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105MC- Team E3

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105MC- Team E3. Weekly Task. The Uses and Gratification Model. “Active” model of audience behaviour, emphasising the uses to which audiences put even the most unlikely texts.

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105mc team e3

105MC- Team E3

Weekly Task

the uses and gratification model
The Uses and Gratification Model

“Active” model of audience behaviour, emphasising the uses to which audiences put even the most unlikely texts.

At the “user-power” extreme of academic images of audiences, the uses and gratifications model emphasises what consumers of media products do with them. Power is argued to lie with the individual consumer of media, who is argued to use TV, the internet, etc. consciously to gratify certain needs and interests.

the uses and gratification model1
The Uses and Gratification Model

Far from being duped by the media, this “audience” is represented as made up of individuals free to reject, use or play with them. The needs to be gratified include those for diversion and escapism, for information or for comparing relationships and lifestyle of characters with one’s own. This approach was first formulated in the US in the 1940s and has been associated with television, and with socio-psychological approached to media.

stage 2 car advert
Stage 2- car advert



We think the defined audience of this advert are young men of any social class, but in particular working class or middle class. This is because of the obvious sexual connotations of the advert and funny twist at the end when you realise it’s advertising a car. You have an inclining that it could be advertising a car because of the seat belt in the shot, but apart from that you’re not left with much a clue.We chose this advert because we felt it optimises how far a car advert could go to attract their primary target audience of men.


This media text can be understood using our audience theory from step 1 by people watching the advert online to follow the crowd because it could easily go viral and people would be talking about it.

stage 3
Stage 3


The audience are young people who go on the internet, and this video could have been made with viral intentions. On youtube videos that contain cute things such as cats or babies often go viral because people can share media content very easily in todays media age. We think it was made in a new way because it’s a completely amateur production, and could well have been recorded purely with the intention of getting “YouTube famous.”