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unit 3 exploring media industries n.
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Unit 3 : Exploring Media Industries PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 3 : Exploring Media Industries

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Unit 3 : Exploring Media Industries
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Unit 3 : Exploring Media Industries

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  1. Unit 3 : Exploring Media Industries

  2. Exam Layout • Section A : TWO questions about each of the FIVE areas of exploration (2 + 4 marks): • Media Audiences & Products • Ownership, Control & Finance • Working Practices & Job Roles • Regulation & Ethical/Legal Constraints • New Technology • Section B : FOUR 5 mark question based upon an unseen stimulus and ONE 10 mark synoptic question

  3. Media Audiences and Products • How do your chosen industries identify their audiences? • Give one example of how your industries target their audience effectively. • How do the audience define how and where the products are distributed? • How are new technologies revolutionising how products are distributed in your industry?

  4. Merchandise, gaming, film posters – advertising on different platforms Audience panels and focus groups Viral advertising – power of the internet

  5. Ownership, Control & Finance • How are your industries funded: publicly or privately? • Do companies within your industry have one media interest or are they large corporations with many sectors? • Are there any arguments within your industry between different companies fighting for control of the market? • Do issues with bias and media power affect companies within your industry?

  6. Private ownership of film companies Selling of BBC Television centre Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation

  7. Working Practices & Job Roles • What skills are needed to work in your media industries? • What career prospects are available to people starting out in your industries? • What specific roles are there in particular companies that you have studied within each of your industries? • What job role would you want in your industries and how would you apply?

  8. Graduate Jobs in the Media Planning and Buying Industry • Career Player Website • BBC Connect – Discover Media and Technology

  9. Regulation & Ethical/Legal Constraints • What are the regulatory bodies associated with your industries? • What specific regulation issues have caused problems for companies within your industry? • What ethical or legal issues have caused problems for companies within your case studies? • How does regulation in your industry differ between different countries?

  10. Examples of regulatory bodies and ethical/legal issues they have dealt with

  11. New Technology • What impact does new technology have on the type/quantity of products in your case studies? • How have your chosen industries taken advantage of media convergence (different media in one place e.g. smart phones) • How has the internet impacted your chosen industries?

  12. Magazine Stands of the Future

  13. Section B : Unseen Stimulus • You will be given a text to read (likely to be a newspaper article or webpage) relating to an aspect of the media. • You will be asked to analyse the text and give your own opinions of media industry • You will be able to use your knowledge and understanding of Section A to help you answer these FOUR FIVE MARK questions. • You should use examples from a wide range of media. • The last question is a longer 10 MARK synoptic task.

  14. http://news.sky.com/skynews/video • Microsoft Buy Skype • TOWIE at the BAFTAs • Facebook Facial Recognition • PlayStation Hacking Problems • You should be aware of different developments in the media over the last few years and should have current examples of media industries.

  15. Questions • Microsoft Buy Skype • What other ‘ownership’ issues have been in the news recently? • Why are consumers interested in who owns media companies? • TOWIE at the BAFTAs • What does this video show us about UK audiences and Reality TV? • What are the current criticisms of Reality TV? • Facebook Facial Recognition • What privacy problems does this video highlight? • What are the benefits for the consumer for this software?

  16. Exam Tips • Section A: • Make it clear what industry you’re talking about. • Keep your responses short and succinct. • Be specific with your examples. • Mention particular companies within your chosen industry. • Give examples of actual events that have happened in your industry. • DO NOT BE VAGUE! • Section B: • Use the unseen material and reference it in your answers. • Give examples from other similar texts and prove that you have an extensive knowledge of the media