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International Code Council Foundation

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International Code Council Foundation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International Code Council Foundation. International Code Council Foundation. Subsidiary of the International Code Council Chairman of the Foundation – Mr. James Lee Witt Treasurer of the Foundation – Mr. Karl Meyer. Mission.

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International Code Council Foundation

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international code council foundation2
International Code Council Foundation
  • Subsidiary of the International Code Council
  • Chairman of the Foundation – Mr. James Lee Witt
  • Treasurer of the Foundation – Mr. Karl Meyer
  • Dedicated to changing the devastating effects of natural disasters and other building tragedies by promoting ideas, methods, and technologies that encourage the construction of durable, sustainable structures.
  • Educate consumers, governments, and industries, about constructing stronger, safer buildings and homes.
  • Support research and development that leads to improved construction methods and techniques for making communities safer.
  • Promote technical services, training and guidance to communities, states, national and international organizations and governments looking to develop or improve building construction standards.
  • Sponsor International Building Safety Week to promote the safe and strong construction of buildings and homes.
  • Support the implementation of the I-Codes in the United States and internationally.
  • Assist foreign governments, or other international entities, in the development of their risk specific building codes and assist in the development of those codes in the appropriate language.
  • Activate a Building Performance Team during domestic or international building crisis to ascertain the structure’s vulnerability and successes and assist that community in recovery and in the adoption of codes to withstand such a risk.
research and development
Research and Development
  • Emerging Technologies
  • New Code Concepts
  • New Standard Concepts
  • Think Tank
  • Annual Report on World Construction
  • Summary of Building Failures
  • Development of Statistical Analysis
research and development7
Research And Development
  • Goal: To develop the structure for R&D activities that support the mission of building safer, stronger communities.
  • Strategy:
    • Identify compelling issues
    • Determine the critical mass for participation
    • Conduct the research
    • Establish a position
public policy
Public Policy
  • State by State
  • International
    • State by State
    • International
      • Region
      • Country
  • Emphasis on Corporations
training education
Training & Education
  • GOAL: Promote ICC as the world’s premier code training entity.
  • Strategy:
    • Solicit financial and political support for ICC Academy
    • Develop code training programs that incorporate all hazard training, including terrorism.
    • Develop trainingin appropriate languages
    • Enrollment open to worldwide candidates
global positioning
Global Positioning
  • GOAL: To develop or improve building construction standards throughout the world.
  • Strategy:
    • Solicit support from key Congressional members
    • Solicit support from world financial centers.
    • Solicit support from foreign governments and academia
    • Translate codes into appropriate language
board of governors
Board of Governors
  • Initial ICC Board Appointment
  • Future Election Process w/ ratification from ICC BOD
  • Corporate Stakeholders
      • Provide Guidance
      • Direct future endeavors
      • Offer corporate resources
      • Raise funds
international directors
International Directors
  • Board of Governors Appointment
    • International Ministers of Construction
    • International Corporate Leaders
    • International Public Officials
      • Provide entry into international markets.
      • Foster political allies.
international directors13
International Directors
  • Individuals positioned to influence decisions regarding ICCF issues.
  • Countries/Regions :
    • Argentina
    • Caribbean
    • Chile
    • Egypt
    • Japan
    • Mexico
advisory board
Advisory Board
  • Board of Governors Appointment
    • Influential Corporate Leaders
    • Influential Public Officials
      • Lend name, reputation, and influence.
      • Promote foundation activities.
      • Develop network of supporters.
      • Provide entrees for fundraising activities.
technical advisory council
Technical Advisory Council
  • ICC BOD Appointment
    • Code Officials
    • Architects
    • Engineers
    • Insurance Representatives
    • Public / Private Individuals
      • Implement strategies to achieve goals and objectives of BOG
      • Lend technical knowledge and expertise.
financial resources
Financial Resources
  • Federal, State, or Local Governmental Agencies
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Philanthropic Grants
  • International Sources
  • Financial Institutions