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Education in America

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Education in America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Education in America. Overview of the U.S. Educational System. School Choice in America Public vs. Private Education. Do you know how these education options differ? Public schools Private schools Charter schools Magnet schools Compulsory education High school diploma vs. G.E.D

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education in america

Education in America

Overview of the U.S. Educational System

school choice in america public vs private education
School Choice in AmericaPublic vs. Private Education

Do you know how these education options differ?

  • Public schools
  • Private schools
  • Charter schools
  • Magnet schools
  • Compulsory education
  • High school diploma vs. G.E.D
  • Home school
the politics and economics of education in the u s
The politics and economics of education in the U.S.

Political debate

  • “No Child Left Behind”
  • School choice
  • Private school vouchers

Sources of funding

  • Federal
  • State
  • Local school district
  • Private funds
  • Schools receive a combination of funds
  • Funding is de-centralized
post secondary education options
Post-secondary Education Options
  • Public/private universities and colleges
  • Community colleges and vocational schools
  • Rising Cost of Tuition for higher education/school loans
cost of higher education
Cost of Higher Education

CNN/Money reported tuition hikes in 2004/05

budgeting for college
Budgeting for College
  • The cost of higher education is more that just tuition
  • Students draw from a number of resources to finance education: family, student loans, grants and scholarships, full-time jobs
parent teacher conference
Parent-Teacher Conference
  • Vocabulary for the parent-teacher conference:

Language Arts teaching methods:


Whole language

Literature-based instruction

Invented spelling

General vocabulary:





Sylvan learning center []

parent teacher conference9
Parent-Teacher Conference
  • Possible issues that might occur with your child’s schooling:

1) Your child is struggling academically.

2) Your child is not being challenged.

3) Your child is having a tough time socially.

4) Your child does not like the teacher.

5) Your child thinks the teacher does not like him/her.

6) Your child is doing great, so, what to talk about?

parent teacher conference10
Parent-Teacher Conference
  • Before you go:
    • Make notes about your child’s home life
    • List questions about the school’s programs or policies

Things to remember:

    • Be on time!
    • If you are busy, reschedule for a suitable time for both you and the teacher.
parent teacher conference11
Parent-Teacher Conference
  • During the conference:
    • Listen to what the teacher has to say.
    • Ask the teacher to write down some notes for you, so you can remember what the teacher said clearly.
    • Ask questions about your child’s progress.
    • Stay calm and do not become angry…if you think the teacher has said something uncomplimentary about your child, ask him/her to repeat it before getting upset.
sample questions to ask
Sample questions to ask…
  • Is my child in different groups for different subjects? Why?
  • How well does my child get along with others?
  • What are my child's best and worst subjects?
  • Is my child working up to his or her ability?
  • Does my child participate in class discussions and activities?
  • Have you noticed any sudden changes in the way my child acts? For example, have you noticed any squinting, tiredness or moodiness that might be a sign of physical or other problems?
  • What kinds of tests are being done? What do the tests tell about my child's progress?
  • How does my child handle taking tests?
  • How can I contact you if I have questions or concerns?
  • Can I give you my email address? Can I have your email address?
after the conference
After the conference…
  • Talk to your child about the ideas your child’s teacher shared with you.
  • Make a plan with your child for how to improve.
  • Make sure your child knows both you and the teacher want the best for him/her.
  • Keep in touch with your child’s teacher to form a strong partnership.
  • Source: National Education Association

10 conference tips
10 Conference tips:
  • Ask your child if there is anything that he would like you to discuss with the teacher.
  • Jot down everything that you want to talk about at the conference.
  • Arrive promptly or a few minutes early.
  • Begin with positive comments about the teacher or classroom.
  • Avoid lengthy discussions of topics that are not related to the purpose of the conference.
  • Be open-minded to suggestions from the teacher.
  • Keep your emotions under control.
  • Take notes about what has been discussed to share with your child.
  • Express appreciation for the conference.
  • Do not stay beyond your allotted time.

Source: National PTA

parent teacher conference form
Parent-teacher conference form

Name of Child  ____________________ Grade ________

Parents  __________________________

1) Student Strengths Observed at Home by Parent:

2) Student Needs Observed at Home by Parent:

3) Suggestions for Action: (To be completed during the conference).   Home Setting:

   School Setting:

Source: Scholastic Publishing