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FAA Air show Waiver Reviews

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FAA Air show Waiver Reviews - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Federal Aviation Administration. FAA Air show Waiver Reviews. Presentation to: Name: Date:. 35 th Annual Airports Conference 2012 - Hershey, PA. Michael W. Umstead. April 3, 2012. OBJECTIVE.

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Federal Aviation


FAA Air show Waiver Reviews

Presentation to:Name:Date:

35th Annual Airports Conference 2012 - Hershey, PA

Michael W. Umstead

April 3, 2012


Review Aviation Event Waiver Application Procedures in accordance with FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 6, Section 1

  • Introduction and Background
  • Definition of Aviation Event
  • Certificate of Waiver, FAA Form 7711-1
  • Scope of Waiver and Special Provisions
  • FAA Concerns at Aviation Events
  • National Aviation Events Team
introduction and background
Introduction and Background
  • US Navy (1985 – 2000)
    • USNA Class of 1990
    • VP-47, USAF (T-37)
    • Desert Storm/Desert Shield Service Veteran
    • Aerobatics experience
  • Civilian (2000 – Present)
    • 25 years GA experience
    • CFI, CFII & MEI
    • Commercial airline pilot
    • FAA GA Ops ASI/POI
    • FAA Air Show IIC
    • National Aviation Events Specialist (Present)
definition of aviation event
Definition of Aviation Event

FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 6, Section 1

“Aviation events include air shows, closed course air races, parachute demonstration jumps, balloon meets, and fly-ins conducted before an invited assembly of persons, for which the FAA issues a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization”

certificate of waiver faa form 7711 1
Certificate of Waiver, FAA Form 7711-1
  • When is it required?
    • Anytime an event organizer wishes to waive regulations listed in 14 CFR Part 91.905 for an aviation event
  • Who has the authority to grant or deny waivers?
    • Jurisdictional Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) Manager
    • 82 around the country
  • Approval or denial completed within 30 days of receipt
    • Only after the event organizer has met all requirements
  • Upon approval, FAA Form 7711-2 and its attachments become a part of FAA Form 7711-1
scope of waiver and special provisions
Scope of Waiver and Special Provisions

Depends on regulations being waived

Varies upon the type of aviation event and the location

Some events require nothing more than waiving § 91.303(e) to permit aerobatic flight at less than 1,500 feet above the surface.

Other events that consist of flybys and static displays may only require waiving sections of part 91 for aircraft speed limitations, minimum safe altitudes, or limitations while operating in the vicinity of airports or within Class B, C, D, or E airspace.

There should be a corresponding special provision that gives the conditions that must be followed for each section and/or subsection to be waived to maintain an equivalent level of safety.

application for certificate of waiver or authorization faa form 7711 2
Application for Certificate of Waiver or Authorization, FAA Form 7711-2

Must be sent to jurisdictional FSDO within 90 days of Aviation Event

Completion and submission of FAA Form 7711-2 and all supporting documents are solely the applicant’s responsibility

temporary flight restriction tfr
Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR)

An area designated

To enhance the protection of persons and property on the surface or in the air

To maintain air safety and efficiency, or

To prevent the unsafe congestion of aircraft in the vicinity of an aviation event

Requested in accordance with 14 CFR Part 91.145 about the same time the application for waiver is made

The responsible person or air boss must request a TFR not FSDO personnel

Processed in accordance with the procedures established in FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 6, Section 1, subparagraph 3-144 (E) (4)

temporary flight restriction tfr1
Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR)

Aerial demonstrations contained entirely within a Class B, C, or D airspace area should not request the issuance of a TFR under 14 CFR Part 91.145

The procedures for requesting a TFR are found on the following Web site:

faa concerns at aviation events
FAA Concerns at Aviation Events
  • Qualification of air boss
    • No aviation experience
    • Seems to occur at air shows that do not have a sanctioned military performance
  • Scope of the waiver
    • List only time needed, not blanket times (i.e. entire weekend)
  • Safety and Emergency plans at Aviation Events
    • Incident response plan template located on ICAS website
    • Airport good resource
  • Responsible person
    • Who should it be?
    • Be knowledgeable of waiver
    • Accessibility during entire event
faa concerns at aviation events1
FAA Concerns at Aviation Events

Timeliness of waiver and authorization requests

Include FSDO as early as possible (90/30 Rule)

We are aware of 45 days listed on 7711-2 and are currently working to correct

Airport Aerial Event Feasibility Surveys

FSDO should not be expected to rubber stamp

Google map not sufficient enough

Currency of map within 90 days


TFR requirements? FAA does not impose this on event organizers

national afs 800 aviation events team
National (AFS-800) Aviation Events Team
  • “National Aviation Events Specialist Team” link –

      • Acrobatics & Aerobatics Safety Guidance
      • Waivers, Authorizations and Special Provisions
      • Military Air Show programs
      • National Aviation Event Specialist Team
      • Temporary Flight Restriction Requests

Responsible person send application for waiver to Jurisdictional FSDO within 90 days of Aviation Event

FSDO will assist with application process in accordance with FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 6, Section 1