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News from EU DataGrid. What happened from last meeting (Nov.30th) What is going to happen next What to do for ATLAS. DataGrid official start. The EU project DataGrid has started January 1st The contracts with the foreseen level of founding ( ~10 M Euro) , were signed just in time in December

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News from eu datagrid

News from EU DataGrid

What happened from last meeting (Nov.30th)

What is going to happen next

What to do for ATLAS

Datagrid official start
DataGrid official start

  • The EU project DataGrid has started January 1st

  • The contracts with the foreseen level of founding ( ~10 M Euro) , were signed just in time in December

  • The project duration is 3 years as foreseen

  • The funding covers only the personnel for middleware development

Meetings in december
Meetings in December

  • 11th in Milan WP6 meeting

    • Start to organise the sites and the “Grid s/w releases”

    • see site

  • 19th at CERN WP8 TWG meeting

    • first meeting to present “short term use-cases”of the experiments in view of giving requirements for middleware release and development

    • interim L. Perini present (presentation in

Wp8 twg

  • It was agreed that WP8 set up a Technical Working Group (TWG) composed of one application software expert from each experiment and from ESA (WP9) and biology (WP10), plus the WP8 experiment-neutral personpower in the different partners (5 people).

  • This WG will be chaired by the CERN WP8 person who will act as the WP8 architect (Ingo Augustin) and will have the task in the next slide.

Wp8 twg tasks 1
WP8 TWG Tasks (1)

  • 1.Help the WP8 architect to collect the requirements from the experiment ESA and Biology to present them in the ATF.

  • 2.Liaise with the Middleware WP's (1-5) regarding the services required by the applications, and the definition of the appropriate interfaces.

  • 3.Discuss WP8 architectural questions. It is an open question as to whether, for example, the HEP experiments require an 'upper middleware' layer, common to all experiments, running over the middleware services, or whether the interface to generic middleware services directly. Similar questions arise the non-HEP applications.

Wp8 twg tasks 2
WP8 TWG Tasks (2)

  • 4.Definition of the 'sample' applications requested by the Test-bed. Both CMS and LHCb feel they can offer some existing running distributed application for discussion with the middleware groups. ALICE and ATLAS will see whether they can add their own applications. This WG will look at this in detail.

  • 5.Define what is required, especially in the short term, from the Test-bed environments. This group would provide technical liaison with the Test-bed and Networking workpackages (e.g. attend their meetings). Special priority points are, for instance

    • 1.Provision of Standard, Supported, Documented Globus installation kit

    • 2.Definition of Test-bed sites and contact people

    • 3.Definition of Certification system to be employed by the datagrid project

Wp8 twg role and atlas action
WP8 TWG role and ATLAS action

  • This sub-group should be as compact as possible, to be able to meet, virtually or in person, in its own right, preparing our point of view for the global Test-bed and Architecture meetings. The experiment TB rep, unless the same person, would normally not attend, unless briefing was required for a forthcoming TB meeting. The frequency of meetings will be at the discretion of our architect and the WP8 coordinator.

  • ACTION: Nominate TWG ATLAS Representative

Wp8 twg document
WP8 TWG Document

  • In preparation “ Planning Specification of GRID services (HEP User Requirements and Use-Cases)”

  • Draft document (no ATLAS parts yet) in

  • Need to write for ATLAS

    • Short description of short and long term Use-Cases

    • Requirements for short and long term Use-Cases (filling template)

    • Short summary list of HEP application Requirements

  • First job for new ATLAS TWG person: serious help expected from myself et al. involved ( R.Baker etc.)

Meetings in january february
Meetings in January-February

  • Last week : ATF Workshop

    • discussion also with US - GLOBUS experts

    • set up first draft for Architecture

  • February 9th(?) : PTB with discussion of ATF proposals (not yet available)

  • Week starting Monday 12th February (?) : WP8 meeting

  • S/w week: Tuesday 28th February starting at 17 after NCB

  • March 5-9th GGF meeting in Amsterdam

    • 8-9 devoted to EU DataGrid