How to fix Windows 10 update issue when it stuck?
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How to fix Windows 10 update issue when it stuck? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to fix windows 10 update issue when it stuck

How to fix Windows 10 update issue when it stuck?

Windows 10 release really amazed the users with its’ innovative technology, but at the same

there were many issues also about which user frequently complained to the experts of Windows

10 helpline number. Windows 10 update stuck is also one of the issues about which users have

recently complained on Microsoft discussion forum. Windows update suddenly gets stuck due to

which your system is not able to work smoothly. However, these updates issues can be resolved

in a simple way. You only need to go through this article post. So, let’s have a look at those


Be patient while update goes on

Update may takes few times or sometimes it may take too long time. So, you should get in your

mind that your system has some other issues due to which update taking long time. Sometimes,

updates may take whole night or whole day and while update process it may also get restarted

several times. So, you must have patient if Windows 10 update not working.

Run Windows update troubleshooter

Windows update troubleshooter automatically detects problem with your system that may take

some processing time to complete. Here, you need to download troubleshooter and then click on’

Advanced settings’. Here, you will find option as ‘Apply Repairs Automatically’. Now, click on

this option and run the troubleshooter.

Use System restore for update stuck issue

If your system is not responding even after installing Windows update you can apply this

method. You can do System Restore to revert your PC to its initial point. To have access of this

feature, you only need to type System Restore in search bar and choose create a restore point that

take you to system protection in system properties Windows. Now, after you restore back your

initial position, try to install updates as normal. Here, you may also have a technical support for

Windows 10 to find Windows update stuck issues solution.

Delete files from software distribution

Here, you only need to delete temporary Windows update files. And, for doing this in a perfect

manner, you first need to stop Windows Update Service with background intelligence service

transfer. Bring WinX menu from where you need to select Command Prompt. Here, you need to

type ‘net stop wuausarv’, then ‘net stop bits’ and press enter after each command. This will help

to turn off both the services in background. Now, clear everything and then restart your system to

install Windows update.

How to fix windows 10 update issue when it stuck

With all these ways, you can easily have solution for Windows update stuck issue. However, if

you are still receiving Windows update issues; you can dial a Windows technical support