imperative opatative moods
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Imperative & Opatative Moods

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Imperative & Opatative Moods - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Imperative & Opatative Moods. J. Lyle Story. Parse and Translate. poih /sate a9gi/ aze baptis qh / tw a0kousa/ tw i1dete ei0se/ lqete sw =son. Ancient Jerusalem Temple. Parse and Translate. bale/ tw bapti / sqhti ei0sa/gage a0kou/ etw poreu / qhti khru / cate kata/ bhqi.

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Presentation Transcript
parse and translate
Parse and Translate
  • poih/sate
  • a9gi/aze
  • baptisqh/tw
  • a0kousa/tw
  • i1dete
  • ei0se/lqete
  • sw=son

Ancient Jerusalem Temple

parse and translate1
Parse and Translate
  • bale/tw
  • bapti/sqhti
  • ei0sa/gage
  • a0kou/etw
  • poreu/qhti
  • khru/cate
  • kata/bhqi

Discus Thrower (Greek) - circa 460 B.C.

parse and translate2
Parse and Translate
  • mh\ ge/noito
  • ei1h
  • mh\ fobei=sqe
  • a0kolouqei/tw
  • e1rxou
  • e9toima/sate
  • mh\ pisteu/ete

Cardo Street, Jerusalem

biblical examples
Biblical Examples
  • poih/son h(mi=n qeou\v oi$ proporeu/sontai h(mw=n –o( ga\r Mwush=v ou{tov o9 a1nqrwpov o$v e0ch/gagen h(ma=v e0k gh=v Ai0gu/ptou, ou0k oi1damen (we know) ti/ ge/gonen au0tw=|. LXX of Exod. 32:1
  • Pe/trov de\ pro\v au0tou/v,

Metanoh/sate kai\ baptisqh/tw

e#kastov u(mw=n e0pi\ tw=| o0no/mati

0Ihsou= Xristou= ei0v a1fesiv (forgiveness)

tw=n a(martiw=n u(mw=n. Acts 2:38

Black-Figure Amphora. Attic, (Greek) c. 540-530 B.C.

examples from the greek nt
Examples from the Greek NT
  • Ou3twv ou]n proseu/xesqe u(mei=v,

Pa/ter h(mw=n o) e0n toi=v ou0ranoi=v

a(giasqh//tw to\ o1noma/ sou,

e0lqe/tw h( basilei/ sou

genhqh/tw to\ qe/lhma/ sou

w(v e0n ou0ranw=| kai\ e0pi\ gh=v.

Matt. 6:9-10

Tomb of Absalom (Absalom’s Pillar), Kidron Valley, Jerusalem

example from the greek nt wish prayer slight shift in word order
Example from the Greek NT (wish prayer—slight shift in word order)
  • au0to\v de\ qeo\v th=v ei0rh/nhv

A a9gia/sai

B u(mi=n

C o(lotelei=v (entirely)


C/ o(lo/klhron(whole)

B/ u(mw=n to\ pneu=ma kai\ h( yuxh\ kai\ to\ sw=ma

A / thrhqei/h a0me/mtwv(blamelessly) e0n th=| parousi/a|

tou= kuri/ouh(mw=n 0Ihsou= Xristou=.

pisto\v o( kalw=n u(ma=v, o$vkai\ poih/sei. I Thess. 5:23-24

Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus; (10 BC – 54 AD), was Roman Emperor from 41 to 54.

examples from the greek nt1
Examples from the Greek NT
  • le/gei pro\v au0to\n o( basiliko/v, Ku/rie, kata/bhqipri\n a0poqanei=n to\ paidi/on mou. le/gei au0tw=| o( 0Ihsou=v, Poreu/ou, o( ui(o\v souzh=|. e0pi/steusen o( a1nqrwpov tw=| lo/gw| o$nei]pen au0tw=| kai\ e0poreu/eto. Jn. 4:49-50
  • mh\ kri/nete, i3na mh\ kriqh=te

Matt. 7:1

  • Pa/tera#gieth/rhson au0tou/v

Jn. 17:11

Agora with shops and odeon, Thessalonica

examples from the greek nt2
Examples from the Greek NT
  • tau=ta e0la/lhsen 0Ihsou=v, kai\ e0pa/ravtou\v o)fqalmou\v ou0tou= ei0v to\n ou0rano\n ei]pen, Pa/thr, e0lh/luqen h( w3ra, do/casonsou to\n ui(o/n i3na o( ui(o\v doca/sh| se/. Jn. 17:1
  • a(gi/ason au0tou\v e0n th=| a0lhqei/a|

Jn. 17:17

  • o( no/mov a(marti/a; mh\ ge/noito

Rom. 7:7

examples from the greek nt3
Examples from the Greek NT
  • mh\ qauma/zete a0delfoi/, ei0 misei= (mise/w = I hate) u(ma=v o( ko/smov. I Jn. 3:13
  • 0Agaphtoi/, mh\ panti\ pneu/matipisteu/ete, a0lla\ dokima/zete(dokima/zw= I examine) ta\ pneu/mata ei0 e0k tou= qeou= e0stin,

o#ti polloi\ yeudoprofh=tai

e0celhlu/qasin ei0v to\n ko/smon.

I Jn. 4:1

examples from the greek nt4
Examples from the Greek NT
  • lu/sate to\n nao\n tou=ton kai\ e0n trisi\n h(me/raiv e0gerw= au0to/n. Jn. 2:19
  • 0Hkou/sate o3ti e0rre/qh, 0Agaph/seiv to\n plhsi/on (neighbor) sou= kai\ mish/seiv to\n e1xqro/n sou. e0gw\ de\ le/gw u(mi=n

a0gapa=tetou\v e1xqrou\v u(mw=n

kai\ proseu/xesqe u(pe\r tw=n

diwko/ntwn u(ma=v o#pwvge/nhsqe

ui9oi\ tou= patro\v u(mw=n tou= e0n ou0ranoi=v

Matt. 5:43-44