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office of student mental health and behavior n.
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Office of Student Mental Health and Behavior PowerPoint Presentation
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Office of Student Mental Health and Behavior

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Office of Student Mental Health and Behavior
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Office of Student Mental Health and Behavior

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  1. Office of Student Mental Health and Behavior New Faculty Orientation, 2011 Pat Lunt

  2. Guidance Education Training

  3. Student Services and Enrollment Management

  4. NOVA CARESCampus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation The mission of the CARE teams is to prevent violence and provide a systematic response to students whose behavior is disruptive to themselves, to others, or to the community

  5. Goal is to establish an early intervention program that can assist students and faculty

  6. CARE Team Structure Campus Team Central BIT TEAM • Respond to faculty, staff and student concerns • Using NaBITAmodel, assess threat level • Develop and oversee implementation of response plan • DOS, Police, Student Services, Faculty • Recommend policies and protocols • Provide guidance and intervention when threat level is elevated • Facilitate college-wide communication and coordination • Oversee database • Police Chief, AVP, SMH&B, Director, Legal Affairs, Director HR, psychological consultant (as needed)

  7. Responding to Student Behavior

  8. Judicial • The campus dean of students is responsible for the administration of disciplinary procedures • The dean ensures due process • See Student Handbook: Student Rights and Responsibilities for listing of conduct violations and disciplinary actions • Contact the police for all emergency situations • Contact your dean of students and division dean to report disciplinary violations

  9. Academic • Plagiarism, grade appeal, student complaints • Academic matters will be heard by the dean of the division involved in the complaint • See Student Handbook: Student Complaints and Grievances for process • Contact the police for all emergency situations • Contact your division dean for assistance with academic violations

  10. Concerning behavior • Classroom disruption • Concerning writing • Student’s change in attitude • Unusual behavior • Anything that causes you concern • Incoherent speech • Disruption of the learning environment • Negative change in academic performance • Self-destructive behavior • Violent behavior • Writings that convey intentions to harm self or others

  11. Emergency Campus Police (703) 764-5000 Call 911

  12. Reporting a Concern • Fill out a report on the web page • • Contact your dean of students • Contact your campus police • Contact your division dean

  13. When in doubt Write it out


  15. Once a concern is forwarded to the campus, the campus team is responsible for the investigation and all follow up All team members have been trained in using an assessment tool to identify concerning behavior and the level of risk involved

  16. NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool

  17. The team will investigate and develop an implementation plan. The team may decide that the best intervention is one that involves the faculty member In that situation, a CARE Team member will discuss the possibilities with you

  18. Miscall • Cell phone

  19. New for Fall – ANDavid Perry, LCSW

  20. Education • Identifying Mental Health Issues: What to look for and how to help • Preventing and Responding to Disruptive Students • Assisting Students with Mental Health Issues without a CAPS Center

  21. Training • ASIST • Safe Talk • CARE TEAM

  22. Code of Virginia References • § 23-9.2:8 Policies addressing suicidal students • Policies that advise students, faculty, and staff for identifying and addressing the needs of students exhibiting suicidal tendencies or behavior • § 23-9.2:9 Institutional crisis and emergency management plan; review required • Current written crisis and emergency management plan to be reviewed every four years • § 23-9.2:11 First warning and emergency notification system requirement

  23. §23-9.2:10 Violence Prevention Committee/ Threat Assessment Team • Policies and procedures for the prevention of violence, including assessment and intervention with individuals whose behavior poses a threat • Committee structure charged with education and prevention of violence on campus • Guidance to students, faculty and staff • Identification of reporting • Policies and procedures for assessment • Threat Assessment Team • Relationship with local and state agencies