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New Global Financial Model PowerPoint Presentation
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New Global Financial Model

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New Global Financial Model - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Global Financial Model
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  1. New Global Financial Model 1st Semester, Term 2013-2014

  2. THE CONTEXT Develop and implement a financial model that allows more flexible financing of the global office and more HR on global and regional level. PURPOSE Have new financial model that reflects plenaries ability to pay Have defined the market value of MNCs Have defined the natural growth rate of expenses of global office SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES CONTRIBUTION TO 2015 MoS Enable AI and the network to achieve 2015 by releasing the financial ressources for the needed HR on global and regional level as well as global investments. Enable the BD team to support the network more in GIP sales, delivery and education.

  3. Quarter 3 • Q3 PROGRESS • Input collection and preparation: • Description: Awareness building in the MCP network during IC with Finance SC and FLB • Specific KPIs: Done • Description: Research about past of AIESECs financial models and financial models of other comparable organizations in progress (together with FLB) • Specific KPIs: Done • Description: Preparation for Strategic Meeting, objectives and flow of meeting defined, participants selected and invited • Specific KPIs: Done • Description: Meeting with externals and SG arranged to gather relevant input for the meeting and long term evolution • Specific KPIs: Done • Description: Selection and invitation of participants for Strategic Meeting • Specific KPI: Done

  4. Quarter 4 • Q4 PROGRESS • Strategic Meeting • Description: Data and input preparation with FLB and meeting participants • Specific KPI: Done • External validation • Description: Meeting with SG and Finance experts outside of AIESEC • Specific KPI: Done • Presentation to Network • Description: Presentation of the meeting output at VLM • Specific KPI: Done • Strategic meeting • Description: Conduct the strategic meeting form 9th till 14th of November to develop a model proposal and define ist purpose and technicalities • Specific KPI: Done • Q3 Challenges: What was challenging, or unfinished? • Coordination of virtual work • Virtual acitvities to continue model development after the meeting tool place. Physical meetings are the most efficient and best suited spaces to work on these matters

  5. INTENDED NEXT STEPS for 2nd Semester (if any) • Finalization of proposal • Description: Finalize the proposal with the FSC for legislation at IPM • Budget proposal based on new model • Description: Prepare a budget proposal for 1415 based on the new financial model, which cna take place in case the model is legislated • External valditation • Description: Follow up conversations with SG and external experts to optimize the model