usaf air advisor academy preparing strategic airmen n.
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USAF Air Advisor Academy: Preparing Strategic Airmen PowerPoint Presentation
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USAF Air Advisor Academy: Preparing Strategic Airmen

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USAF Air Advisor Academy: Preparing Strategic Airmen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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USAF Air Advisor Academy: Preparing Strategic Airmen. Col Olaf J. Holm Commandant Air Advisor Academy 26 June 2013. Air Advisor Academy Mission.

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usaf air advisor academy preparing strategic airmen

USAF Air Advisor Academy:Preparing Strategic Airmen

Col Olaf J. Holm


Air Advisor Academy

26 June 2013

air advisor academy mission
Air Advisor Academy Mission

To provide relevant and flexible education and training to prepare and motivate air-minded professionals to assess, train/educate, advise, assist, and equip partner nations in the development and application of their aviation resources in support of Presidential Policy and National Security Strategy

What we do: Teach “air minded” professionals methods to effectively, legally, and safely apply their skills and experience to a partner nation in an environment they are expected to operate

What we don’t do: Teach people how to fly

why an air advisor academy
Why an Air Advisor Academy?
  • Retain lessons born of blood & treasure
  • Mentoring/advising is a unique and special skill set
  • Geostrategic environs increasingly complex/dangerous
  • Personal tactical engagements have strategic impact
  • Professionalize security cooperation-type airmen
  • Learn from PN counterparts
  • Always ready to support JFC in named contingencies

Institutional, enduring capability to develop Airmen for the challenges of working by, with, and through partner nation counterparts

multiple guidance
Multiple Guidance

Support NSS & President’s desire to:

“engage with foreign partners and help shape their policies and actions … help foreign partners build and sustain the capacity and effectiveness of legitimate institutions to provide security, safety, and justice for their people … enable foreign partners to contribute to efforts that address common security challenges.”

- U.S. Security Sector Assistance Policy, 5 Apr 13

Strategic Guidance requires USAF engagement with partner nations

several types of air advisors
Several Types of Air Advisors

818 MSAS (GPF)


571 MSAS (GPF)

Travis, AFB

  • Other types of Air Advisors
  • - AF/PAK Hands
  • - AFSOC NSAV and HIS
  • - AMC O/S Contingency Response Groups
  • - SG Int’l Health Specialists



- ANG State Partnership Program

- CNAF & TSOC Staffs

- COCOM units

-- 36 Airlift Sqdn (Yakota)

438 AEW (GPF)



Hurlburt Field

Preparing Airmen for all COCOMs … under Title 10 or 22 … for any operating environment


Education & Training Construct

Approved by CSAF

in Air Advisor Academy Charter

A unique school combining core Air Advisor skills with language, region & culture instruction, and advanced fieldcraft skills to Airmen of all ranks and AFSCs, across all MAJCOMs supporting the full Range of Military Operations

unique creative approach
Unique & Creative Approach
  • Capabilities-Based School
    • One-stop-shop for integrated academics & fieldcraft skills
    • Supports all GCCDR air advising reqt’s … in any operating environment … in all phases of Campaign Plan
    • Production = 1,500/yr (50% to AFG, rest for other CCDRs)
  • Innovative and responsive scheduling system
    • AETC/A3Q vets, prioritizes, and programs students
    • AAA can execute any course in 30 days or less
  • Courses designed to promote flexibility/customization
  • Resourced and capable of fielding Mobile Trng Teams

High leverage activity … USAF’s affordable, relevant, and agile education & training solution for Airmen with strategic impact

10 aaa courses
10 AAA Courses
  • Air Advisor Basic (long) Course (24 training days)
    • Hostile Environment (Title 10 named contingencies/ops or exercises)
    • Uncertain Environ (Title 22 or Security Cooperation -- developing world)
    • Other (short) Air Advisor Courses (1-10 training days)
    • Fieldcraft only (x2) – hostile and/or uncertain environments
    • Academics only (x2) – hostile and/or uncertain environs
    • Short Course – one week fieldcraft + one week academics
    • Air Advisor Specialized Skills (seminars, reachback, continuation tng)
    • Component Campaign Planning (A-staffs)
    • Senior Leader Prep

Courses correspond to Security Force Assistance (SFA) Level 1-3 training requirements and meet GCCDR theater entry requirements

air advisor academy premise
Air Advisor Academy Premise

AAA is the cost of doing business in the Building Partnership enterprise…there are

no other long term options

Air Force Leadership has the moral obligation to prepare Airmen

air education and training command

Air Education and Training Command

“The First Command”