what actually happens when we think
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What actually happens when we think ?

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What actually happens when we think ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What actually happens when we think ?. And…. What role do the Ways of knowing play in this process?. Have a thought. It can’t be about anything, it has to be a thought that you can express an opinion on. Write that thought down.

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Which of the Ways of Knowing –Emotion , Language, Perception and Logic, played the most crucial role in the creation of that thought?
  • Put them in order, and then justify your hierarchy.
What do I mean when I say that what you have on the page is now a representation of the thought , not the thought itself.
  • Was it possible to have the thought in an emotional void?
  • What connections exist between the emotions of the thought and the words used to express it?
  • Which were the key words?
  • Would all people respond to those words with the very same emotions?
If you had experienced different emotions would different words have been chosen?
  • If you couched that thought in different words, would that alter the emotional landscape
  • To what extent is the nature of your thought a product of your culture, life experiences, gender etc?
  • Is it possible that other cultures, genders, eras would have had that thought differently, or not even had that thought at all?
What is the difference between what we think the thinking process requires, and what it actually involves ?