Fall 2010 asbo conference
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Fall 2010 ASBO Conference. September 29, 2010. Overview – Updates – Changes – Accountability. Helping to make the puzzle pieces all fit together…… Susan Woodmansey Bobbi Leiferman with Department of Education. State Aid Fall Enrollment. Count date was Friday, September 24, 2010.

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Fall 2010 asbo conference

Fall 2010 ASBO Conference

September 29, 2010

Overview updates changes accountability
Overview – Updates – Changes – Accountability

Helping to make the puzzle pieces

all fit together……

Susan Woodmansey

Bobbi Leiferman

with Department of Education

State aid fall enrollment
State Aid Fall Enrollment

  • Count date was Friday, September 24, 2010.

  • Reports will be mailed to districts week of October 18th

  • No changes accepted after November 1st

    (no additions but students may be removed if reported in error)

  • FY2011 state aid need is based on the greater of:

    • State aid fall enrollment Fall 2010 or

    • Average of state aid fall enrollments of Fall 2008 and Fall 2009

  • General state aid calculations will be amended to include new state aid fall enrollments with November payment.

  • What to learn more about student data? Attend tomorrow’s interest discussion group at 8:15 a.m.

Education jobs fund program
Education Jobs Fund Program

  • ½ will be paid in October

  • ½ will be paid in November

  • Must be tracked by operational code.

  • Use revenue code 4153

  • Each districts allocation is posted to State Aid webpage: http://doe.sd.gov/ofm/stateAid/index.asp

  • May only be used to pay general fund salaries and benefits of school-level personnel

    • May NOT be used to pay district administrative staff

  • Reporting Form includes the FTE reporting requirement, due December 6, 2010.

  • As per CMIA expenditures need to coincide with revenue received.

  • If used to pay retirement be aware of EOY adjusting entries to pension fund.

Allocation Amounts

Reporting Requirements

State fiscal stabilization funds fy2011
State Fiscal Stabilization Funds FY2011

  • Pay out full allocation in September, 2010 state aid payment.

  • Allocations for each district available at http://doe.sd.gov/ofm/stateAid/index.asp

  • Please review allocation amounts – an update was made since last spring.

  • Receipt to revenue code 4199.

  • Expenditure report is due October 5, 2010.

  • Reporting form includes the FTE reporting requirement.

  • Use accounting software to track revenue & expenditures.

  • Same prohibitions apply on use of funds – see following slide.

Allocation Amounts

Reporting Requirements

Prohibited expenditures with sfsf
Prohibited Expenditures with SFSF

  • A district may not use State Fiscal Stabilization Funds for:

    • Payment of maintenance costs;

    • Stadiums or other facilities primarily used for athletic contests or exhibitions or other events for which admission is charged to the general public;

    • Purchase or upgrade of vehicles;

    • Improvement of stand-alone facilities whose purpose is not the education of children, including central office administration or operations or logistical support facilities;

    • Financial assistance for students to attend private elementary or secondary schools, unless the funds are used to provide special education and related services to students with disabilities, as authorized by the IDEA;

    • School modernization, renovation, or repair that is inconsistent with State law; or

    • Restoring or supplementing a “rainy day” fund.

Special education arra
Special Education & ARRA

  • Special Education IDEA funding is paid on reimbursement basis in FY2011. District must file a claim to receive funds – district may NOT access all federal funds first!

  • Districts are asked to expend all IDEA ARRA funds by June 30, 2011.

  • Federal funds may still be used for equipment purchases if approved by DOE in their consolidated application. Funds will be deposited directly to the CO Fund and must NOT be transferred from SE fund.

  • There is no eligibility to transfer local funds (other than interest revenue) from SE in FY2011.

Special education maintenance of effort
Special Education Maintenance of Effort

  • Worksheet for each district posted to web site, save to your desktop – enter data – submit to DOE (attach to an email).


  • FY2009 data and child count totals for each year have been entered on the worksheet. FY2010 data also available on the above web site.

Submission Tips

Reporting Process

Special education cooperative projects
Special Education Cooperative Projects

  • NEW in FY2011! Cooperative submitted one Consolidated Application for all member districts.

  • Cooperatives participating in this program will no longer bill districts on a “fee for service” arrangement but rather “coop” the IDEA funding of member districts and submit reimbursement claims directly to DOE.

  • Cooperatives and member districts participating have been informed of the reporting responsibilities associated with a cooperative project.

  • DOE is asking cooperatives to use fund 29 for reporting to DOE the revenues and expenditures for this project only – it may NOT include Birth to 3, alternative instruction programs, Perkins programs, etc. also operated by the cooperative – ONLY special education costs!

  • Cooperative and member districts are responsible for federal IDEA compliance.

Gasb 54 fund balances
GASB 54 Fund Balances

  • Not in a Spendable Form

    • 711 Inventory

    • 712 Prepaids

    • 713 Resale

    • 714 Advances

    • 718 Other

    • 719 Permanent Fund Principal

  • 721 Debt Service

  • 722 Capital Projects

  • 723 Capital Outlay

  • 724 Special Education

  • 725 Pension

  • 726 Post Secondary

  • 727 Building

  • 728 Judgment

  • 739 Other

Non- Spendable:

Restricted for:

Gasb 54 fund balances1
GASB 54 Fund Balances

  • 741 Encumbrances

  • 742 Cash Flow

  • 743 Unemployment

  • 749 Other

  • Assigned to:

    • 751 Cash Flow

    • 752 Subsequent Year’s Budget

    • 759 Other

  • Unassigned:

    • 760 Unassigned

Committed to:

Assigned to & Unassigned

Review of annual reports
Review of Annual Reports

  • Use of appropriate codes continues to be an issue, but is improving. Examples of coding errors are textbooks, debt service, technology, etc.

  • Reconcile outstanding debt and debt payments. Need to review Schedule of Long Term Debt, General Long Term Liabilities (fund 00) AND debt expenditures in funds 21 and 30’s.

  • Beginning fund balances are not adjusted for audit corrections.

  • Make sure SFSF expenditure reports concur with reported expenditures (on annual report).

  • Accounting for receivables and payables in appropriate fiscal year.

  • Use of Title I expenditure functions must be utilized when expending funds on non-instructional activities (other than 1273).

  • Verification forms are in the mail – due by October 1, 2010!

Changes to annual reports fy2011
Changes to Annual Reports – FY2011

  • DOE database for financial data (FRS) will be rewritten in FY2011.

  • Look forward to a fresh new look and reporting capabilities.

  • Districts will upload and be able to correct their own data.

  • More reports available to review and edit data and make appropriate corrections.

  • More edits included in program to keep from entering “bad” data

  • New GASB 54 fund balance terminology will be included.

  • SE MOE form will be incorporated into this new program.

State payment in your account…now you want to know what it is???Use this web site http://www.state.sd.us/bfm/vendor/index.asp

New look for doe website may need to update favorite links
New Look for DOE Website is???may need to update “favorite links”