Media communication and human in security
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Media, Communication and Human In/Security. April 13, 2007. Introductions. Getting to know one another. Yuriko Muramatsu. Studying farmer cooperatives in Thailand Fieldwork: twice Using questionnaire Issue related to organic fertilizer

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  • Getting to know one another

Yuriko muramatsu
Yuriko Muramatsu

  • Studying farmer cooperatives in Thailand

  • Fieldwork: twice

  • Using questionnaire

    • Issue related to organic fertilizer

    • The NGO is concerned about the ability to grow in their fields

  • One year exchange in US

  • Doctorate?


  • From Indonesia

  • Agriculture faculty

  • Research: “traceability” of farm products from producer to consumer

  • Applications to Indonesia

  • Holden: What are the links between information/communication and the traceability?

Tamir tornon
Tamir Tornon

  • From Mongolia

  • Focusing on the measurement both quantitatively and qualitatively of globalization

  • What is globalization?

    • Appadurai: cultural view of globalization (?)

      • “scapes”: 6 of them

      • Financescape: movement of money into and out of a country; influence of money in specific places

      • What does this have to do with Human In/Security?

      • Nomadic society might have a different structure than a non-nomadic society (like Japan)

Tamir tornon1
Tamir Tornon

  • Production for subsistence versus production for profit.

    In-security is created by this change in societal form?

    Especially because of the role of the state

    How is this related to the communication?

    No 2-way flow between the nomads and the State

Mami ishikuro
Mami Ishikuro

  • From Akita

  • Akita University: Public Health Nursing

    • Studied midwifery

  • Specifically, now not yet decided

    • Possibly, prenatal care

    • Interesting because it is not only about women, but the family as well

    • Holden: how is this related to human in/security?

Summarizing so far
Summarizing So Far

  • Deffi, Tamir, Mami: these research areas all differ, but one of the issues is about how societies survive

    • By “rationalizing” their social processes

    • A major part of “rationalization” is the systemizing of communication

      • Ex: public health aims at creating a stable population, making sure that we don’t lose too many child (by death or else

Aung thi
Aung Thi

  • From Myanmar

  • Studying public health science for human security

    • Emphasizing disease control (specifically malaria) in Myanmar

    • working toward an MA

    • community mobilization

Looking at disease
Looking at Disease

  • The relationship between “germs” and global community

    • Since we are a global community we carry our diseases from place to place

    • One of the best examples of this is Spanish explorers like Cortez, whose European germs became diseases for the Central and South Americans

  • In this class the focus is on STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) like AIDS

Oscar gomez
Oscar Gomez

  • From Colombia

  • One year (so far) in Japan

  • Chemical engineering major (background); with some philosophy, linguistics, history

  • Once a public health inspector (in Bogata): related to environmental health

  • Started studying Japanese in school

  • Got Monbukagasho scholarship

  • Research: Japanese experience on environmental health since WWII

    • Focusing on “discourse” and its relation to human security relative to the government’s power


  • A word that has been in use for about 20 - 25 years in social science

  • The word relates to ways of seeing, ways of believing, which enter our public “discussions” in ways that can influence us.


  • Comparative Culture

  • Chinatowns in America

    • Cultural aspects in these areas

    • Traditional events like festivals

    • Traditional structures like family

  • What does this have to do with Human In/Security?

    • Most Chinese went to the US as labor

    • These were men who didn’t have wives

    • Because of racism/laws they were unable to marry caucasians

    • Chinese women came over as prostitutes or sex slaves

Sociological dimension
Sociological Dimension

  • How do formal structures like the State created in/stability?

  • How do informal structures like the family or a corporation or group (like an NGO) create in/stability?

    • Non-profit orgs are called NPO

What is this class
What is this class?

  • Informal

  • Depend on teamwork

    • Each week you are going to participate

    • Blog and each week one of you has to lead a “discussion” on the blog

    • All of you should comment on it