dealing with hypertension l.
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Dealing with Hypertension

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Dealing with Hypertension - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dealing with Hypertension. High Blood Pressure- the “Silent Killer”. What is Hypertension ( high blood pressure )?. Hypertension - term used to describe high blood pressure Blood pressure greater than 140/90 on two or more occasions after resting 5 minutes is considered high

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Dealing with Hypertension

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dealing with hypertension

Dealing with Hypertension

High Blood Pressure-

the “Silent Killer”

what is hypertension high blood pressure
What is Hypertension (high blood pressure)?
  • Hypertension- term used to describe

high blood pressure

  • Blood pressure greater than

140/90 on two or more occasions

after resting 5 minutes

is considered high

blood pressure

what do the numbers mean
What do the Numbers Mean?
  • Normal blood pressure is systolic 120

(top number) and a diastolic(bottom

number) of less than 80

  • Pre-hypertension is defined as a

systolic blood pressure of 120–139

or a diastolic blood pressure of 80–89

  • Persons with pre-hypertension are

at increased risk to progress to


signs and symptoms
Most of the time there are no symptoms(silent killer)

Chest pain


Ear noise or buzzing


Irregular heartbeat



Vision changes

Signs and Symptoms
risk factors
Risk Factors
  • Family history
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Poor diet, especially

one that includes too

much salt

  • Overweight and obesity
high blood pressure puts you at risk for

Heart attack

Heart failure

Kidney failure


High Blood Pressure Puts You at Risk for:
prevention and maintenance
Lifestyle changes are essential

Healthy diet

Decrease salt intake

Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily

Stay active

Maintain a healthy weight

Prevention and Maintenance
treatment for high blood pressure
Treatment for High Blood Pressure

Taking medication/s as directed is crucial to maintaining your blood pressure

  • Take medication/s at the same time each day
  • Do not skip any doses
take immediate action
Take Immediate Action
  • Blood pressure of 180/120 or higher can cause chest pain, heart attack,

and stroke.

  • Call 911 immediately
authors of this presentation
Authors of this Presentation

Special thanks to:

Andre McPherson and Jessica Hezekiah

WSSU Nursing Students

December 2009