by jesse coggins wade blair tyler milewicz owen hayes 1 st period n.
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Charles Dickens

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Charles Dickens

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Charles Dickens

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  1. By: Jesse Coggins, Wade Blair, Tyler Milewicz, Owen Hayes 1st Period Charles Dickens

  2. Childhood • Charles was Born February7,1812. • His Parents Were John and Elizabeth Dickens. • He was the second of eight in his family. • His Family was always in debt.

  3. Family Life • Charles had ten Children. • Nine out of ten of his children became adults. • Charles family disliked the Religious Controversy.

  4. Dickens Novels • Dickens got a lot of fame from the “Pickwick Papers”. • Dickens is best known for the “Christmas Carol” . • Some of his other novels were “Bleak House”, “Hard Times”, and “Little Dorrit” .

  5. Where Dickens has Lived • Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England. • When Charles was five, he moved to Chatman in the country. • In 1822,his family moved to London. • When Charles was grown , he moved to Gad’s Hill.

  6. Some of Dickens Job’s • In 1824, he became working at Warren’s Blacking Factory • In 1827, he became a clerk in a law office. • In 1831, he was a newspaper reporter in London. • In 1834, Dickens started writing fiction and publishing .

  7. Dickens Visit to America • Dickens left for America on January 4, 1842. • Charles did not like the manners in America. • Charles wrote a book about America called “American Notes”.

  8. Parallel to Oliver twist • Oliver twist was put into a workhouse • Oliver Twist did not have good schooling • Oliver told people how horrible workhouses were

  9. Parallel to David Copperfield • David was a child of abilities • David had to work in a blackening factory • David felt thrown away when he went to a workhouse

  10. Parallel to A Christmas Carol • The Crotchet family was very poor • The Crochets celebrated Christmas the best way they could • Tinny Tim had to work for food

  11. Parallel to Tale of two Cities • It took place in the Victorian era • Often people got thrown in prison • Rich and poor were separated

  12. Dickens Ambition to write • Dickens one ambition was to live at Gads hill Place • Dickens second ambition was to write books for entertainment • Dickens last ambition was to put the life of the Victorian era in his books

  13. Dickens life parallel to his books • Scrooge was a greedy business man like most misers • Dickens wrote about al the children being in work houses • Mr. Pickwick got thrown in debtors prison like Charles father

  14. Why People in The 19th Century Loved His Writing • People love his Christmas books. • People loved his books because they are easy to go along with. • He wrote about how the poor lived. • It change the way people looked at them.

  15. Family • His fathers name was John Dickens. • His mothers name was Elizabeth Barrow. • Charles was born on February 7, 1812. • He had eight brothers and sisters.

  16. Marriage • His first love was Maria Beadnell. • He married Catherine Hogarth. • But he liked her sister Mary more. • Mary died at seventeen. • Catherine and Charles had ten children.

  17. His Carrier • He became a celebrity. • He was a stage actor and fell in love with Ellen Ternan. • He was one of England's best writer.

  18. His Families Inspiration • His father inspired him to write about dept. • Deters prison inspired him to write about the poor. • The blacking factory inspired him to write about orphans and working children like in Oliver Twist.

  19. His Work • He wrote plenty of books like the Christmas Carroll that taught people to be happy on the holidays. • He also wrote a book about orphans working in factories in Oliver Twist. • He wrote a book about his travels in America called “American Notes”.

  20. His Literary Career • Like many others, he began his literary career as a journalist. • His own father became a reporter.

  21. Writing Career • Many of his novels were first published in monthly installments. • Readers would wait in great excitement.

  22. When he was a writer • As a writer, Dickens created a whole world- realistic yet fantastic. • He created some of the most memorable characters in literature.

  23. When he published autobiography • He wrote plays and performed before Queen Victoria in 1851. • As well as a huge list of novels, he published autobiography, and edited weekly periodicals.

  24. His Education • At 13, Charles went to the school of cruel Mr. Jones for two years. • In 1825, Charles started at Wellington House Academy.