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CST Review

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CST Review

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  1. CST Review People

  2. World History • The Rise of Democracy • Enlightenment and Democratic Revolution • The French Revolution and Napoleon • Industrialization • Imperialism • World War I • The Russian Revolution & the Rise of Totalitarianism • World War II • The Cold War • Modern Nations and the Middle East

  3. CST Scoring System

  4. Plato • GREEK philosopher, wrote “The Republic”,World should be governed byPhilosopher Kings PHILOSOPHER-KINGS

  5. Aristotle • GREEK philosopher, Believed that the best form of government was to be run by elite ruling class called the ARISTOCRACY… Aristocracy = Middle Class

  6. Thomas Hobbes • Social Contract • People give up their rights to a strong ruler. • Government must have absolute power (Leviathan) • One that could impose order, demand obedience. Monarchs = Kings

  7. John Locke • People MUST govern themselves. • Governments MUST protect natural rights, if government fails to do so, citizens have the right to overthrow it. (Revolution) • Grandfather of America • Influenced Jefferson & Madison • Influenced Simon Bolivar People Rule

  8. Montesquieu • Separation of Powers • Would keep any individual or group from gaining total control of the government. • Checks & Balances • Each branch would have a check on the other two. • Basis of the US Constitution. 3 Branches Of Government

  9. Direct Democracy- a government freely formed by the people and guided by the “general will” of society. Legitimate government comes from the consent of the governed. All people were equal and titles of nobility should be abolished. Father of the French Revolution. Jean-Jacques Rousseau Popular Sovereignty

  10. Voltaire • Fought for tolerance, reason, freedom of religious belief, and freedom of speech. • Influenced the… • US Bill of Rights • 1st Ten Amendments • French Declaration of the Rights of Man & Citizens. Freedom of Speech, Religion

  11. Cesare Bonesana Beccaria • Laws exist to preserve social order, not to avenge crimes. • A person accused of a crime should receive a speedy trial, and that torture should never be used. Criminal Justice Reform

  12. Mary Wollstonecraft • Vindication of the Rights of Women • Women need education to become virtuous and useful. • Women should have the right to participate in politics. • Influenced women’s rights groups in Europe and North America. Women’s Rights

  13. Thomas Jefferson • Free Speech, religious freedom, and other civil liberties. • “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.” • Author of the Declaration of Independence 1776 Declaration of Independence

  14. James Madison • Federal System- Power is divided between federal and state governments. • 3 Branches of Government • Father of the US Constitution. Father of U.S. Constitution

  15. Robespierre • Leader of the Committee of Public Safety in France during the Reign of Terror were we killed over 30,000 by guillotine for being traitors to the revolution Committee of Public Safety

  16. Napoleon • Conquered Europe • Grand Empire & Army • Napoleonic Code • Equality For All • French Nationalism • Idea of The Nation-State Napoleonic Code = Equality

  17. Metternich • Led Congress of Vienna • After Napoleon’s Downfall • Conservative (Pre-1789) • Legitimacy (Royal Family) • Balance of Power (Stability) • Lasting Peace (40 Years) • Believed In Traditional Monarchy • Revolutions Must Be Crushed!!! Congress of Vienna Leader

  18. Toussaint L’Ouverture • Father of Haiti • Haitian Revolution • 1st Black Nation • 1st Successful Slave Revolt!

  19. Simon Bolivar Known As El Liberatador George Washington of LA Creole General of Armies Inspired by Enlightenment Revolted against Spain! Ideas of Jefferson & Locke Used British & AmericanGovernment Systems in LA Created the Republic of Venezuela. Liberatador Of Latin America

  20. Bismarck Blood & Iron Speech Wars Make Nations Realpolitik (Realism) Germany Formed In 1871 German Nationalism Begins Berlin Conference Leader African Scramble Begins Fired By Kaiser Wilhelm II Germany Super Power Started WWI & WWII Father of Germany

  21. William Blake & William Wordsworth Famous writers of the Romanticism Movement where EMOTION and feelings were expressed as well as a love and awe of nature (Carpe Diem) William Blake William Wordsworth

  22. James Watt Steam Engine Inventor Propelled Steam Boats Train (Iron Horse) Railroads (IR Transportation) Allowed Factories To Move Away From Rivers Inland! Steam Engine Inventor

  23. Eli Whitney Cotton Gin Inventor Increased the need for cotton 100x and the need for slaves to work the plantations Textile Industry Impacted Factories Now In Demand! Cotton Gin Inventor

  24. Thomas Edison Greatest IR Inventor Electric Light Bulb Factories Opened 24/7 ELECTRICITY to power the Industrial Age Electric Light Bulb

  25. Adam Smith Father of Capitalism Laissez Faire Economics Wealth of Nations 1776 Free Market System Profit Motive Supply & Demand Invisible Hand Entreprenuers Father of Capitalism

  26. Marx • Father of Communism • Communist Manifesto • Anti-Capitalist Economist • Government MUST Own Factors of Production • Profits Must Be Shared • Private Property Forbidden Father of Communism

  27. Darwin • Theory of Evolution • Origin of Species • “which says all species evolved over time and that the survival of the fittest has taken place (natural selection) • Led To Racism & Imperialism Father of Evolution

  28. Louis Pasteur • Germ Theory • Killing Bacteria By Heat • Pasteurization • Emphasized Cleanliness • Sanitation Movement • 1000s Lives Saved • Lifespan Increased! Father of Germ Theory

  29. Henry Bessemer • The Bessemer Process • Cheap Steel Making • Inventor of the process that made STEEL a cheap and everyday resource to build the machines and buildings of the Industrial Age. Father of Steel

  30. Charles Dickens • REALISM Writer • Horrors of Industrial Society Were Revealed • Wrote of The Ills of Industrialized Society • Oliver, Tale of Two Cities • Many Reforms Followed Father of Realism

  31. Sun Yat-sen • I successfully led the Chinese Revolution in 1911 and ended the thousand year dynasty system and led China temporarily into a Democracy with my three Principles of the People Father of Modern China

  32. Kaiser Wilhelm II • Kaiser of Germany • Fires Bismarck • Militaristic Leader • Wants to show all the world Germany’s strength & gain territory (Imperialism) • Started World War I • Backed Austria in its war with Serbia • Declares war on Russia & France Started World War I

  33. Czar Nicholas II • Last Czar of Russia • Failed In Russo-Japan War • 1905 Bloody Sunday • Protected Serbia • Mobilizes Troops to Border • Declares war on Austria • World War I Disaster • Went to the Front Lines • Abdicated in March 1917 • Executed in June 1918 Last Czar of Russia

  34. United States President During WWI (Isolationism) Kept US out of WWI til 1917 Enters the war to keep "the world safe for democracy.“ 14 Points Plan at Paris PC League of Nations Self Determination Peace w/out Victory Woodrow Wilson Father of the 14 Points

  35. Lenin Led Russian Communism 1917 Bolshevik Revolution Sent By the Germans 1918 Treaty of Brest Litosvk Led Russian Civil War 1918-1921 Red Army Wins! 1921 Created Soviet Union NEP (New Economic Plan) Gulags Opened (Camps) Father of Russian Communism

  36. Stalin 1927 Stalin Takes Power 5 Year Plans (Industry) Collectivization (Farms) Totalitarian Regime Big Brother Is Watching! Great Purges (Terror) Murdered over 30 million (Terror Famine Ukraine) WWII Leader Defeated Hitler Father of Soviet Union

  37. Lost Generation • Disillusionment • Post WWI Reaction • Progress Ruins Man • Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald & Ernest Hemingway 1920s Writers Life Is Meaningless

  38. Pablo Picasso • I am the leader of the Cubism movement of 3D painting and the artist of the famous anti-war painting Guernica depicting Hitler’s bombing of an innocent Spanish city Father of Cubism

  39. FDR Great Depression Leader New Deal Program Public Works Programs Elected 4 Times Atlantic Charter Agreement w/Churchill WWII President Pearl Harbor Speech Yalta Conference Died April 12th, 1945 Father of The New Deal

  40. Mussolini Father ofFASCISM 1922 Il Duce of Italy Hitler’s Role Model Pact of Steel (Axis) Aggression Invaded Ethiopia/Albania WWII Defeat Executed By People Father of Fascism

  41. Hitler • Nazi Germany Leader • 1922 Mein Kampf • 1933 Takes Power Legally • 1936-1939 Lebensraum • Der Furher & 3rd Reich • Invades Poland In 1939 • WWII Begins • Final Solution (War On Jews) • 6 Millions Jews Killed Father of Nazi Germany

  42. Hirohito The Living Sun God East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere Militarists Take Power Manchuria, Korea, China Rape of Nanking 1937 Surrendered August 15th, 1945 Hiroshima & Nagasaki Emperor of Japan

  43. Churchill British Prime Minister “Finest Hour” Battle of Britain “We Will Never Give Up” Defeat of Hitler Kept Britain FREE Iron Curtain Speech The British Bulldog

  44. Eisenhower • I am the Supreme Allied Commander who led the D-Day invasion on June 6th, 1944 which led to the defeat of Hitler’s 3rd Reich D-Day Invasion

  45. MacArthur • Pacific Commander • Island Hopping Strategy • USS Missouri • Surrender of Japan • Japan’s Recovery • Democratization • Demilitarization • Japan Constitution (#1) • Korean War • Pushed Back The North • Fired By Truman

  46. Gandhi • Non Violence & Civil Disobedience Strategy • Known As Satyagraha • Fastings & Salt March • 1947 Indian Independence • 1948 Assassination Father of India

  47. Mao • Communism in China • Emperor of The Peasants • Long March • Legendary Escape • 1949 Peoples Republic of China • REDS Win Civil War • Great Leap Forward • Greatest Failure (20 Million) • Cultural Revolution • Mao’s Comeback • Red Guards & Little Red Book Father of Chinese Communism

  48. Gorbachev • My policies of glasnost & perestroika accidentally ended communism in Eastern Europe and the Cold War Ended The Soviet Union

  49. Mandela • After spending 27 years in prison I was released and went on to become the President of South Africa after its first free election Ended Apartheid