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MyLicense Log in/Register PowerPoint Presentation
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MyLicense Log in/Register

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MyLicense Log in/Register - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MyLicense Log in/Register. Login to the MyLicense application with an existing User Account. OR Create a new User Account with the Register link at the left. MyLicense Search for a Record.

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MyLicense Log in/Register

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Presentation Transcript
mylicense log in register
MyLicense Log in/Register
  • Login to the MyLicense application with an existing User Account.


  • Create a new User Account with the Register link at the left.
mylicense search for a record
MyLicense Search for a Record
  • Enter your Date of Birth and Social Security Number. This will search the database to make sure a record doesn’t already exist. There would be a record in our database if you have another license with our agency or if you had previously submitted an application.
mylicense enter your information
MyLicense Enter your information
  • If a previous account is found, you must create a new User ID and Password, If a previous account is not found, you will enter the information requested on this page to create a User ID and Password.
  • Required elements are indicated with an asterisk(*). The name you enter must be your legal name.
  • Click the Register button.
mylicense account created
MyLicense Account Created
  • You will be directed to login to the application. Click the Login link in the center of the page or the Login Page link on the left.
mylicense log in
MyLicense Log In
  • Enter the User Name and Password you just created.
mylicense home page
MyLicense Home Page
  • After logging into the MyLicense Application, you will see a heading on the page identifying that you are logged in. If you have other licenses with this agency, they will appear on this screen.
  • You are also presented with a menu on the left side of the window. If you are applying for a new license, choose Initial Application.
mylicense select an application
MyLicense Select an Application
  • You are presented with drop-down menus allowing the choice of available applications. If a profession or license type is not listed, it is not available for online submission. Go to www.michigan/bcs to download the paper application forms.
  • Click the Continue button after choosing the profession, license type, and application obtained by method for the license you wish to apply.
mylicense online application processing
MyLicense Online Application Processing
  • Information specific to the license type chosen is presented. Additionally, the menu at the left will display the different pages you will have to navigate through for the application type chosen. As you complete each step of the application, a check mark will be placed next to the appropriate checklist item on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • After reading the information and downloading any supplemental material available, click the Continue to Next Step button.
mylicense online license address
MyLicense Online License Address
  • Enter the address that should appear on your license and then click the Update Mailing Address button.
mylicense online confirm license address
MyLicense Online Confirm License Address
  • Confirm the license address reported on the previous page. You can make changes to the address at this point if necessary.
  • If address is correct, click the Complete button.
mylicense online application questions
MyLicense Online Application Questions
  • You must answer a series of application questions to help determine your eligibility to obtain a license. Answers to some of the questions may place a hold on your application until further review can be conducted. If you have been convicted of a felony for which you could have gone to jail, you are required to submit additional information. The link in the text of that question provides you with the form that needs to be completed and returned to the agency for review.
  • After you have answered the questions click the eSignature button.
mylicense online application summary
MyLicense Online Application Summary
  • You are presented with a Summary of your answers to the application questions. You are able to go back to the Questions page, using the menu on the left, to make any changes if necessary.
  • If satisfied with your answers, click the Pay Fees and Submit link.
mylicense online pay application fee
MyLicense Online Pay Application Fee
  • The application fee that will be charged to your credit card is displayed for your review. To proceed, click the Pay Fee button.
  • You have one year from the date of application, or one year from the date we notify you that your application is incomplete to complete all requirements for licensure.
  • If all requirements are not completed, the fees paid will be forfeited and your application will become void. It is recommended that this application not be submitted until you have satisfied all training requirements.
mylicense online payment processing
MyLicense Online Payment Processing
  • You will be taken through a series of three pages to collect your credit card information.
  • If the transaction is approved, a confirmation page with a transaction number will be presented. If declined, an error message or reject reason will appear on the screen.
  • Successful payment will send the application to the agency office for processing.