iambic pentameter n.
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Iambic Pentameter

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Iambic Pentameter. Meter - the rhythm established in a line of poetry, usually determined by syllables and stresses. “ iamb” – “foot”, or unstressed syllable “pent” – five

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iambic pentameter
Iambic Pentameter
  • Meter - the rhythm established in a line of poetry, usually determined by syllables and stresses.
  • “iamb” – “foot”, or unstressed syllable
  • “pent” – five
  • Iambic pentameter – a line of poetry that alternates unstressed syllables with stressed syllables, equaling 10 syllables per line of alternating stresses. (unstressed/stressed/unstressed/stressed…)
  • Sounds like a heartbeat – the meter (rhythm) of love!
cyrano de bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac

By Edmond Rostand

edmond rostand 1868 1918
Edmond Rostand (1868-1918)
  • French Playwright known for his light and entertaining style. Cyrano was his most popular play.
  • His father pushed him towards law school, but he fell in love with literature and theatre in college, and became a playwright.
  • He wrote other plays, but Cyrano was his “one hit wonder.”
the real cyrano
The Real Cyrano
  • Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac (1619 - 1655) was a French duelist (swashbuckler) and satirist whom the play was based on.
  • The play is set in France between the years 1640-1655, when Cyrano was

between 21 and 36 years old.

“She wants one man made of

Hercules and Cyrano”

~Spin Doctors

about cyrano
About Cyrano
  • A playwright with a gift for words and a strong panache, or sense of style and flair
  • He loves the beautiful and intelligent Roxanne, but is insecure about pursuing her because of his appearance (his huge nose)
  • Most of the characters in the play

were real friends or contemporaries of Cyrano

"A large nose is the mark of a witty, courteous, affable, generous, and liberal man." - Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac

what do all of these have in common
What do all of these have in common?
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQzduf9GH8M&feature=related Hitch
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekEqEplAzDw&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PLC482E59AB6BFAC54 Seinfeld
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v09hscfyN-o boy meets world