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Common issues with Windows 8.1 and Their Solutions

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Common issues with Windows 8.1 and Their Solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Common issues with Windows 8.1 and Their Solutions' - technicalinfo

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Common issues with Windows 8.1 and Their Solutions

Microsoft’s shift to a new kind of user interface in its operating system lineup brought in some

technical flaws that cause some serious issues. As the users have got to go through a new kind of

experience, it was shockingly changing the way how the Windows users have been using their

computer system. With Windows 8.1 operating system, people were forced to undergo irritating

and unnecessary experiences every so often.

Here in the write-up, we would look into some common issues that the users have frequently

been experiencing with the Windows 8.1 computer system. With the help of advanced

troubleshooting procedures and reliable certified experts support for Windows 8.1, you can

prevail over all types of technical problems easily.

Start menu not locatable:

If we talk about the differences, then inaccessibility of start menu in Windows 8.1 is the foremost

thing that everyone can see how the users are struggling with finding start menu in the computer

system. Microsoft has not corrected the problem even in the Windows 8.1.

Wi-Fi network issue

Once after upgrading to Windows 8.1, a number of users have encountered Wi-Fi network issue

on their computer system. They are not able to connect their computer system to the internet due

to incompatibility issue with network card.

Blue Screen of Death

BSOD, also expanded as Blue Screen of Death, is a classic issue that has been with the Windows

OS since the time when the fist Windows OS was introduced. You should never get worried of

you happen to see the blue screen – simply dial a toll-free technical phone support for Windows

8.1 OS and get a real time solution from experts.

Unable to activate your Windows 8.1 OS

Due to incorrect product keys or inappropriate copy of Windows OS, you may not be able to

activate the operating system properly. If you fail to activate the copy, then you must check if

you are using a genuine license number. Otherwise, find the online technical help for Windows 8

and fix the issue.

So, these are some common issues that you should always be aware of. Contact a technician

immediately once after you see any technical problems on the computer screen. It is always

worthwhile to call an experienced technician if you come across any technical obstacles.


Every issue is fixable – provided that you take an immediate action. Don’t let any technical

problem go unnoticed because a small issue can have adverse impact over the computing