Server etiquette
Server Etiquette

  • Close all unnecessary applications

    • especially Stata, since IBS is limited to 10 concurrent users

  • Log off when not using the server

    • Click the Start Button then logoff

    • just closing the Remote Desktop window leaves you logged in

  • Monitor your (& other’s) usage using the Task Manager

    • right-click the toolbar at the bottom and select Task Manager then “more details” on the bottomleft

Multi threaded analysis in stata
Multi-Threaded Analysis in Stata

  • Stata defaults to using all 16 processors

    • if 8 processors are enough, just request 8 (there are often diminishing returns to using more processors)

    • `set processors 8`

  • Check the list of multi-threaded commands supported by Stata


  • For advanced users, can use the ‘parallel’ module

  • Can also use batch mode for do-files

    • for a file names, type

    • stata –b do bigjob


  • Please automatically ‘exit’ do-files to close Stata

    • See F:\Shared\FlashIntro\

Multi threaded analysis in r
Multi-Threaded Analysis in R

  • No ‘easy’ multi-threaded commands

  • Use libraries that support parallel processing

    • e.g. parallel, snow/snowfall, multicore

  • See example in


  • Additional info on parallel computing packages