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The United States Government. Conflict over our government. Vs. . Anti-Federalists. Federalists. We need a strong Central government. We need strong State government. Compromise. We will have a type of govt. called Federalism

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Conflict over our government




We need a strong

Central government

We need strong

State government


We will have a type of govt. called Federalism

And individual rights will protect the people against the government

What does that mean?

Power is shared between national and state govts.

What establishes our government?

The constitution, written in 1787

What concepts create our government?

  • Popular Sovereignty – the government’s right to rule comes from the people

  • Limited Government - the government has only the powers that the Constitution gives to it

  • Separation of Powers – the Constitution divides the government into three branches

  • Congress – legislative branch makes laws

  • President – executive branch carries out the laws

  • Courts – judicial branch explains and interprets the laws

  • Checks & Balances – each branch of government has the power to check or limit the actions of the other two

  • Federalism - division of power between the federal government and the states

  • Republicanism – citizens elect representatives to carry out their will

  • Individual Rights – The Constitution protects individual rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion etc.

The Constitution of our country used key ideas from historical documents to create our

existing government. Many of these came from England

The King or Queen cannot cancel laws or impose taxes without Parliament’s consent. Excessive fines and cruel punishment is forbidden. People can complain to the King or Queen without being imprisoned

- 1689

States that all men are created equal and have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

- 1776

Gave citizens the right to be secure in their property, right to due process of law, right to trial by jury, right to no taxation without representation

- 1215

Argued that the Constitution protects people’s rights. Argued that a Checks and Balance System would protect States’ rights

- 1788

Declaration of Independence

Magna Carta

English Bill of Rights

Federalist Papers

Which themes of the US Constitution does this diagram show? historical documents to create our

1. Separation of Powers 2 Checks and Balance

What is an amendment? A change to the Constitution historical documents to create our

What are the first ten amendments to the constitution called? Bill of Rights

How did the constitution solve some of the grievances that were in the Declaration of Independence?